How keywords and hashtags boost your digital marketing campaigns

Keywords and hashtags

Social media marketing is an important element of the digital marketing campaign. Yes, SEO is another important element which is equally important to improve your presence on the search engine. Sometimes, it may seem difficult how much to pay importance between both the elements. The decision may depend on the type of service or product you are selling. After taking the decision you need to focus on keywords and hashtags which will boost your campaign to the next level of your digital marketing goal.

No matter if you have not worked out extensively on the buyer persona, by choosing both SEO and social media campaigns you will be reached to your expected customer. The selection of keywords and hashtags will help you get your customers to find you no matter if they are part of your buyer personas or not.

The misconception about keywords and hashtags

It is clear from the very first day we started SEO that keywords are so vital in the design and development of a campaign. We pick the keywords from high, medium to low competition and then promote them through content marketing. We then analyze the traffic on the base of these keywords. We can see if the selection of keywords is good or need further improvement. If a keyword is not getting enough traffic, we then reanalyze it to see if the selection was made on the right parameters or not. Same is the case with the hashtags. The only difference between keywords and hashtags is that keywords are purely related with SEO and hashtags are related to social media marketing.

This is the biggest misconception taking keywords and hashtags. Keywords are equally important in social media marketing and if selected and implemented based on good practices can help you boost your social media campaigns.

The selection of hashtags is taken based on free analytics provided by the social media channels. The collection of hashtags can be very big in comparison to keywords. We select hashtags to reach to our expected customers which is a good practice. But if we have included the keywords into the spaces where we can, they can also help in our social media campaign to increase the visibility of our product or service.

Use of hashtags in SEO campaigns

Most of us think that when we are working on an SEO campaign we don’t need to give importance to hashtags as such. This is again a misconception in an SEO campaign. As we are focusing more on the content marketing campaign to help our SEO campaigns this is a mislead that hashtags are not required to make them part of it.

As we are creating good content, we need to promote that content after getting it published. While promoting our content we use to bookmark it on different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Digg, etc, correct? Here we add the link to our published post, some description and tags as keywords. The time when we are writing description to our post, we can add or make hashtags to the main keywords or the words popular in social media related to the niche we are writing about. This small act will help your post keywords and hashtag rich.

How social media marketing and SEO complement each other?

This is the sweet spot to learn and should be part of every social media marketing and SEO campaign. Whenever you publish a blog as part of your SEO campaign make it compulsory to bookmark it on social media channels. On the other hand, you should include a link to a social media campaign in your content marketing as of your SEO campaign.

For the purpose, you need to make a seed list of keywords. For the purpose, you can get help from SEMRush, MOZ or Ubersuggest. All three are free tools and Ubersuggest is my favourite among all of them. After the seed list of keywords created, create a list of hashtags by using each social media channel search console. Just type your keywords and you will see the bold keywords with the number sign #. Pick and choose the hashtags wisely to make them part of your current and future SEO and social media marketing campaigns. We tried to elaborate keywords and hashtags clear to understand their usage. We also discussed the misconception and professional way to use them adjacently. If you liked the post please do share it with your circles.

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