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Digital Marketing Case Studies

Happy New Year to all the digital marketing folks around the world from Ana Maria, me and the team of http://www.outreachbee.com/. Most of the time, our digital marketing strategy doesn’t affect our online business. The best way is to learn from the digital marketing case study that most of the companies have published to unveil for their readers. No matter either you are a B2B or B2C online business, digital marketing case studies have a lot of stuff to learn from. I myself learn from digital marketing case studies in many dimensions.

One question always be ahead of you before going to read the digital marketing case studies, is this all about what you need to resolve your problem? To me it is not the case always, why? Because when I am going deep into a case study, I learn the process of doing something, e.g. branding, outreach, content planning. To simple words, I must say that I learn the basics of doing something in digital marketing. Once learned, I then make simple teaks into the ingredients and then apply to a problem which I am suffering.

Let’s look into 5 different type of B2B businesses and their digital marketing case studies. The reason choosing 10 different businesses is to let you find the best option to suit your business. I curated these case studies with an outline to let you know if this is the case that match your issues.

New Jersey Marketing Agency Bets on HubSpot, Inbound Marketing To Generate 20x More Leads In One Year | 3P Creative Group

3P Creative Group is a digital marketing agency from New Jersey. This agency earned a certified marketing agency certificate from HubSpot and become a certified HubSpot partner agency. Becoming a partner of HubSpot, they implemented the Inbound Marketing strategies to run the agency, and then what? Here are the results they got; +969% Website Traffic, +1271% Organic Traffic, 20x more leads, 80% of new business retainer based. You can download the digital marketing case study for learning.

Most interesting B2B social media case studies | ShipServ

Shipping industry is one of the online business which is hard to cope in Digital marketing. ShipServ is one of the leading online marketplace in the maritime industry providing a portfolio of software, services and hosted applications. The main purpose of these solutions is to provide efficient global shipping operations. The core product of ShipServ, which connects industry suppliers and buyers.

Back in 2008, ShipServ managed the social media marketing and online marketing to serve their clients. It was so early then but ShipServ set an impressive example of social media marketing, content creation to leverage their Inbound marketing strategy. There is lot to learn from this Digital marketing case study.

How Pronto Marketing agency scaled services and saw 112% YOY business growth | Houtsuite case study

There are many digital marketing agencies around us which are offering different marketing solutions. Pronto is on the agency which handles social media marketing activities for their clients. It is a small to medium business agency with handful of clients. At time when the clients become bigger than expected, how Hootsuite, a famous social media marketing solution jumped to help Pronto.

This is one of the digital marketing case studies which described how a small agency increased its year on year business to 110% by integrating the services of an online business giant. Download digital marketing case study to learn the details.

B2B Social Media: SAP Latin America boosts followers 900%

No matter what size of your business is, social media is one the most effective marketing channel which can help you reach to your prospects. SAP provides enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations.
SAP Latin America implemented social media marketing which then ignited to increase to global strategy. This case study will detail all the details which results to boast an increase of 900% followers and a preserving strong engagement rate. Download the case study from the link.

DocuSign’s targeted LinkedIn InMail strategy | B2B Social Media Marketing Case Study

DocuSign designed a Digital marketing campaign to signup maximum prospects from LinkedIn. For the purpose they sponsored a webinar for influencers from the open market. These influencers then sent emails using LinkedIn InMail platform. These emails were targeted to the job titles (VP or directory of sales). These emails were sent by the influencers who participated in the DocuSign sponsored webinar. The landing pages were designed to sign up the prospects by DocuSign and the whole exercise was went so fantastic. Read the full digital marketing case study to learn each and every step taken at every part of the campaign.

Digital marketing case studies | Final words

We selected and shared the details of the digital marketing case studies with you on the eve of new year, 2019. The purpose is to redefine and tweak your digital marketing strategy to improve your ROI. We hope you would be excited to have them. If you are really excited, please do share the post with your mates.

Happy New Year, 2019

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