How often I should post on social media channels for my business

How often I should post on social media channels for my business

Social media channels are great source to reach your prospects directly and in a very short span of time. This is the genuine reason to adopt social media marketing for all type of your online businesses. If we look at the statistics of individual social media channel like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. are jaw dropping. It will be true to say that social media channels are the new and true source of online traffic to your business. It is very common to know that how often I should post on social media channel no matter it’s a personal appearance or its about an online business.

Most of the time we decide about the timings of the publications by getting suggestions from the analytics of the social media channel. This will be the best guide to find out how often your audience is online or interacting with your content. If you are targeting the geo-audience then it will be hard to schedule your content. According to social media Gurus let me share the best schedule of posts to be shared. Let’s have a look to find out in depth;

  • Facebook: 1 post per day
  • Twitter: 15 Tweets per day
  • Pinterest: 11 Pins per day
  • LinkedIn: 1 post per day
  • Instagram: 1-2 posts per day

Well there is no guarantee that we can get our expected results by posting our content on the individual social media channel at the rate of said publishing. Let’s see what social media Guru advise over the subject.

Start with email marketing and few social media channels

One of the reasons when internet marketers between most of us failed to deliver from the social media marketing because they only rely of social media marketing for the business. In-fact, the impact of social media channels is timely in our lives. There are many examples out there when people stop using Facebook or YouTube or Instagram, etc. The reasons behind are multiple, but people stopped.

In-reality, if the internet marketers included email marketing in the marketing agenda decided by the management it could be the game changer. If you are creating interesting content about your product, you will be earning followers, likes, shares and comments and vice a versa too. If you included sharing the same content and much more through email marketing, there are chances that we can get more leads which can be turned to customers.
Avoid relying solely on social media marketing and do add email marketing in your marketing plan. You can add or subtract the number of posts suggested according to the base of the analytics of the respective social media channel.

Quality over quantity matters

There are few brands which I am following for last seven to eight years. What is the specialty in their content which I am following them for this much years? Quality over quantity. Our question doesn’t matter to them that how often I should post on social media channel.

The above given recommendations are at highest priority but if you find the make some amendment into the given schedule you can tweak to the best possibility. But never compromise on quality even if you need to sacrifice on the quantity. I have seen people who were keen to deliver quality over quantity and won the marathon of high engagement on social media channels.

Use of Pre-scheduling tools

To be a successor you should use a pre-scheduling tools to have better answer to how often I should on social media channels. There are bundle of pre-scheduling tools available in the market like Hootsuite, Buffer, MeetEdgar, Agorapulse, CoSchedule and more. These tools will save a lot time to better focus on content management. Having these tools, you will be in better position to let your content reach to your prospects.

Re-purpose you content

You need to have a better re-purpose strategy of your content. For starters, I always recommend the Chalene Johnson’s re-purposing strategy. For an example, her team re-purposed the hundreds of social post for one live video of Facebook.

You could start learning from this one strategy to re-purpose your social media sharing and will be great deal to get to know how often I should post on social media channels.

Social media marketing is all about getting engagement in many shapes; likes, shares, comments and mentions. You could follow the given number for respective channels and the tune and tweak time to time. Email marketing should be included in the social media marketing plan. Always go with quality instead of quantity when it’s a question to get true engagement of your audience. Pre-scheduling tools will provide you more time for other things which matters. Re-purposing your content for the repeat sharing over the social media channels. We have tried to provide you solid answers to the question, how often I should post of social media channels. How often do you post on social media channels for your business?

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