Pinterest Marketing – Statistics and Strategies for businesses

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest with over 200 million active users has become the 3rd most popular social media platform among US adults. Pinterest marketing is equally important for the businesses around the globe. Figuring out the demographics of those users will be the key to find out how to engage them. These 200 million active users of Pinterest are Millennials. According to Wikipedia, Millennials (also known as Generation Y) are the generational demographic cohort following Generation X. Pinterest continues to be a female-centric platform. According to Pew Research, nearly half (45 per cent) of all women online are Pinterest users—compared to only 17 per cent of online men. But the usage of Pinterest among all online males is growing. And the fact is 40% of new signups are men. Pinterest marketing is a must-have social media platform for the businesses on the globe due to the fact that more than 50 per cent of new signups come from outside the United States. It has been observed that the top 3 desktop users of Pinterest are from Brazil, India and Russia.

We being internet marketers should take Pinterest marketing at serious notes to improve the branding and to achieve the sales goals. You being internet marketers may regret not including the Pinterest as part of your social media marketing due to the fact that the platform has been evolved as a powerful search engine and most important shopping platforms.

Let’s see how businesses can use Pinterest as part of their internet marketing strategy. We will discuss in detail to find out how to set up your Pinterest account for your business. Today we shall only focus on the importance of Pinterest marketing.

Add save buttons to your site

You will have much visual content on your website which will be describing many things on your website related to your product and/or service. If any user is on your website and liked your image, you should Add Save buttons on your website to allow them to save and share the product or service based images on the Pinterest. The other opportunity is to install the plugin in your browser to save the image on your personal boards to let your peers see. But if you have installed the Save button on Pinterest, they can pin without having a Pinterest plugin. The other way to add save button on your website you can use Pinterest Widget Builder.

Consistency is the key even in Pinterest Marketing

When we are talking about internet marketing, consistency is the key. Same is the case with Pinterest. AS you have considered to include Pinterest marketing along with marketing elements.
The time of posting is most important above other things. For the purpose, every internet marketer schedules their weeks and months. You should do the same.

Great visuals are a big investment

While visiting Pinterest, you will be seeing many pins at the first step. Maybe you have experienced that some visuals are good and some are average. If you want your site visitors to share your website visuals with their peers’ focus and invest to create great visuals. While creating the visuals the principle should be simple; “a picture is better than hundred words”. If the site visuals are brief enough and describing the message clearly, it’s the win-win situation. But in contrary, the imagery can be less effective and the goal to let your website users share and save the visuals on Pinterest remain unaccomplished.

As your aim of Pinterest marketing is to utilizing the traffic at maximum, invest in creating great visuals.

Visuals with words speak in Pinterest Marketing

While investing in creating great visuals, don’t ignore the importance of the words within your visuals. I visited Pinterest often even in a day and the most attractive visuals to me are the one which includes words in their visuals. The reason behind, I love to find out the purpose and intent of the visuals.

While doing Pinterest marketing for businesses, do add attractive and brief words to your visuals which can help users to the next step related to your business.

Rich Pins are most appropriate

When a user is going to save a pin from your website on a favourite board of his/her, it will be most appropriate to export the Metadata from your website along with the visual. This detail will help Pinners to find extra information which helps them to move to the next step. Rich pins are available for apps, recipes, products and articles.

For example, rich pin for articles includes the headline, author’s information, article publishing date and a short description. Also, this metadata will let users know that the pinpoints to an article. Rich pins also include a call-to-action button saying; “read it.”

Get social with Pinterest Marketing

Like other social media platforms, the importance of getting social cannot be neglected. It is quite beneficial for the businesses to like and share pins of other communities or businesses. If you think that you have implemented the Pinterest marketing strategy and didn’t include this step you may decrease your chance of getting engaged site visitors.

Pinterest Analytics

Like all other social media platforms, Pinterest is also providing Pinterest’s analysis. This is a golden opportunity. Keep an eye on every item you have posted on the Pinterest taking. There is a lot of time and money.
The other purpose of using Adobe Analytics is to find out what’s good for our business. What clients are searching for.

We hope that you would have enjoyed the article. If you have any point you can revert to make it more useful.

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