How to write a blog post that ranks high in 2019?

When I started blogging back in 2010 I used to write a blog post on daily basis. I learnt it from the influence bloggers. To assure the blog post that ranks, we need to stick to the frequency and need to keep it SEO friendly as well. Most of us, the online marketers, followed the words from influencers and started writing blog post on daily basis. If I ask you how many blogs posts you did on weekly basis then the answer might be at least seven blog posts per week, true? If the answer is not seven then at least three or four blog posts will be a must number.

You will be wondered to know that in 9 years the game to rank a blog post has entirely being changed. Today, you don’t need to do a blog post even on daily basis. Maybe you even don’t need to have blog post in whole month. Sounds terrible? Yes, it really sounds terrible. In 2019, the whole picture of blogging changed from quantity to quality.

In 2010, there were less blogs as compared to today. I am sure that there will be around a million blogs but today the number would have touched billion blogs around the globe. Due to the awareness, there are a lot people who are blogging which is increasing the amount of information being provided through blogs. It will be a big challenge to write a blog post that ranks in 2019 among the competition.

Today if you want to write a blog post that ranks you don’t need to write on daily basis or in big numbers. The reason behind is the truth being explored by researching on the blog post being written by influencers in online marketing industry like Neil Patel  ‏, Brian Dean  ‏, Rand Fishkin  ‏ , Gail Gardner  , Ann Smarty  ‏ and many. I found an article of Brian Dean being ranked number 1 for last two or three years and still at the number one. Neil Patel ranked well for the keyword digital marketing for many years.

How do these influencers write a blog post that ranks even in 2019? Today we will break the process into all the steps these influencers use to write a blog post that rank.

Competitor Analysis Tools for research the blog post that ranks

First half you need a competitor analysis tools for the SEO to get yourself ready to write a blog post that ranks. There are many competitor analysis tools for the SEO out there. The good thing is you can use the free version of most of them like SEMRush, Mozbar, Ahref, Ubersuggest, etc.

These tools are very useful for many good reasons in the SEO. Today we will look at how these tools will help us heading towards writing a blog post that ranks.

Let’s have a look how to use Ubersuggest for research.

Ubersuggest to write a blog post that ranks
Go to Ubersuggest and type in your URL of one of your competitor you think is doing well. Next you will be on the overview page at Ubersuggest. Here at overview page you can see a ton of information like; organic keywords, organic traffic, SEO keyword ranking, top SEO pages, SEO keywords, etc.

domain overview

From here you should select Top Pages from the left side tab. Here you can see all the top pages of your competitor. Further to top pages you can also see estimated visits, back links and social media shares for each top page.

top SEO pages

Further to see the keywords these top pages are ranking click on the View All tab. After clicking on the View All tab you can see all the details about the search engine position, estimated monthly visits, CPC, paid difficulty and SEO difficulty. From here you need to gather all the keywords with high CPC and low SEO difficulty score. These are the money keywords. These are the keywords which you need focus in your blog posts.

high cpc and low seo difficulty


Meet and Exceed strategy to blog post that ranks

  • The next step in the process is to search these keywords in search engine like Google and list all the top ten competitors listed in SERP. As you are targeting the money keywords and heading to find all the top content being ranked by Google, your research on content begins here.
  • The next step is to make notes for the content being written by each competitor. While creating notes you may find many things familiar in all these competitors, note it down. But you will find some information which will be unique between all the competitors. Note it down to add similar information in your next blog post.
  • Once you have collected all the information gathered from competitors, redesign the list to follow while you are writing your next blog post to rank.
  • Doing the research you will also get in touch with the type of content which is unique between all these competitors. This will help you create and include all the content in your blog post.
  • Never go after the length, or word count. Believe me if you start writing naturally you will not miss any piece of information you think should be included.
  • Once published, start contacting all the bloggers who have published or shared the content as reference previously.
  • If you have meet and exceed the amount of information in your blog post to rank, you will feel content. Follow all the good practices of the SEO to rank you blog post and leave the results for 7 to 15 days to be processed by search engine.
  • If you doesn’t see your blog post being ranked on the first or second page of search engine, you need to do a quick go through your blog post, the notes you created while doing competitor’s analysis. Fill all the gaps which remained in the process of creating the blog post.

Writing blog post that ranks

You have gone through the process of writing article that rank like influencers. I believe if you start following all the steps mentioned above you will only need to write blog posts that ranks instead of writing blog post every day.
We love to know how many blog posts you are doing per week? If you are doing a lot of blog posts per week, would you like to write blog post only to rank?


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