How create Brand Awareness and Buzz with your blog posts

How create Brand Awareness and Buzz with your blog posts

When we talk about Buzz, we can’t help thinking of impactful marketing strategies and campaigns. But since the meaning of marketing words and concepts vary depending on the trends, in this case we will talk about creating a buzz around your brand with the meaning of building brand awareness and create expectation among your potential customers, existing customers or users about your business, products, services, content, promotions…

Usually, people want to create brand awareness or raise it through Social Media and yes, you will obtain visibility, which is important both to create a buzz and brand awareness.

But let’s face the truth: It isn’t easy with a little budget. And the main ingredients to create brand awareness and a buzz are trust, third party recommendations, word of mouth, user experience, content and visibility.

Or maybe it’s easier than we think, properly aligning our marketing strategies.

Why blog posts are so powerful and how they can create a buzz?

Unlike traditional publications like newspapers or magazines, readers feel that a blog is more intimate and they also feel that bloggers are talking directly to them.

Best bloggers build trust and their readers, fans and followers look upon them as thought leaders, trend setters…When the trust is built, any citation to a product, service, brand or company arouses their readers interest and curiosity. And even awakes unknown needs and wants, besides creating brand awareness and a buzz.

Let’s picture a typical example: A fashion blogger showcases a cool jacket from a famous brand that is not for sale yet. She sports the jacket and pairs it with other clothes and accessories from unknown brands. Think about what will happen! Waiting lists for the new jacket and expectation around when it will be available for sale. The unknown brands may even become trend brands. The blogger has not only created a buzz around the famous brand’s new product. She has also created a buzz (and brand awareness) around the unknown brands.

Content Matters

B2B and B2C companies blogs are an Inbound strategy (maybe the most important Content Marketing strategy).

Inbound Marketing Content Marketing

At this point we should talk about Content Marketing and all its possibilities. For the moment, see what content can achieve… and stay tuned!


7 Content Marketing Facts


Blog posts are one of the best ways to create brand awareness delivering valuable content for savvy consumers that will become potential customers and customers.

But what does valuable content mean? It is the right content for the right people at the right time.

Valuable content for Buyers Journey

Source: Hubspot.

How create Brand Awareness and Buzz with your blog posts

1. Obviously, the more blog posts you write the broader reach will be. Writing in a consistent basis improves search engines indexation. Well created posts (valuable content and SEO optimized), can drive your brand or company to the top of search engines. So when users go to Google or Bing or Yahoo, they are likely to find your blog entries.

2. Blog posts with valuable content is amplified, since readers, customers and potential customers, share them on social networks.

3. We must not forget the traditional Word of Mouth. Not everything happens in the online environment. Have you ever recommended a blog that you like to a friend?

4. Valuable and interesting blog posts may be mentioned by other bloggers and even influencers. After all we all learn from everyone or we get inspired by other’s blogs. And you don’t need to contact them!

There are many thought leaders that mention other blogs often, like Neil Patel or Jeff Bullas.

5. We neither should forget the difference between good brand awareness and bad brand awareness. Most people only focus on creating brand awareness. But since the first impression matters, an updated blog with useful, valuable and quality content conveys a good perception that invites users to discover more about your brand. In contrast, webs with outdated and poor quality blog posts are like disregarded social network profiles. For users, if the brand does not care about providing content, that means it does not deserve their time or their trust.

And there is something important!

Tweet: Don’t create content for the sake of creating content. It's a waste of time both for you and your readers! Don’t create content for the sake of creating content. It’s a waste of time both for you and your readers!  Tweet it!

Look at some of the advantages of blogging. And they are only a few!

(Click image to see it larger)

15 facts and advantages of blogs

We all know that creating blog posts is hard. You must think about topics that are engaging and valuable for your readers and you must invest time.

Also Blogging costs money, indeed. But well done Content Marketing and, in this case, valuable blog posts, provide an optimal quantitative and qualitative Return of Investment.

Do you distribute your content?

A study by AltimeterGroup showed that only 26% of marketers invest in content distribution, even though they consider a distribution strategy to be crucial.

Content is not effective if customers are unaware of its existence. For this reason, the distribution strategy is as important as content planning and publishing, to reach the target audience through the appropriate channels and create brand awareness.

There are many ways to create brand awareness and buzz. You can take into account Owned Media, Earned Media and Paid Media. 

Blog posts are one of the most effective way. They are your Owned Media, and they do not only attract potencial customers delivering valuable, relevant and useful content for their needs and wants. 

Through your blog, you are building a relationship with potential and existing customers. Therefore, it isn’t just an attraction strategy. Blogs also increase customers engagement and loyalty.

What do you think about how can blog post create Brand Awareness and Buzz?

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