Best content writing tips for every blogger

content writing tips

Content writing tips

Whichever business you are in, for as long as you want to get revenue using online platforms, then you must be good at content writing. But as it has always been said, your web presence should not be based on just any type of content, it must be quality and engaging content.

Understanding the best content writing tips is essential if you are to have any impact online. Remember that quality content is responsible for your leads generation strategies, loyal followership and others which in turn contribute to the factors that impact your SERP ranking. Here, you will learn the best content writing tips that every blogger should know.

  • Catchy headlines

The headlines play a very significant role when it comes to determining the readership of your content. When an online user types the keyword he wants, if that keyword describes your content, then your blog will be among many others that will show up. Typically, the reader will scheme through the topics to find the best blog for him. If your title does not stir interest, emotions or such things, you can be sure that he/she will not read your content.

It won’t matter whether your blog is the first on the SER, if the title is not catchy, you can be sure not to get any meaningful traffic to your blog.

As a blogger, you need to understand how to write clickable headlines. Gurus recommend that you include the keyword you are targeting in the title. At the same time, don’t write titles that are too long as google bots will not display the entire content of the headline.

It is always said that the headline is a “hook,” and it determines whether a reader will read the rest of your work or not. Note that you have less than five seconds to capture the attention of a reader. Therefore, you need to put a lot of attention to the headline when writing.

  • Optimize keywords

Keywords play a vital role when it comes to blog ranking. And it goes without saying that without better rankings, and then your work will never be profitable. As put by Neil Patel, a blog on the second page of SERP is as good as dead, I don’t have to mention about those on other pages beyond page two. You should therefore strive to make your blogs rank high in google. Neil Patel’s guide on SEO formulas that’ll kick-start your rankings comes in handy to beginners.

When writing content, it should be your priority to optimize it for easy google ranking. Apart from putting the keyword in the title, the keyword should also feature in the first one hundred words of your content. This is basically in the first paragraph. This key phrase should be in bold.

Then, use an LSI graph to find the semantics of the keyword. These semantic keywords should be put inside the content to of the work in a natural manner. When finishing the content, that is in th last paragraph, you should also put the key phrase and bold it. This makes it easier for google bots to notice the keywords and rank them.

  • Research

Studies have shown that there is a shortage of fresh and original content on the internet today. This is because every blogger seems so much interested in duplicating other people’s work. What most do, they simply paraphrase the work, but the message is the same.

In order to succeed at your content marketing strategy, you need to conduct in-depth research on the topic you want to write on. This will give you an idea of what your targeted audiences are looking for. Remember that the secret to content writing is to provide solutions to people’s problems. It is therefore necessary that your piece of work provides a solution to a real problem that has made an online user key in the browser your keyword.

Researching is also essential for blogging as it helps you know and take advantage of those keywords that have been under-utilized in your specific niche. This means that you will have low competition on the keyword yet get lots of traffic.

  • Utilize both in-bound and out-bound linkages

Linkages, whether in-bound or out-bound, are essential when it comes to content ranking. Google attaches an extra weight to blogs that have more links than those without or with little linkages.

As a writer, it must be your intention to do internal linkages as well as outward linkages. Internal links are those that point to content within the same blog/site. External linkages, on the other hand, are those that point to other relevant content on other people’s content.

When doing linkages, you must first understand the best practices for linkages, to avoid being spam. Remember that a link to any of your blog post is a vote of confidence and will tell google that your post is relevant and thus needs to be voted upwards. However, not all links are good links. When you link to an irrelevant content, then you can be sure that your blog will be punished by being ranked low by the google bots.

  • Sentence structure

One thing that most new bloggers forget is the fact that they are writing for people, bot for robots. Search engines are able to detect content that is user-friendly and that which is meant for bots.

As a writer, strive to write short sentences that are precise. Typically, a sentence should have not more than twenty words. These words need to be of good grammar and well linked.

At the same time, a writer needs to understand how to structure his paragraphs to provide best experience to the reader. A good blog should not have paragraphs that have more than five sentences, but typically four sentences per paragraph are ideal.

Ensure that the sentences are of best grammar, given that poor grammar is a sure way of creating suspicion among your readers. No one will ever trust content that contains a lot of grammatical errors, be it punctuation or just misspelling of words.

Tools such as Grammarly premium are of utmost significance to any good writer. The tools will be able to help you identify and correct some of the outright grammatical errors. At the same time, these tools will help you detect and correct plagiarism from your work.

With these to content writing tips, you can be sure of approaching the dynamics of content marketing with confidence.

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