9 easy Link-Building Strategies that you must use for your website

9 easy link-building Strategies

Link Building has never been as important in SEO as it is today. It’s probably the first step to bring your website into the limelight among your tough competitors. But building high-quality links is not as easy as it used to be, especially if you’re a novice in it. Since you’ve landed on this article, the chances are high that you’re looking for some easy link-building strategies. To put you at ease, I’ve tested out numerous tactics to find the most effective, most accessible, and a handful of easy link-building strategies for you. Implementing these tactics is no rocket science if you genuinely want your website to get high traffic and sales without spending a big budget.

I have used these amazing and easy link-building strategies on many sites especially, 4contentmedia, and have achieved wonderful results in return. Let’s jump to the 9 easy link-building strategies;

1.  Outreach

Good outreach is what makes an excellent link-building strategy. Maybe you would have a question, what outreach is?

Outreach is a process of simply reaching out to other relevant people that are connected to your niche and building relationships with them.

Here’s the thing: you do not always need long, quality, and creative “content” to display to these people. All you need to have is one hook that helps you get a high-quality link at no cost.

You can also call this a lead magnet which can be any product, service, brand element, etc.

Let’s take the example of 4ContentMedia,

As I mentioned, 4ContentMedia is one of the top-notch blogger outreach management companies which also provide link building and influencer marketing. It is owned by Ana Maria De La Cruz who is one of the directors of BlogDash. BlogDash was the pioneer in blogger outreach. They bring the idea of joining publishers and companies to make outreach possible for every segment of the business.

If you’re wondering how outreach will work for you, then reach out to people who have;

  1. Used similar keywords as you?
  2. Acquired links from similar articles like you?

2. Guest Blogging

Whether you’ve done guest blogging before or not, it’s time to update that old and outdated style. Without a doubt, it is one of the best and fastest easy link-building strategies compared to others.

It works on a simple mantra which is providing high-quality content to other high-authority websites. However, there’s a specific process of choosing your niche-specific website that would work best in this case. Not every website in your niche would be ready to accept a guest post from you, especially high-authority websites.

Here is one of the best ways to use this amazing link-building strategy and find good guest blogging prospects to find your niche.

  • Use the ‘’Write For Us’’ technique

Go to the search bar in Google, write this phrase on the search bar and mention your niche. For example,

  • Write For Us Fitness
  • Write for us content marketing
  • Write for us Law

You’ll see a pool of guest blogging websites that accept blog posts. Another way to achieve the same motive is by directly pitching;

  • The authors
  • The editors
  • The publishers

of the websites that would happily accept a guest post from you and give you a link.

Make an impressive pitch that includes what value you can provide them through your guest post. Don’t reach out to the website multiple times, especially if they’ve rejected you once.

3. Broken Link Building

Do you love investigating? Congratulations, the broken link-building strategy is for you.

Let’s divide the broken link building strategy into three steps:

  • Find a broken link to any website that belongs to your niche.
  • Create better and high-quality content similar to the title of the broken link.
  • Share your content on different forums and ask that website to link to your content instead of that dead source.

By doing this, you find out the easiest way to interact with a high-quality website in your niche and build potential relationships with it. You can also use this advantage to create better content and regularly contribute to their websites to get quality links.

4. Unlinked Mentions

This might not be the easiest, but yes, a smart way to build quality without making hours of effort in creating content or planning lead magnets. As the name says, unlinked mention is an easy link-building strategy which means finding websites that mention you but do not link to your website.

There are a number of websites that may mention the name of your website in their posts but not link it that could’ve got you tons of traffic. If you’re lucky enough to find your name mentioned under any post, reach out to the website owner and request to change the unlinked mention to a do-follow link. But why would any website mention you?

Here’s the thing. There are several amazing ways that you can opt to make a website mention you for your efforts. Some of these include making a case study, creating infographics, sharing any proper research, designing a niche-relevant template, and many others.

5. Link Reclamation:

Building high-quality links are not child’s play; neither is it overnight magic. Building a link takes plenty of time and effort, but reclaiming half of it. Let us make it simpler for you. Reclaiming a link is simply the process of recovering a link that you’ve lost some time before.

If your website has a high reputation and people link to it, the chances are that you have lost many links in this process. It is not something new or impossible as numerous reputable websites like Ahrefs. Ubersuggest and Backlinko have reclaimed thousands of links that they once lost.

Two common reasons why you may lose links are:

  1. Your link was removed, replaced, or went into the trash due to unpredictable reason
  2. The page where you linked it somehow ceased, removed, or deleted.

Now that you know the reasons why you’ve lost a backlink, it’s time to find those links. The best way to find a lost link is by heading to an SEO tool. You can find a lot of famous SEO tools which have options like linked domains. By selecting that option, you can have a list of the websites that have ever linked your website in the past.

Obviously, it’s not easy to click on every website, but you can try out websites that have not updated their content for ages. Mostly, those websites that have lost links come from deleted pages that no one actually knows about. Therefore, a good rule of thumb is to regularly track linked domains and visit pages that have been linked to your website.

6. Paid Promotions for linkable assets

In our previous link-building strategy, we guided you on how you can build links by creating lead magnets that offer value to the website owner. This was an unpaid or low-cost way to create a linkable asset and build high-quality links for you.

But here’s another easy-paying way to make links by creating linkable assets for paid promotions. It can be anything from infographics, blog posts, and tutorials to anything that people in your niche would like to know about. It’s also one of the direct ways to build relationships with people in your niche that may become fruitful for you in the future.

Through this, you can also create your personalized brand image and let people know what you can contribute to your space. To do paid promotions of your linkable assets. Go to Google Ads or Facebook ads to promote your content to a greater targeted audience.

This paid promotion method doesn’t require breaking a bank but around $50-$100 for effective promotion among a greater audience. This likely gives you a higher chance to gain higher visibility on Google and get linked. When you use any pain promotion tool to rank your website on Google. Google mentions a small Ad mark beside your website link and makes you sit in the top ranks.

Therefore, when a person searches for relevant keywords that you’re ranking for in your niche. Your website appears, which he takes to link with his content and improve trustworthiness.

7. Steal links from inferior web pages

Although stealing should never be allowed, you can be lenient when it comes to stealing quality links from inferior web pages. It’s very easy to steal a link from content that has lots of necessary website links that are not even worth it.

The best practice to steal links from inferior web pages is by creating better quality content that would make them linked to your content.

First things first, choose an inferior quality and point out issues in it. Next, create better quality content while rectifying the issues found in that content. We don’t suggest that you steal all the links but only those from high-authority websites that may take an interest in your content.

8. Content repurposing

If pitching sounds boring to you, we’ve got a solution for you. Content repurposing and syndication is one of the best easy link-building strategies that don’t need outreach tactics.

Luckily, you can build some of the quality links by creating content and submitting content to targeted niche-specific websites in your space. However, your content should stand out from the crowd and bring value to the reader. No worries, we’ve got a solution for that too.

Content repurposing helps you format your content in the best professional way and makes it look worth appealing in the eyes of the targeted audience. Some of the best examples of creating unique content are:

  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • Templates
  • Graphs
  • Stats

9. Community site link building:

Last but not least. This link-building strategy helps you make things simple by distinguishing between different types of links. Before getting any links, you first need to be crystal clear about the kinds of links you want and will work best for your website. From no-follow, do-follow to editorial, you can opt for several different types of links.

Community site link building helps you create backlinks that are not necessarily from high authority websites. For this, all you need to do is take an interest in your community that belongs to your niche. Various social media forms let you create accounts on their platform, play your part in the relevant space, and build your audience. After some time, you can generate that traffic to your website by creating links in the easiest way possible.

You can do community site link building on Quora, Reddit, Linkedin, Pinterest, Yahoo, etc.


Here are we at the end of this detailed article where I shared the 9 easy link-building strategies that you can follow right away. Buying links is never a good idea if you can create organic links from mostly high authority by implementing these tactics. Not every link-building strategy may work for your website, but it will help you gain experience and see what works best for you. Whichever link-building strategy you choose, don’t forget to keep track of your progress, so you never miss any updates about your site.


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