Build backlinks smart way | What are the best ways to earn and build?

Build backlinks smart way

The most important thing for any Webmaster is to get their website on the first page of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). When it comes to websites online, there are millions and millions of them, but not all of them rank at the top or even on the first page. If you aren’t already aware, the importance of ranking on the first page is that your website will be the first to show up when a user performs a search relating to it on a search engine like Google. You would have heard of build backlinks, content creation, social media marketing, etc.

When it comes to ranking higher, there are multiple metrics that the SERPs consider before determining each website’s rank. The popular phrase “Content is king” is very accurate; however, content isn’t the only thing that will help you get a higher rating as there are other metrics as well, and one of them is backlinks.

Some experts also claim that backlinks are the number one source for getting an organic audience to your website but what exactly are these, and why are they so valuable? Well, if you have this question in your mind, this article will provide you with all the insight on why you need to build backlinks to your website.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks or “inbound links” are links on another site that direct the user to your website. A lot of search engines consider backlinks as the most significant ranking factor. It also plays a vital role in drawing organic traffic to your website.

The search engines value it a lot because backlinks play a role in determining the quality of your website. If websites with a higher Domain Authority score link to your site, you will get traffic particularly interested in your content. Thus, an organic audience with better engagement will visit your website, which will benefit your ranking. Furthermore, it will also help you build your website’s reputation as if you get backlinks from more authoritative sites, and it will portray the impression that you provide quality content. Thus more users will be visiting it daily and showing more engagement.

For Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there are hundreds of factors that determine the ranking. However, when search engines like Google collect metrics data for ranking on SERPs, the backlinks are considered to see the pages that connect to your website and the order. So, backlinks prove to be a highly influential metric in SEO as it delivers a positive impression.

Benefits of backlinks

Backlinks have a few notable benefits. Some of which include:-

1. It helps in building the authority of your brand

Apart from backlinks being an essential part of your SEO efforts, they play an essential part in building brand authority. For instance, if you are providing online services or offer a particular product, a website with a higher DA (Domain authority) score singling towards your site would increase your discovery among their audience. Furthermore, Google considers this a good indication as your website contains services or products worth a mention from another, increasing the chances of getting a higher rank. So, you build backlinks not only for SEO efforts but also for increasing brand awareness.

Backlinks from a more authoritative website in the same niche will also help you find more potential customers. As your website will be more discoverable, this will increase the prospect of more people finding you online. When there is another website backing your credibility, people are bound to get attracted.

2. Backlinks can help you attract stable referral traffic without any further efforts

Get high-quality backlinks on websites that contain a high organic audience count. It will also let you divert targeted traffic to your site without investing any further efforts.  A single link can be responsible for attracting countless traffic to your website for many years and continue to do so until that website generates engagement. For instance, if you get a backlink of your event planning services featured in a blog of a popular website. The chances are that people who read that article not just today but in the future will also be more open to visiting your site, and if needed, they will opt for your services.

Once a backlink to your website features in an authoritative site, you will get a new and stable audience without exerting any more efforts even in the future. You won’t have to opt for paid search methods such as CPCs, as backlinking would drive the audience interested in what you offer (Referral traffic).

3. Backlinks are a long term asset

The internet is a vast data outlet, and it keeps growing with time. You will have access to more information in a couple of years than you have now, and that’s the beauty of it. If a popular website features your brand or services, it will be available for years and continuously direct people to you. So, you need to build backlinks in high-quality websites, which will increase the odds of generating traffic

Furthermore, it will add to the discovery of your brand, which means that you will have many potential clients seeking your assistance, allowing you to build new relationships. The most significant thing to any brand or company is publicity and recognition as they will assist you in finding people interested in availing of what you offer.

Best Ways to Earn and Build Backlinks

Considering the significance of backlinks, you might think that getting high-quality backlinks is extremely hard, which is valid to some extent but not in every situation. There are various intelligent methods that you can implement to get backlinks from authoritative websites which link to your website. Here are a few ways that you can use to build backlinks.

  1. Backlinks by the broken-link building technique

If you want to create one-way backlinks ideally, this is the correct method. For this method, you need to contact a web admin and tell them about a broken link on their website. You then mention some other websites that they can use to replace it and include your website while doing so and since you are helping the site owner, the likelihood of your website getting a backlink is high.

However, you would first have to find websites with a broken link relating to your niche with resource pages. You can quickly discover such sites by executing the following search queries on Google:-

  • The “keywords inurl”: “links.”
  • “Keyword” + “links.”
  • “Keyword” + resources

For example, if you have a cooking website, you’ll search Cooking + the links. Discover a website and then find broken links using the “Check my links” Plugin from Google

  1. Getting Backlinks via infographics

Infographics are essential whether you are advertising or attracting an audience to your website and getting valued backlinks. Their simple understanding and sharing ability makes it a popular visual data choice. Thus, infographics are high in demand.

You need to choose and create infographics sensibly to convey an exciting and exclusive story to the audience. You can also conduct trend research and discover hot topics, then use them to create your infographics.  To collect data and create infographics before creating an embed code, making it easier for people to share it.

The final step is distributing the infographics once it is live on your website, which you can perform in multiple ways. You can do it by using an infographics directory to submit it or email marketing outreach methods to contact people interested. If the people like your infographics, they will share them on your website; don’t engage in practically pleading them to do it for you.

  1. Guest articles or indirect promotions for backlinks

Guest blogging is a unique and effective method to discover a new audience. By this method, you will not only get a chance to reach new users, but also it will help you increase the brand awareness of your website. Thus, you can not only increase the chances of getting backlinks but also add to your online reputation and get more followers

Guest blogging is one of the best ways of expanding the audience. If you want to find websites that allow guest articles, you have to make simple google searches. It may include:-

  • The website keyword + guest-posts
  • website keyword + Blogger wanted
  • Your’s website keyword + now allowing guest posts
  • Your website keyword + become a contributor

You can also use social media to your benefit and find opportunities for guest posting

  1. Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis would allow you to check on your main challengers and look at their link-building methods and content marketing techniques that you can implement yourself. You can do it in multiple ways.

You can keep yourself aware of when they post new content on their website, allowing you to analyze the backlinks that your competitors are earning or building. For instance, if a website gets links through guest posting, you can also try that method. Monitor backlinks is a handy tool as it provides weekly reports about the links that your competitor’s website has earned. So, you get more insights and knowledge of where to look. The tool will also help you with other valuable SEO metrics that are of great benefit.

  1. Internal linking

Internal linking refers to linking your pages inside a blog. It is a vital part of successful blogging. Internal linking is responsible for passing the link juice and allows you to use your anchor texts. A good internal linking structure increases the user experience while also allowing them to navigate the website easily.

It also increases the audience’s engagement on your page since they are directed from one page to another; thus, there is a higher bounce rate.

  1. Content promotion

Great content on your website is pointless without the proper promotion. The content available on the internet is immense, and it’s common to have low discovery. Thus, proper promotions are a vital part of sustaining. Email marketing can be a great way along with Influencer marketing or Google Ads.

You can also contact a website that runs either a weekly or a monthly roundup and contact the webmaster to provide them an introduction to your website. You can also mention a link to your best creation that can help you feature on their website. If you are confident that the content you publish is quality, bloggers and webmasters would love to feature it.

  1. Writing testimonials

Writing testimonials for all the websites you use can help you earn a link from a website with a higher DA than yours. If you are a customer of a website that offers a product, you can get a link for writing a testimonial.

  1. Blogger and Journalists promotions

If you want to increase brand awareness, you can spread the word by using famous bloggers and journalists. Since these professionals have a huge fan following, and if you contact those related to your niche, you will increase the chances of finding potential clients and discovering your brand.

  1. Donating for backlinks

There are numerous non-profit organizations and NGOs that allow the person to earn a backlink by donating.  Although, you would have to find a website within your niche that allows the webmaster to build backlinks through donations. You can find these websites on Google by searching:-

  • Your website keyword + donate + contributor page
  1. Getting interviews

If you are confident that you have complete knowledge of your niche and the product/ services you are offering, you can opt to get interviewed online. You will become the face of your niche and build backlinks that will drive organic traffic to your website. However, before getting the opportunity, you can participate in various discussion forums online and contribute with your knowledge to get into the interviewers’ eyes.

Conclusion on build backlinks smart way

Backlinks are essential, and thus you need to build backlinks that would last. It could sometimes be challenging to earn it; however, using the proper methods and resources increases its chances. It would be best to remember that keeping track of your backlinks is equally essential, and thus don’t overlook it.

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