6 tips to deliver a great Twitter experience by social media managers

social media managers

Social media managers

Brand experience is not about the product or service people are using of the brands. Everyone is selling their services or products but what makes the difference is the after-sales service. Social media has made a huge difference in the era to reach to brands or customers. Today, social media managers have been proactive to interact with the customers to make the customer experience better than ever before.

Forrester stated that 79% brands improving the customer experience as their top priority after product research or quality assurance. Let’s walk through 6 strategies as to how social media managers can be helpful to get customers a better brand experience.

Build emotional relations with customers

Why emotional customer relation is important in the social media era? Don’t’ we expect an emotional connection from the people we meet and deal every day? Yes, it is true as it brings confidence and life within us. Harvard Business Reviews states. “Our research across hundreds of brands in dozens of categories shows that the most effective way to maximize customer value is to move beyond mere customer satisfaction and connect with customers at an emotional level.”

There are few things that matter even in brand popularity and/or customer satisfaction and that is; customer’s deeper concerns, motivations and needs. These are not just the words but the facts behind the first step to better brand experience through social media.

Build conversations than that of cold communications

It is important to note that it will be more beneficial to build conversations with your customers. Twitter can be the most active social media channel to achieve this goal. Most of the social media managers use Twitter to make cold communications. For example, they are sharing business updates, or company meeting pictures through their business account on Twitter. Do you still believe that such a content may help earn customer service?

To build conversations on Twitter it is better to;

  • Ask questions from your audience
  • Always respond to followers content
  • Twitter Polls is a great addition in the Twitter feed
  • Twitter chats are also great to get a get-together

Once you have built conversations you will know your customer better than any other competitor.
Correlate your brand story, customer and business goals

It is important for the brand managers and social media managers of a brand to know the story of your brand. Social media managers should be intelligent to research on the customers. Finally, create content which correlates brand story, customers and business goals. A well-managed content will be smart to meet this overall goal.

Timeline matters on Twitter

It is common to myself even, if I complain about a brand on Twitter, I want my query to be solved within an hour or so. It means, no matter what brand you are and what product or service you are selling, timeline matters. Being a social media manager do you care about the timeline on Twitter? The Twitter timeline should matter to social media managers and all queries, messages should be replied within 12hour or as early as appropriate.

It can be possible that you have a company running operations in Canada and your product has customers throughout the world. In this scenario, how a social media manager will react to every query? Social media managers must be smart enough to manage Twitter queries and messages after well analyzing the demographics of the customers. The Twitter dashboard is smart enough to track brand mentions, including misspellings to show in the result. You can also search for the relevant keywords to respond to either positive or negative feedback in a timely way.

Customer experience strategy

After analyzing your customers and their demographics it is important to define a clear customer experience strategy. Being a social media manager, you have analytics, content and engagement statistics. These are the best tools to get to understand your customers. Now is the time to define either Twitter will serve you as customer support channel? Well if this is the case you only need resources to support your customer’s queries.

If you like to step ahead, use social media channels like Twitter to build a relationship. Avail the opportunity and develop a clear strategy to meet your business goals.

Social Media Managers Ask for Feedback 

Like every other social media manager, you are not perfect in developing all the strategies or content for your Twitter account. Then how to perfect this chunk? Ask for feedback from every customer you or your team is interacting every single day. Collect all the feedback and then go back to the previous process one by one. Smartly add the appropriate part of the feedback into the document you developed the required business goal.
How did you find this post? Please do share your thoughts to improve us. How have you been managing opportunities on Twitter?

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