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Influential marketing

Internet marketing through influencers within the niche is called influential marketing. It is an important factor to market your business, product or services using these influencers. The role of influencers in your internet marketing is to spread your content to the audience which is following them. Just like content syndication where you are supposed to spread your content as licensed copied content. In content syndication you aim to reach to the audience of the blog which is loyal to it.

In influential marketing we are outsourcing influential individuals within the niche who have earned loyal following on many platforms on internet. This following can be on social media and/or on blogging platforms. It is very important to select the influencers very carefully for your campaign. What really matters is the following which the selected influencers have earned. After the selection of the influencers, you go deep into the finalization of the content which will be marketed through these influencers.

Today we will share a list of fitness influencers with you to outreach them to define your next influential marketing campaign. The total reach of these top fitness influencers is 106, 000, 000. Segregation the social media channels the details of followers are as follows;

  • 39,482,812 followers on Instagram
  • 2,593,624 followers on Twitter
  • 52, 303, 914 followers on Facebook
  • 4, 958, 879 followers on YouTube

Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl)


If you are looking for a perfect Yoga Girl then Rachel Brathen should be your first choice. This Swedish Yoga teacher is so passionate about her profession and written a great book Yoga Girl to help people learn Yoga. Rachel also has an Instagram account with the same name, Yoga Girl. This Instagram account have 2 million followers till todate. You can contact her messaging Yoga_Girl on Instagram. or email her using her email id [email protected]

Cassey Ho (@blogilates)

Cassey Ho - Influential marketing

Meet Cassey Ho who is known as Pilates instructor. Cassey setup her YouTube channel back in 2009. Her journey begins from a workout video which she uploaded for few of her students at the gym. But when it was opened by more than 30 people, it motivated her. Today she has developed her fitness DVDs and books as well as her POPFLEX line of workout apparel and accessories. She is just 31 and have earned a following of 1.4M on Instagram, 4,408,677 on YouTube and 1,219,732 on Facebook . You can contact her using the email ID [email protected]. Cassey also her blog

KAYLA ITSINES (@kayla_itsines)

Kayla Itsines

Kayla is an Australian based personal trainer. She is also author of the fitness book titled Bikini Body Guides. Kayla is an entrepreneur as well as she has developed a workout app with the name of Sweat with Kayla. In 2016, the fitness app Sweat with Kayla generated more revenue than any other fitness app. Only on Instagram she earned a following of 10.6M which is remarkable. You can contact her through her site

NATALIE JILL (@nataliejillfit)

Natalie Jill

Natalie Jill holds a degree in Health and Human Performance from the University of Maryland. Further to her degree, she is also a licensed Master Sports Nutritionist and Functional Fitness Trainer. Natalie is also the founder, owner and CEO of Natalie Jill Fitness. Natalie has a following of about 486.4K on Facebook, 1,838,940 on Facebook and 286,330 subscribers on YouTube. You can contact Natalie through her blog

Michelle Lewin (@michelle_lewin)

Michelle-Lewin-influential marketing

This 32 years old bodybuilder is from Venzuela and so passionate for fitness and workout. Lewin has started her own line of supplements. She also has her own range of home-workout equipments. She earned a following of 372,387 on YouTube, 14M on Instagram with her two accounts and 8.8M on Facebook. You can contact her using her Instagram handle.

Fitness industry is one of the famous industries these days. Businesses are offering innovative products day by day but if they are not reached to the audience which matters, it is hard to meet the sales goal. Influential marketing can be proved as an important pillar to meet your sales goals. We will be sharing more lists in coming weeks to help you in your influential marketing campaigns. How have you been doing influential marketing in previous days?


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