7 Free SEO Tools to rank number 1 on Google in 2019

Free SEO Tools to rank number 1 on Google

Everyone like you and me wants to rank number 1 on Google. But I don’t have tons of money to spend like the big names in my industry spend, do you? I can’t afford to hire an agency to work for my business to rank my business number 1, do you? Maybe the answer is big no. Then what are the affordable opportunities which we are missing every day? Today we shall explore the free SEO tools to rank number 1 on Google with intelligent moves. We shall learn SEO optimization techniques using these free SEO tools to rank number 1 on Google. Believe me, you have seen these tools many times but the way we learn how to use them for better SEO optimization will be exciting for you.

Once you have understood the new dimensions of these tools you can better plan your future strategy to boost your SEO. We hope that these tools will be a better answer to not having tons of money or a better alternative to hiring an SEO agency.

#1 Free SEO tool | Google Search Console

Yes, Google search console is our first free SEO tool to rank number 1 on Google. You would have logged in to Google search console many times. Every time you logged in to Google, you will be seeding the keyword which you are ranking on Google. Here comes the learning part raking this free SEO tool to rank number 1 on Google.

You are seeing the keywords you are ranking on Google. Now look for the pages which are ranking for a specific keyword. The learning part is to add that keyword into the Meta Title and Meta Description of your page. The second thing to do, optimize the Title Tag of that page. There are many concepts in optimizing the Title tag. I learnt optimizing Title Tags from the Titles appear on the magazines. Yes, these printed magazines use appealing Titles.

For example,

  • How to recycle your party look
  • A love letter to hair conditioner
  • The best winter coats to be seen in right now
  • How to winterproof your skin?
  • Etc.

Try to rephrase your title tag alike. Never fear for the mistake. Make mistakes to move near to perfect.

#2 Free SEO tool | Ubersuggest

As you already have seen the keywords your website is ranking for but Ubersuggest will show you move ahead. Ubersuggest is a free keyword tool which will show you long-term keyword phrases. Here comes the learning towards Ubersuggest, a free SEO tool to rank number 1 on Google.

When you are on Ubersuggest, enter the keyword you want to rank your webpage. The free SEO tool will you all the keyword ideas which will help you rank on the keyword suggestions. You need to add these long keyword ideas into your webpage.

When we talk about adding the suggested keywords it means two things;

  • Add the long phrase keywords as sub-headings
  • Add the long phrase keywords into your content

When you are adding the long phrase keywords as sub-headings, it will help Google to show your answers into Google suggest part on Google SERP. As Google suggests part in Google SERP help people find quick answers to their query, it will increase the visibility of your webpage and if the content is great you will get returning visitors.

When you are adding long phrase keywords into your content or text, you are adding the useful content into your webpage which will again be a signal to Google that this page is discussing many commonly asked questions taking your product or service.

# 3 Free SEO Tool | Yoast SEO Plugin

It was so shocking to me that WordPress is powering 26% of the web. I myself is a big fan of WordPress and feel more comfortable to build and run a website in WordPress. This is such a great content management system since day first. Most likely you would also be running a WordPress website. Yoast SEO plugin is one SEO optimization plugin which can help you rank number 1 on Google having your site on WordPress.

You may have installed Yoast SEO and optimizing every webpage of your website. The learning part in today’s post is to use this tool to optimize after using Google Search Console and Ubersuggest. Use Yoast SEO to optimize the Meta Title, Meta Description, on-page copy, etc. Yoast SEO will give you a quick feedback about the on-page optimization according to the targeted keyword.

The other benefits of using Yoast SEO, you can create an XML sitemap of your web pages, images, videos and podcasts as well. A website with all the pages included in the sitemap will have greater visibility to Google.

# 4 Free SEO Tool | Websiteresponsivetest.com

Today Google is getting about 60% search requests from mobile users. And in response to the queries, Google only pick the websites which are mobile friendly or responsive. Websiteresponsivetest.com is a great site will tell you either your website is responsive or not. Better utilization of this free SEO tools will help you rank number 1 on Google.

Here comes the learning part of using Websiteresponsivetest.com, when you put your website on the given site, it will tell you either your website is responsive or not. If your website is still not responsive, get it done without any delay. And don’t stick to your mobile phone, test your website compatibility on all the iPhones, Android and Tablet versions.

# 5 Free SEO Tool | Google Trends

Google is a very smart search engine. Google dislike and discourage a website with fake news or content. A website is designed and developed as of content farm, it will be hated by Google and de-ranked if ranked earlier. A website with a proper brand popularity will be more attractive to Google. If you have worked hard and now want to see how popular your brand is in comparison to your competitor use Google Trends.

The learning part of taking Google trend, use the way omnichannel does. The more people see you, chances are you will get more popular with Google. For that, you need to optimize your website taking a keyword, keyword suggestions, content, SEO and social media marketing. Target 5 to 10 bunch of keywords and apply all the rules discussed above. If your website is appearing about 7 times, the visitor will come back.

#6 Free SEO Tool | Google Page Speed Insight

It is a common factor to understand if a website/product or service you are trying to market the load time of the page matters a lot. The learning part of this free SEO tool to rank number 1 on Google comes here.

If you have developed your website mobile responsive, it is time to see if the page load time on mobile devices is within the limit of 2 to 4 sec. if your competitor also has a responsive site but with a better page load time, Google will rank that site instead of yours. You need to use Google Page Speed Insight tool to see how to improve your website. Google Page Speed Insight tool will give you suggestions to put into the development and design which will help decrease page load time.

# 7 Free SEO Tool | Keyword Everywhere

If you or your clients are using Google, Keyword Everywhere will tell you all the related terms people are using otherwise. The learning part of this free SEO tool to rank number 1 on Google, find all the keyword ideas and then put them into your copy, Meta Title and Meta Description.

Most of us want to use many tools which may help them increase the output of their SEO. Today we tried to help all of you to increase the list of Free SEO Tools as well as better understanding of how to use them with better SEO optimization approach. What free SEO tools you are using? Please do share the thoughts to help us learn and improve our list.

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