6 content marketing techniques to drive visitors to your website

content marketing techniques

Blogging is an amazing addiction as if you start enjoying you can not stop it. May be some say that blogging is their bread and butter. To me it is a continuous process of learning, learning from industry Gurus to the newbies. If you don’t write often, you may feel otherwise or have other priorities. If you are hesitant then you should spent 10 mins to read this as it will help you manage your blogging skills. Once you are in, you will be one of us. But today we are focusing on content marketing techniques as writing a blog post is one thing and content marketing technique is another.

Most of us consider once the blog post is written and published, the next phase is to share it on all the social media platforms. Yes it is true but not like that. Content marketing technique does matter as if everyone is doing the same thing then how you can get the exceptional results? Not possible without being exceptional in the crowd. If creating blogs is blended with content marketing technique, you will see the results yourself to prove the 6 content marketing techniques.

Step #1: Webpage headline optimization

According to a study, it has been observed that 8 out of 10 people will read your webpage headline. On the other side only 2 out of 10 people shall click through the headline of your webpage. Even if you have shared your content or well promoted your content, it wouldn’t affect. It is concluded that the first most content marketing technique that works well in content promotion is to well optimize the webpage headline.

To do so, you should keep the URL as it is decided but you can change the webpage title to get the maximum click through. Even if you need to optimize the URL of the webpage you should use 301 redirect on the previous URL of your webpage.

To optimize headline of the webpage you can follow two things. First is to follow the top links from the SERP. Yes, you can follow the top links to see how much further changes you can put to the webpage title. The other way is to use tool like Ubersuggest. Put your keyword or key phrase in the tool and go to content idea. There you will find out the top URLs with their titles. Follow titles having thousands or hundreds of shares, at least 10 backlinks and more than 100 estimated visits. This technique will help you get more visits to your webpage.

Step #2: back to SEO basics – internal links matters

To make your content more loveable is to build links for the new content. External links are hard to make but why don’t you consider building internal links? According to HubSpot, a webpage having more internal links will get notified by the search engine to put it on the higher ranks in SERP.
Building links doesn’t mean to always link from your content. You can also put internal links in the side bar of your blog post page. Like you can link to your homepage, or you can link to product specific page from the webpage to give genuine links within the website.

As you are planning new content for the webpage or blog posts, always list the previous posts to link to them during the content creation process. As of 2nd content marketing technique, you should link at least 3 of your older webpages within your website to give better signals to search engine as well as providing more value to the website visitor. Doing so you will find that search engine is indexing your webpages quickly as well as ranking your new content higher in SERP of search engines.

Step 3: Be careful on social share of website content

The problem with social media marketing is that people think they can just share their content on sites like Facebook or LinkedIn and it will automatically do well. The reason behind not getting more click through from social sharing is bifold. The first reason is that your following is not your audience which you are targeting for the product or service you are working. The second reason is that you are not creating curiosity. Once you evoked curiosity, the interest will automatically be built and the social media audience shall give a click to the shared content. As long as the curiosity is there from title to the actual content, everyone will come to have the solution from your content.

The 3rd content marketing technique is to create curiosity by optimizing the webpage title and writing one or few above the shared content to let people know what problem is going to address. This will enhance people’s interest and they shall click and share the content with their followers and you will definitely get higher click through.

Step #4: Reach to everyone you know

It is a common debate or a big question either to link to others or not. Okay, linking to others is fine but what if linking to your competitors? The 4th content marketing technique is to reach to everyone you know, even to your competitors. Doing so you are actually creating a genuine environment of appreciating other’s work and helping your audience reach out to the right one. You wouldn’t believe that reaching out even to your competitors will help you become an authority and trust in your audience. Having stats and data or even images from the web, you should consider linking to them to create credibility to you and also impact brand building in the niche.

The next step to reach everyone is to send them mail and inform them that you have linked to them in the blog post or webpage, it will be kind if they share the content with their audience? To get the email address you can use contact us page, about us page or even their social media channels.

Step #5: Send an email blast

Email marketing has been evolved day by day with the use of latest technology. You should have proper management of how to send email to masses. You can use many online services to get the job done. If your website is not on Auto-piolet to gather email addresses of your expected customer then you should consider collecting email of your audience.
To get the email Ids of the expected customers you can always use bulk email service. Using the service like Mail Chimp, you can send about 10,000 users for each mail. To collect the email with push notification you can use free service like Hello Bar.

Always long as put creating content writing

As you write more content you will get more traffic, which will cause your email list to grow. That will also cause you to get more traffic. ?

Step #6: Send a push notification

I don’t know why so few sites are leverage push notifications. It’s so effective I believe I will get more traffic from push notifications in 2020 than I will from email marketing.

To give you an idea, when I analyze my competitors in the marketing arena, only 3 out of 19 use push notifications.

In other industries, the percentage is far worse, which means there is more opportunity for you.

That’s it for the 6 content marketing techniques. Promoting your content doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t need “advanced” tactics or anything that is out of the box. The basics work well, and I have been using the above formula for years… literally.

Do you have any other content marketing techniques that you would like to share? Please use the comments box below.

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