Best Blogging Tips for Beginners

Best Blogging Tips For Bloggers

Blogging Tips

Blogging is both an art and a science. For this reason, there is no specific way to approach it. However, if you are a beginner, I recommend you learn from people that are experts and have a lot experience in blogging. If you’re thinking of starting a blog with the idea of earning significant revenue, please read the article “Thinking of Blogging Your Way To Dollars?” you will find a lot blogging tips in how setting up your blog to make money.

In this article, I will share some of the best blogging tips for beginners taken from experts.

Respond to your audience’s needs

The best way to collect and write relevant content is by listening to your audience. The people you engage with on social media and other platforms should be the source of the topics you blog about. In the blog comments or tweets, a blogger can learn what his or her audience considers the most relevant information for them. And thus, always tailor his blogs to address what the audience needs.

Know your audience

It takes time to know your audience well. But to succeed as a blogger, you need to understand your audience even more than they know themselves. It takes lot of research and dedication. Knowing your audience might involve you asking them about their preferred topics on social media before writing. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media networks could be good platforms if you want to understand your audience’s needs.

Focus on yourself first

Yes, most of the times people write for others and the Google’s bots. By this, they tend to concentrate more on how people will view their posts and how Google bots will crawl them. But the most fundamental part when writing a blog is to put your thoughts, ideas, and opinions, before thinking about other people’s. According to Adii Pienaar, founder of Public Beta, writing for yourself will give you the momentum to write more blogs and post them more often. This is because you will no longer have to overthink about the response of your audience. However, even if you write for yourself, it is essential to keep in mind what your audience will want to read from your blog.

Have an email list

Kristi Hines, freelancer, and professional writer say that having an email list is crucial for every blogger. Irrespective of whether you want to sell something or not, just building a mailing list from day one should be part of your agenda with your blog. You know that it can be hard, time-consuming, and costly getting good rankings on Google and marketing your work on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. With an email list, you will share your content directly with your audience without having to rely much on what others must do for you to rank.

When trying to get people to subscribe to your mailing list, you need to experiment different “call to action” messages. It is believed that those that have ‘subscribe’ as a call to action will get way fewer subscriptions than those of “get jobs via email” as a call to action. Of course, you need to test different “call to action” messages before getting the one that will work for you.

Appreciate your readers

The easiest way to grow your blog is by asking help from your current readers. Instead of trying to find new readers every day, you can give value time to your currents followers and show you care about them. As a blogger, you need to keep the current readers interested in your content and find creative ways of bringing new readers on board. If you have a good relationship with the current readers, then you can count on them to help you share your content on their own social media accounts and other platforms thus bring in more readers.

Have giveaways

To create a list of loyal fans, you must create outstanding content and give it to them for free. You will get return readers if you have a downloadable takeaway on your website. At the same time, people will refer others to your website to come and get the gift that you are offering. This way, you will be increasing the traffic to your site and thus tell google to rank you better. Once new readers come for the free giveaway, you must have a way of converting them into regular readers, and one way of doing so is by having an irresistible call to action.

Blog consistently

Given that it might take long to start getting good revenue from blogging, many people tend to slow down on their writing. Or worse still, there are those that give up altogether. To be a successful blogger, consistency should be part of you. According to a study from Hubspot, consistent in blogging leads to a higher growth rate in subscribers. Remember that it is much easier to lose your traffic than building it up. And among the easiest ways to lose it is by taking too long before posting good content for your readers.

Be patient

Many people turn to blog thinking that it will get them rich overnight. And after putting lots of efforts in blogging, and realizing that there is no quick return, they just quit.

The truth is that if you are to earn any meaningful revenue from blogging, then you need to be patient. Blogging should be among your long-term investments. You need to put money, energy, time and effort over an extended period to get any reasonable ROI. If you are not patient enough and are thinking in short terms, blogging may not be a good career for you. The web is a noisy and crowded place and blogging has become very competitive. To success in this market, you must invest more than others, stay around longer than others and so much of everything more than others. You must outdo everyone else to win and you will if you put effort and be patient.

In conclusion, whether you are already a blogger or thinking of becoming one, we recommend you read this article till the end to understand the basic tips we are giving about blogging. They will help you be successful in your blogging career.

If you have more blogging tips, please feel free to share them with our community.


2 thoughts on “Best Blogging Tips for Beginners

  1. I dig the delicious dance of focusing on reader needs but seeing yourself as crucial in the process too. I do what I love doing blogging-wise but also help my readers with their problems. Powerful 1-2 punch.

  2. All the tips rock and being patient is that ideal summary point. Being generous, helping folks, appreciating readers and keeping at it daily for months, then years, helps you become a successful blogger, either as a newbie or a veteran.


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