6 Best Social Commerce Trends To Boost Sales & Growth For Brands

Best Social Commerce Trends To Boost Sales & Growth


The evolution of conducting eCommerce on social media platforms has narrowed down the difference between eCommerce and social media, making social commerce easier.

Social commerce has enabled brands to fetch better user engagement, trust, conversion, and revenue.

Through social commerce, brands can overcome the challenges placed against the eCommerce industry, i.e., friction, cart abandonment, user trust, and sales.

But, the volatility that social commerce has is undeniable. It influences the minds of the users and brings a shift in their purchase patterns.

To know the best social commerce trends that the marketers are leveraging to boost sales, revenue, and growth, make your way to the end of this blog.

Giving A Frictionless Experience Has Become Imperative

Giving your users an uninterrupted shopping experience has become rather crucial for brands. This is because the attention span of the users has largely reduced; they look out for faster, quick, and smoother processes. By providing for this, brands stand a chance to upsell and improve their profitability effortlessly.

The product tagging feature facilitated by social commerce enables users to directly purchase the product without adding the products to the cart, which eliminates cart abandonment.

Gather User Trust Easily With Shoppable UGC

Gathering user trust has become the biggest challenge for brands, as it determines if or not the business will sustain itself.

User-Generated Content is that weapon in their marketing arsenal that is enabling brands to fetch easy user trust. This is because User-Generated Content influences the purchase decision of 90% of the buyers, and they look up to the past experiences of the existing users to decide whether or not they should invest in the brand.

Integrating UGC with shoppability and making it shoppable UGC, brands can showcase how their users have incorporated the products into their lives and lure the trust of potential users.

Moreover, UGC markets the brand authentically and helps users to better perceive the brand.

Partner With Micro-Influencers To Boost Reach

Instagram influences the purchase decisions of 87% of the people, according to statistics given by Instagram.

Regardless of the industry, you cater to, collaborating with micro-influencers is a great strategy to easily augment your brand’s reach and build brand awareness. But, to be successful in your influencer marketing strategy, choose an influencer who serves your niche and has a good base of followers.

Micro-influencers in specific has a greater audience engagement rate. Their followers look up to what they have to say, the brands they use, etc. Brands can leverage this and utilize it to generate greater sales.

Conduct Live Streaming Sessions To Interact Better

Recently this trend of conducting live streaming on social media platforms has considerably shot up.

Brands use it for multiple reasons like launching a product line, showcasing products and their uses, sharing tutorials, conducting roundtables, taking interviews, etc.

The best part is that the videos need not be of HD quality; as long as they are adding to the value of the user, low-budget productions also work fine.

Live streaming gives the audience and brand a chance to know each other better via ongoing interactions, which can also be saved for later.

This trend is driving user attention and how!

Make Your Products Economical

People surfing through social media are usually there to find their inspiration, get updated with the latest trends, know the latest posts shared by their connections, or purely to get entertained. They aren’t predominantly there to make purchases.

They already have a distracted state of mind, making it all the more difficult to hold onto their attention. Hence, to be able to attract audiences better, prioritize displaying economical, well-performing products.

Furthermore, since social commerce is a relatively new concept, being hesitant before buying expensive items is obvious. Hence, the focus should be laid on selling products that boast a relatively lower price.

Chatbots Are Helping Brands Sell More

Facilitating conversations is one of the biggest reasons why social media is famous amongst users. Platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp grew boundlessly for the reason that they gave a medium for B2B. B2C, C2C to flourish.

Now brands are aiming to increase their sales by upgrading to AI capabilities via chatbots. As with it employed to use, brands do not have to hire a person to answer their questions and needs. AI Chatbots can make suggestions depending upon the selections made by the customers, share visuals of products, and ask for human assistance if need.

Users look up to a personalized experience more than ever before. By employing this technology, brands can easily facilitate that.

Over To You

Now that you know all the trending social commerce trends of 2021, why not strategize with them and let your brand stand out?


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