7 efficient Instagram-marketing strategies to threefold your sales

Instagram-Marketing Strategy

There are high possibilities that Instagram may not be on your marketing list. However, it should be as it can increase your sales significantly. With millions of users worldwide, Instagram has become the most loved social media platform now. At the start, Instagram was a photo-sharing app, but now, it has become a marketing platform. Now, on Instagram, millions of people can discover new services and products, and transactions in billions are recorded. If you are a business owner, you should join the same channel your clients are engaging actively. In this article, you will know the 7 incredibly efficient ways of Instagram-marketing strategy that will increase your sales threefold.

1. Collaboration with Targeted Influencers

Collaborating with influencers is the quickest way to reach millions of people on Instagram. For years, influencers have worked hard to gain millions of followers. It will take a lot of time if you are a small team or a new business. Every business wants to be efficient with Instagram-marketing strategy hence wants to grow before promoting their products. Instagram influencers have worked hard to build trust with a lot of people. That is why it is beneficial to work with them. Now, the products that people buy depend on what Instagram is showing to them. So, whenever the influencer shares your product on Instagram, it will be discovered by the users. And then, you will easily get buyers with the help of a good marketing strategy. You have to partner with those Instagram influencers whose audience and content are related to your product.

2. Display Your Products in Use

Your sale will increase automatically if you offer the experience of products in use to your customers. And for this, try to use high-quality images of products, but this is not enough. You have to follow more Instagram-marketing strategies. Instead of just uploading the images, show the working of your products to your customers.

An entrepreneur, Ramit Sethi, at his blogs, shows people how they can live rich. He does not just tell them; he also shares his experience with the audience on Instagram. So, do not just tell them, show them also. The audience mostly likes to watch stories that connect with them. That is why try to tell them a story using videos, photos, and animated gifs on Instagram. If you do this, your products will be displayed in action. For example, a food brand can post tempting pictures of dishes they can make along with their seafood. The brand can even suggest to its customers the occasion on which these dishes can be made. This Instagram-marketing strategy will help the brands to form a better connection with their customers which is the core of any type of marketing.

3. Consistently post engaging content

Consistency is a very soft skill that is why people never stay consistent. It might seem ineffective and obvious. But it is not true; this strategy always wins. It plays a very important role in the success or failure of your business. How will you convince people that you can entertain them if you only post once or twice throughout a month? Even if you are selling project management solutions or providing education just like ClickUp does, you have to create something that will entertain the audience. If they do not find it entertaining, they will not like to watch and check the content. All of your efforts will be useless.

Infinite Recovery is following the Instagram-marketing strategy of consistently posting. Being a drug rehab center, their marketing team is very smart. The content that they are sharing on Instagram is quite entertaining. It includes event videos, different fun therapy sessions, and various moments from the organization. It is necessary to post consistently; you can post daily or three to four times a week. So then your account or brand will remain fresh, and your followers can see something new. This Instagram-marketing strategy is quite interested in itself.

4. Build Trust Using UGC (User-Generated Content)

UGC is a very powerful tool for Instagram-marketing strategy. If you show how your products work, then you will automatically reach new customers. Customer-generated content might be one of the most valuable online learning resources that you can share with others. Before buying anything, customers first check the experience of other customers. Because most customers do not trust what brands are saying about their products, it does make sense. If customers share a good experience, it is a sign that the product turns out good for them. And as a result that will surely help other customers. And to encourage the customers to share their experience you should offer them rewards, like discounts, etc.

5. Ask Instagram Influencers for Honest Feedback

Sometimes, positive reviews and honest reviews are not the same. Honest reviews can also include negative reviews. Customers are always looking for honest reviews, not for positive or negative reviews. Now, almost 73% of users check the reviews before buying any product. Instagram influencers have worked hard to earn the trust of their followers. That is why it is helpful for you to connect with Instagram influencers. You can ask them for honest feedback for your products. They will test first and then write the review, including both positive and negative (if any) traits. If the influencer gives an 8.5/10 score to your product, then its sale will increase overnight. Because they are sharing their honest reviews, which will boost your sale. Hence this Instagram-marketing strategy will be helpful for you.

6. Promote Your Instagram Posts on Other Social Media Platforms

Always promote your snapshots and videos on other social media platforms. Do not just waste on uploading them on Instagram only. By using this marketing strategy, you will make extra money. The first post on Instagram, if you see that this post is getting a lot of attention, then post it on other social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, etc. After doing this, you will see remarkable results. Instagram posts depend on hashtags, while for Facebook, a good description wins. Cross-promotion is indeed a time-consuming task, but it is very beneficial for promoting your products.

7.   Make use of Industry and Branded Hashtags

Before you invest in promoting your products or brand on Instagram, a very important thing that you should do is to establish hashtags. According to a recent study, nine hashtags are required to engage the audience on a single post. However, reaching the target audience can be achieved by using fewer hashtags, but you should never post without hashtags. If the hashtags are easy to read and memories, your followers are going to love them. Hashtags by Ernie Ball’s can be a great example: two hashtags are displayed #colorsofrocknroll and #iplayslinky boldly in their bio. For promoting their posts, they use these hashtags. And their fans also use these hashtags to promote their brand. Besides specialized hashtags for your brand, you should also use general community hashtags to promote your Instagram. It will increase your reach, and more people will get to see your posts.


You will have to try different channels to get your customers’ attention. Also, relying only on natural search traffic will not do much. However, you will attract more potential customers if you stay consistent, in posting entertaining content. The hashtags are important. To increase your sales and reach more customers, start using Instagram from yesterday. Have a good knowledge of what to post and when to post. Good Luck!

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