Right Instagram marketing tips that actually works for new brands

Right Instagram marketing tips

Instagram is the most powerful social media marketing channel. Over 800 million monthly “Active” users make the social media channel distinctive from others. Instagram is an ultimate social media platform for sharing photos and it is well used.

Since Instagram’s creation, influencers well understood it’s power and they started utilizing the platform to have a massive amount of followers. They worked with great social media marketing planning for Instagram. There are great tips with which anyone can become an influencer as an individual or as a brand, too.

Like every other social media platform, you need to post the right kind of content to always attract your followers. The frequency of publishing the right content is an ongoing process like every other social media platform. Today, we shall see what are the right Instagram marketing tips that work to boost your brand’s presence.

Switch to the business profile at First

The first step to getting the best from your brand’s presence on Instagram is to switch your current profile to your business account. This is the first thing to move your brand on Instagram and is the first thing to include in your Instagram marketing plan.

This is as simple as ‘ABC’ and is a few clicks away. To get started for a business profile, go to the settings in the Instagram account, and then click on “Switch to Business Profile”.

This is the first thing of Instagram marketing tips that will allow your business to have its existence. This business profile of your brand will allow you to create and publish the content for your business. Having a business account, you can also create and publish Instagram ads independently and without the use of Facebook advertising tools.

Your brand’s followers can get InTouch with your brand right from your Instagram page without any hassle.

Access to free Instagram tools

For every business which have a business profile, Instagram provides many free tools to use. The second tip from Instagram marketing tips is to have hands-on all these tools. It is better to understand the statistics as well as to have a better insight into your current marketing plan. Further, you can redo your marketing plan according to the insights provided by the Instagram insights.

There are many statistics that you can view which include impressions, engagement data, and more. The insights tool also provides a good breakdown of demographics like age, location, gender, and many more.

Furthermore, you can get specific insights on individual posts. This will help you manage your next post, for sure.

Create sponsored posts or ads

It is very common to have sponsored posts or ads on Instagram from businesses. The best part of Instagram sponsored posts or ads is that they allow you to control your budget on every post or ad. This will allow you to stay in budget and to have a good A/B testing of your Ad copy.

This will allow you to target your audience in a whole new way as you can have one sponsored ad or multiple ads with the carousel feature. Sponsored posts allow you to increase your business reach to the audience of your own choice.

Product teasers one of great feature

Social media platforms allow you to sell your product online using these channels. If you want to sell more products you should be planning to post product teasers.

It is very important to create product teasers which attract your expected customers. Creating the right content for your product ad is essential. If you are using a push strategy then there might have high chances that you lose your prospect. Product teasers can be done using photos, videos, carousels, stories, and stories canvas.

Instagram stories a quick way to grab attention

Today you should go to plan how to grab more leads on Instagram using Instagram stories which is at the fifth position of Instagram marketing tips. Whenever a user opens the social media app, the first thing they see is Instagram stories. Be active and creative to plan as many Instagram stories a day or a week as you can.

It is important to note that Instagram stories are only live for 24 hours. They will appear to every single person who has subscribed to your Instagram page.

Increase your brand reach through Influencers

We discussed in the introduction of this post that influencers started working on Instagram since it’s creation. In-fact, influencers foresee the power of this social media platform. The created long-term marketing strategies and then started investing their time and money. After some time they had a great number of followers. These influencers are from many races of life.

At the end of the day, all of them had a similar agenda and it was to increase their audience. Today there are many influencers on Instagram who have followers in Millions. It is another Instagram marketing tips to collaborate with the influencers. This practice will help you increase your brand reach through these influencers.

Re-post user-submitted photos

Whenever a brand becomes influential they start earning loyal customers. These customers are a long time asset to your brands. These customers do not only promote your brand but also let other people see your product through their photos.

What happens next is they forget to pay back your thanks but then you find their photos using your product, proudly. It is very easy to give a follow up of all your customers. Simple follow all your customers on the respective platform and then assign the list. Once the list is with the right person, ask him/her to go through their posts to check if they have photos using your product. Once the pic is found, publish it on your Instagram page. Go-Pro is one of the live examples.

Use branded hashtags

It is a great practice on all social media channels to reach something using a hashtag. I search for some content or person with the use of hashtags. Hashtags are very powerful in Social media channels. From the next Instagram marketing tips, it is great to introduce and then reuse branded hashtags.

For example, a well-known brand Red Bull uses the same strategy and uses its branded tag #itgivesyouwings with about 299, 612 posts.

Once you introduce a branded hashtag for your brand then you keep using it for every post. After some time you will see that your prospects and your customers will be searching for you through your branded hashtag.

Timing of post matters

The next of Instagram marketing tips is the timing of your posting. To get to know what time is the best time for your post you need to consult the insight from your business profile. From Instagram insight, you can find every detail related to the best and worst time to publish a post.

Track the right metrics

There’s always room to improve your performance on Instagram. The right way to do this is to track the right metrics and this is the 10th tip from Instagram marketing tips.

There is always a handful of data available in the Instagram insight but what matters is that what do you track. If you are tracking wrongly you will never improve your performance and vise versa.

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