What is the Importance Of Link Building in SEO?

What is the Importance Of Link Building in SEO

In the world of the internet, you hear a lot about SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You can ask almost anyone, even a beginner what that means and get a basic (and accurate) answer. SEO is about the use of keywords on a website. When the words are correct and used correctly, they make it easy for the search engines to find. The search engines then crawl your site and based on what they find, can place you high on the Google search pages. As Google SEO Algorithms are always changing, we will discuss about the role of link building in SEO.

Google cares about customer service

Let’s say you are a child care provider in Little Rock, AR. Maybe there are 10 other child care providers in your immediate area. You build your web pages with the correct keywords (this may take a little research) and Google does what it does. Google checks your keywords and links. When it is determined that your site is exactly what you are advertising, you will probably move up on the web search page. Your future customers will see your website first, above all others. Google cares about the customer and their experience. If you get booted out, you just have to work harder.

SEO is constant 

Congratulations on getting to Google’s SEO top ten, but remember there is a job to be done. You cannot rest on one SEO. There are always people trying to get where they are. They are trying to get your position. They will do anything to get there. For that reason, Google never stops.


If you are building a website only for conducting E-Commerce, and marketing, it will not be much of a problem. Of course, it will go on the internet with limited information.

Google pays a lot of attention to links. Who you link to and who links to you gives Google an idea of who you are learning from. Google “spiders” all the links and backlinks on your site. Google will drop your rankings without proper and active linking. Click here to see the results of a study by an industry leader that proves just that.

To Begin

Your work will begin by searching the following:

  • Brand name
  • Domain name
  • Names of the founders of your business
  • Names of the executives in your company

You will enter each of these names into your Google search engine. (Be sure to put quotes around the names.) You will manually check the first 50 to 100 sites on your SERP.

As you check the names and information, check to see if proper links to your company and associates are in place. If they are not, email the websites. Ask them to place the links that are missing.

Strategy for Backlinks – the long road

The work in this step takes a while. You will have to do it more than once as the data changes over time. However, it is very good information and you get immediate results,

Make a list of your top ten competitors. You will type in the name of the competition (one at a time) and look for any site that lists (in any way) people in your type of industry. When you find one, take whatever steps you need to, in order to get added to the list.

This strategy, though time-consuming, will usually get you 25 to 50 white hat backlinks. At the end of the day, growing and maintenance your links are the backbones of your success. This is why there are so many online tools to help you.

The return on this investment is immediate and will continue as long as you are diligent. You need only to look at the professionals to know, they are investing where it counts. You should too.


There are always people who think they can outsmart Google. They think they can get past the algorithms and the bots and if they do get caught, they can talk their way out of anything. This is a costly error that will bring your business to a grinding halt. Even if you are able to talk your way out of the harshest penalty, there will be downtime. There will be a time when people could be trying to reach you. A web page being down unexpectedly is the same as a door being locked in the middle of a workday. They will wonder why, but they will go to another store to buy the product they need.

Our intention of this post is to explain how industry professionals create, find, and utilize backlinks. Before we continue, a word of caution. If you are an SEO stuffer and now you are looking for a way to scam the backlink system, your success will be short-lived. Paying for backlinks from sites that have nothing to do with your niche or paying for links from low-quality sites gets you stiff penalties.

Just like with SEO words, there are folks out there right now thinking, “If having a lot of links will cause me to rank higher, I will pay for them. No one will ever know.” There are dozens of backlinking check programs that come up with one search, How much better do you think Google’s tool will be at busting you? Don’t do it. Don’t ask other people to do it. The penalty will be harsh. The loss of Google services is devastating to any business.

With some study and practice, you will be an expert in keywords, marketing, SEO, and e-commerce. You have the whole world at your fingertips, so you will find the best minds in the industry to teach you. Don’t try to take shortcuts. Keep it clean and safe, so your webpage is above question.

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