3 next SEO steps to further increase website organic traffic

increase your website organic traffic

Every business or internet marketer is seeking to increase website organic traffic to their business. In our previous article about  SEO steps to increase website organic traffic, we looked at what are the 3 key areas if focused correctly can help you increase website organic traffic. Hope you would have implemented these steps throughout your business website.

Today we shall further see what are the 3 next steps to further increase your website organic traffic. Yes organic traffic is something that can help you stand high in the competition for your business keywords. Naturally, it is everyone’s wish to rank high to get more organic traffic and no one is willing to wait for a single extra day to get their ranking high. We aim to break the old school’s myth and get you into the proven methods of getting more organic traffic.

Invest in online properties

Sounds crazy? Yes, it is. Instead of searching for backlinks on the web why don’t you invest in buying online properties that are of equal interest as is your product. There are a lot of examples around us. Facebook bought WhatsApp, the owner of WhatsApp was rejected by the Facebook to get him hired. But ultimately there comes a time when Facebook found it worth acquiring WhatsApp.

Did you realize the What was the reason behind the purchase? The reason purchasing WhatsApp was much fold. The number one reason was the number of users WhatsApp had at the time of purchase. the WhatsApp audience amounted to 18.8 million users in 2016 and is set to grow to 25.6 million users by 2021. Facebook can reach the potential customers of about 25.6 Million and imagine the growth.

There are many people who invest in other online properties to get many fold benefit and ultimately increase their organic traffic to their website.

Invest in people who promote your competitors

There are many people who are writing about a product of your competitors. These people can be proved as the best assets for your online business. You should plan to invest with them sooner or later. The simple thing about this step is to request the people to only give a small comparison of the same product or service you are selling along with your competitors.

Now you can pay them some reasonable amount of money to get the point so that your reader, as well as Google, appreciate the job completed.

Invest in creating content other than English

If you are only targeting the creation of the content in the English language, you should consider promoting your business in another local language.

The reason behind is that there are few people who are creating content in non-English speaking countries. Google itself unable to find the content helpful to show to the searchers.

As Google doesn’t find ample content to present to the audience other than English speaking countries, it starts showing results even in the English language in non-English speaking countries. Ranking in non-English countries is quite simple and the potential of the customer is very high and risk-free.

We tried to simplify the process of getting/earning more links. What are the points you have to share with us?

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