How to Create Your Own Customer Satisfaction Surveys: 3 Simple Steps

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Have you ever conducted customer satisfaction surveys? How was the response? Was it positive or negative? Customer satisfaction surveys, these are great tools for businesses to measure the satisfaction levels of its customers. Basically, if you are interested in knowing how satisfied your customers’ are with your company’s products and/or services, then design and deploy a customer satisfaction survey.

The feedback and critical information obtained from the customer survey will help you to know exactly how customers’ feel about your company’s products and/or services. You will gain meaningful insight about the outward appearance of your company and discover how to make your customers’ engaged and loyal to your brand. It also enables you to identify the industry trends, as well as your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. It will enable you to produce innovative ideas on new product development and design based on the accurate and up-to-date data obtained through the survey. This ultimately increases the sales numbers, boosts customer retention rates, and fosters healthy customer relationships.

There are several hidden benefits associated with customer satisfaction surveys. It gives your customers’ a convenient channel to voice their opinions. It facilitates in collecting and analyzing the valuable customer feedback in real-time, reaching out to the maximum number of potential and current customers’ so you can have a better understanding of your customers’ expectations and perceptions. However, the main concern lies in designing and developing a worth-while and affordable customer survey which will be highly beneficial for your business. You can use the survey software to create meaningful and efficient customer surveys that are customized to your perfection within a few minutes.

Here are the three simple steps for designing and developing a purposeful customer satisfaction survey:

  1. Define Your Survey Goals Clearly

Before you start designing any customer survey, whether it can be a customer satisfaction level or a customer feedback survey, you should have well-defined and clear survey goals. What do you want to accomplish and learn from this particular customer survey that you are going to conduct? Try to figure out the purpose of your survey and write it down in the two or three sentences. Are you conducting the customer survey to obtain feedback about your customers’ experiences in the usage of your company’s products and/or services? Or do you want to use the customer surveys to improve the quality of a particular product or service?

  1. Select the Survey Questions Wisely

There are several kinds of survey software available online to create professional and impressive surveys. However, try to select the best survey software for creating a better customer survey that can instantly attract your audience. Based on your business needs, the online survey software offers a set of pre-made survey templates. On those survey templates and as per your requirements, you can make necessary changes to the survey questions. Additionally, you can create a set of your own survey questions. In order to create survey questions from scratch, you need to check your survey goals thoroughly and follow these guidelines while framing your survey questions:

  • You should ask only one survey question at a time. Don’t mix and match several questions in the survey.
  • Be more specific while asking a survey question. An example of a good survey question would be, “How would you rate our SutiCRM demo on a scale of 1-10?”
  • Don’t make your survey too long. Try to create a customer survey that’s between 5-10 questions.
  • Using the survey software, select the question type. On the survey, you can include comment boxes, multiple choice questions, drop-down menus, sliding scales, etc. However, it is better to stick to one or two question types for one survey.

To make your survey more effective and pleasing, try to add your company logo somewhere visible but also not distracting. Using of relevant colors can make your surveys much more attractive and memorable.

  1. Send Survey to Your Potential Customers

Did you successfully complete with the process and create a customer survey that produces the beneficial data you need? Then it’s time to send the survey to all your potential customers’ and clients.  To send the customer survey, you need to create an email invitation and use the active language in the subject line of your customer survey email invitation. For example, you can use this as a headline: “We need your help. Take our 5-minute survey.”

The body of the customer feedback survey invitation should be simple and friendly. It must clearly provide important details on what the purpose of conducting a customer survey and whom it is targeting. Make the process of your survey seamless and successful by using a clear call to action button. Once again, review the email invitation and send the customer survey to your entire email list in addition to embedding the survey link on your blog.

Businesses can make their surveys easier to create and manage by using the appropriate survey software. After conducting the survey, you can obtain and analyze the survey results in real-time, which can help you in making informed business decisions and crafting effective marketing strategies.

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