3 Best Tips to Explode your Facebook video

Facebook Video

Facebook remains the most popular social media platform even in 2018. About 80% of Americans use Facebook. Above all, as of June 30, 2017, Facebook has 2.01 billion monthly users. Obviously, this is a gigantic number of active users on a single platform on the internet. 50 million businesses use Facebook pages to interact with their customers.

Knowing the many facts about Facebook, it is also important to know the best medium to interact with the customers on the internet which is video. Daily Facebook video views are over 8 billion on an average. Whereas 85% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound off. One in five Facebook video is now a live broadcast. It is also important to note that by 2020, over 75% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video. Taking all the facts in hand, what are the best possible ways to explode the Facebook video most useful for your business or personal promotion?

What is the Length of ideal Facebook Video?

Recently we come across a common misconception about the Facebook video, the length of the Facebook -video. According to experts, a Facebook video should be from 5 to 10 mins long.


A video with a length of 5 to 10 mins will have many great ideas to share with your audience. You can go with a video with a length of more than 15 to 25 mins but it solely depends on the topic you are going to cover. Most of the time if a video is about a product, 5 to 10 mins will be enough to give a great understanding about the product or service of a business.

Videos which is covering some detailed topics can go longer than 10 to 15 mins but again it depends on the intensity of the topic you are going to make the video.

As Facebook users are more active on the platform, so they can spend more time on a topic with most useful information. Obviously, a detailed video will actually get you more engagement on your Facebook page. Which will lead to more demand for your product or service?

Should you share YouTube video link on Facebook?

Most of the marketer may not know that Facebook never like to promote YouTube and same is the case for the YouTube. As both are the big giants in the industry so does their rivalry. Knowing the fact, it is better to avoid promoting your YouTube videos on the Facebook. If it is about to share a video to your Facebook audience, it is highly recommended to upload a video for Facebook.

The benefits of uploading videos for the Facebook is untold. The major impact is the viewership on the Facebook as you should know that you are going to get more views by uploading videos on Facebook. More views don’t mean 2 times or 5 times but it is about 20 or 50 times more views you will get if you are going to upload videos to Facebook.
Video captions are equally important for Facebook video

Knowing the fact that about 85% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound of it is equally important to add a caption to your Facebook video. Video caption will help users to know the message in the video. If the user found something important they are going to watch the video by making the sound on. Though adding video caption is technical and pain taking but when it is about Facebook users, it worth.

If you are uploading videos yourself using iPhone or using some video editing software like Premiere Pro or iMovie you should learn the technique how to add a caption to your video. Otherwise, you should hire services of some professional from Fiverr or Upwork to let them add video caption for you in your videos. It may cost you less but the ROI of this investment can help you increase your business revenue.

General video making tips

No matter you are using your iPhone or DSLR or some video camera, it is important to know few general things to make your video good on the platform like Facebook or YouTube.

Always add a Title to your video. A title will be your first interaction to let your users know what benefit they are going to get from your video.

The description is important from the fact it will not only help you add your keywords to let search engine read to rank you for. Generally, marketers don’t spend more time in writing descriptions. But if a video description is written in the more professional way it can help you get more views on your video

In the description you can also add few Tags may be 5 or 7 to help you rank for multiple keywords or key phrases. Tags are mostly added using hashtags. These hashtags are the search terms on Facebook and help you rank in the search results.

If you are making a video with your voice or picture, be confident and energetic. Don’t fake your appearance as it will not help you in any way.

We shared 3 best tips to explode your Facebook video to let you have a better understanding of Facebook video. If you have more points please do share so we can add more value to the post.

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