Will Digital Marketers Be Out of Jobs Because of Artificial Intelligence?

Will Digital Marketers Be Out of Jobs Because of Artificial Intelligence

Many people fear artificial intelligence, while some embrace it. But whichever way we see it, change will happen. AI and technological advancement are inevitable.

Digital marketing is one of the professions that is fully automated and quick to adapt to technological advancement. Marketing professions utilize tools and software to automate processes that take up most of their time.

So, should we fear AI taking over digital marketing jobs? Or should we embrace it and include it to improve productivity and create successful marketing campaigns?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses different technologies to work and enable actions or tasks. It is designed with human-like intelligence.

AI improves as it constantly performs a task due to machine learning and natural language processing technologies.

With the constant improvement of AI, it is slowly becoming a part of most industries. In digital marketing, AI is starting to take up jobs such as automating data mining, improving customer service, optimizing the supply chain, and simplifying tasks.

Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over the Digital Marketer’s Job?

The short answer is no.

For the time being, AI cannot completely replace digital marketing jobs. In fact, the presence of AI in the marketing department has created more jobs than it used to. AI produces new skills to master and new positions to be filled in. For instance, companies would have to hire people to write code for AI or people who can maintain AI machines.

The only time AI can replace a job or position in the marketing department is when someone refuses to adapt to new changes in the industry. Learning new skills paved by AI can improve a professional’s knowledge and can quickly adapt to changes. Catching up with advancements in technology can bring you a long way. It keeps you prepared for changes and helps to improve the company’s sales.

Why Can’t AI Replace Marketing Professionals?

  • Humans are Creative Thinkers

The human brain is a complex thing that, for the time being, no machine can replicate. So, professions that involve creative problem solving cannot be replaced by AI.

AI isn’t capable of creating music, painting landscapes, editing photos and videos using the best video editing software like Pinnacle Studio, or inventing something. They are built for repetitive tasks.

  • Final Decision is Made by Humans

We can use AI to gather data and analyze it. However, developing plans and strategies or tasks that require critical thinking is not designed for AI. They can assist but not make the final decision.

  • Humans Program Artificial Intelligence or Machines

AI machines and robots do not operate on their own. It requires human knowledge and skills to program them for a specific task. Furthermore, humans are the ones who can update the AI’s systems or replace them to help them function better according to the needs of the industry.

  • Human Connection

Machines can take over the customer service department, but with limited skills. AI cannot form human connections because it lacks emotions. They may answer queries and give advice, but they are limited to what is programmed into them. Humans can relate and make people feel relaxed during a conversation.

Artificial Intelligence Can Replace Other Jobs

The power of automation may not replace creative professions like artists, writers, marketers, inventors, and others. However, it would replace jobs in the service, warehouse, and retail industries. Robots are now being used to replace humans with tasks that are repetitive and mundane. Organizations are quick to adapt to automation in their business as it produces more results in a short period.

Even in E-commerce, retail can be quickly replaced by AI unless you are equipped with knowledge in digital marketing.

Artificial Intelligence is expensive but has an increased ROI compared to hiring a person to manage a routine task.

Here are the reasons why AI can replace some jobs:

  • Less Prone to Errors

Unlike humans, AI or computers are less prone to committing errors. Due to the set of instructions coded into their system, they can execute an action without resulting in chaos.

AI can replace jobs that require typing, transcribing, copying, and pasting.

  • Capable of Performing a Variety of Hazardous Tasks.

Some jobs are dangerous. Those who work in jobs like mining, factories, and so on are at high risk of experiencing danger or getting killed.

As a result, businesses will employ AI to perform dangerous tasks. It makes processes efficient and keeps humans safe from harm. Organizations can include product development, logistics optimization, and predictive maintenance in manufacturing.

Robots can withstand toxins, fumes, extreme heat, and other threats, unlike humans. Hence, companies will be less likely to find themselves facing charges.

  • Artificial Intelligence Doesn’t Get Tired

Humans’ productivity and efficiency depend on their mood. If they lack sleep, are tired, or are stressed, it will affect their work performance. Meanwhile, machines do not experience complex human emotions, so they don’t get tired like us.

Machines don’t have to rest or sleep, so they can operate 24/7 unless there is a power interruption.

  • AI-powered Machines Are Great Investment

Buying Artificial Intelligence machines is expensive, but in the long run, there isn’t much to spend, except for some electrical and maintenance costs. Humans, on the other hand, require training as well as compensation and benefits.

As AI increases productivity and ROI for companies, more organizations will invest in this form of technology.

How is AI changing the Digital Marketing Industry?

According to Salesforce, 3,500 marketers use AI and are expected to increase in number.

There is no stopping the use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing. In fact, it has been adopted by multiple organizations, small businesses, and even professionals.

As mentioned earlier, AI is not going to replace digital marketing professionals as compared to other industries. AI only enhances the job of digital marketers and assists them with their day-to-day needs.

  • Improves Customer Services

Chatbots are the most common AI used to communicate with customers and provide them with 24/7 service. They can answer basic questions and customize the shopping experience of the customers. Although chatbots cannot answer complicated questions, they can manage repetitive tasks that take up employees’ time.

  • Personalized Digital Advertising

Facebook, Google, and other big names provide the best experience for their users. These companies use AI to create personalized advertisements.

They gather information such as age, gender, location, interests, and more. Marketing professionals use this data to help them come up with an effective ad.

  • Voice Search is Becoming a Thing

The number of AI-powered virtual assistants is growing. 58% of consumers use voice search to find the information they need from a business.

The growth in voice search is due to the advancement of machine learning and natural language processing technology. Google has noticed the rise in voice searches conducted by users. Therefore, implementing it is one way to optimize a business website to rank at the top of the search engine.

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality is a new way to experience shopping online. Even before the pandemic, some businesses were incorporating augmented reality and virtual reality into their operations.

It’s a powerful AI technology that marketing professionals should use as part of their strategy.

  • Artificial Intelligence Can Suggest Marketing Content

Marketing professionals don’t need to spend their time creating content that won’t appeal to their target audience. With AI, it uses data collected to determine the content your audience wants to see.

  • Use in Predictive Analysis

With the help of machine learning, evidence, and mathematical algorithms, digital marketing professionals can gather data and use it as predictive models. It can be used to determine what to promote, which prospect can be a customer, and set the price for possible customers. AI technology helps professionals with their strategies.

Keep Growing with Technology

Digital marketing experts should update themselves with the basic and latest knowledge in their industry. As new trends emerge, they need to stay up to date, learn current technology, and level up their skills to stay relevant and ready to provide solutions.

Maybe one day, technology might take over almost all jobs, or maybe not. But one thing is for sure, that technology can come with an associated risk, and only humans are capable of solving it. Therefore, what’s best is to work alongside it.


4 thoughts on “Will Digital Marketers Be Out of Jobs Because of Artificial Intelligence?

  1. Very outdated and … partially incorrect info. AI and machine learning is a lot further ahead than we are allowed to believe.
    AI tools can easily replace marketeers (which I am one of eeeks!) also in regards of creative thinking.
    1) Creative copywriting doesn’t need a human anymore (necessarily) – also for long-format texts.
    but it all depends on the underlying ML (machine learning capacity) of certain AI tools. AI bots could already write novels/books that are not distinguishable.

    2) Image creation – much more advanced than text ai. It is quite scary really to think about the implication on the creative industry this already has.

    Good luck to us all, and may the odds be forever in our favour!!

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