What it means to be a woman-owned SEO Outreach agency

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People are usually not prepared for unexpected weather. For example, they probably didn’t think to take an umbrella with them when a storm strikes. Marketing is the same.

Founders and C-suite executives who are able to embrace and harness the differences of their employees will be the ones who weather the storms best. However, it can be more challenging to enter the SEO market when you have many obstacles. Ana Maria De La Cruz, our founder and minority woman is well aware of this.

Ana Maria De La Cruz founded Outreach Bee with a humble amount of cash. The journey to reaching the top of this industry was full of challenges.

Entrepreneurs who are females and part of a minority group don’t really fit the depiction of your characteristic “businessman.” The double-intersectionality of being a minority and womanhood incites multiple nuances of discrimination and hindrances for ambitious business owners to turn their dream into reality. Only a few women believe that it is possible for them to start their own business. Even a smaller percentage of them actually do it.

Outreach Bee, a woman-owned Outreach SEO agency, broke through with unwavering determination. As a result, outreach Bee has even a female-dominated team. This is an unintentional “happy accident,” as Bob Ross would put it.

In fact, we see this strong female presence as a sign of good fortune because there aren’t many women in creative leadership positions.

Women Leaders are Important

Women only own 0.1% of marketing agencies. YES, zero point one. Ana Maria is on that list. A further reason is that minority-women-owned SEO and marketing agencies are rare.

This gap is a sign of how the business world is not recognizing the many benefits that female business leaders can bring to their communities and the economy. Women-owned businesses should create spaces that allow people to feel valued, heard, and seen. A 2017 survey showed that 50% of Americans would rather work for a woman-led business than a male-led one. Respondents to the survey cited many reasons why they preferred women leaders, such as childcare, equal pay, and purpose-driven business goals.

Female leadership results in more diverse and inclusive teams. They also bring new perspectives and help to make important business decisions. This helps to avoid bad ones that could alienate customers, hurt the brand or hinder growth. In addition, these business cultures encourage creativity and allow employees to be more creative. We don’t think a company must be owned by women to provide employees with the freedom they desire. However, it is our belief that women who hold higher leadership positions are a sign of a supportive and diverse environment.

Why It Matters?

Success is a result of effort.

The SEO outreach agency Outreach Bee, founded by Ana Maria, is a perfect example of how it’s not all a man’s world. Now, women are not only starting to find their place at the table but also taking the lead.

Outreach Bee supports diversity in terms of gender, race, and background. We also value diversity of thought. It’s one of our greatest strengths. Inclusion is one of the most important drivers of market growth and innovation. Diverse teams can provide unrelated ideas that businesses can use to achieve new heights. Different perspectives and backgrounds can see the world differently, which leads to creativity, innovation, as well as great results.

There are almost 13,000,000 women-owned businesses across the U.S., which employ nearly 9 million people and generate $1.9 trillion in revenues. This is a positive impact on America’s economy. The marketing industry is slowly changing, and Women-owned businesses are making progress! They can be the catalyst for change and serve as role models to others.

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