What Is A Digital Trafficker And What Training Do You Need?

Digital Trafficker

Since marketing came to the Internet, new professional figures have not stopped emerging that, somehow, replicated the concept of offline marketing in the online world, adapting to their particularities. The Community Manager was born as a mix between the public relations function and the customer service function but with an immediacy never before seen, the Social Media Strategist brings the strategy to the online world, the Copywriter tries to adapt the concept of creative copy to the new times, etc. And for a few years now, more and more companies and agencies have been looking for a new figure, that of the Digital Trafficker, which has become an off-road vehicle for online advertising, something like the figure of the Director of Planning and Media Purchase in the classic advertising agency – advertising media.

What is Digital Trafficker?

A Digital Trafficker is someone who is an expert in buying online traffic. Its main function is to create advertising campaigns on the Internet, and for this it plans, budgets, implements, analyzes, and optimizes these types of marketing actions. The objective is to achieve the best results with the minimum possible investment. Undoubtedly, hiring a figure like this for a marketing team represents significant cost savings, and that is why this profile is increasingly demanded in job offers.

Online advertising, its ability to segment and connect with potential customers are taking advantage of any other type of advertising. Today, rare is the business that has not given it a chance and has proven its enormous effectiveness. However, to get good results you have to know how to do more than promote a publication on Facebook. You have to know about all the advertising platforms and formats that exist on the Internet (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Display …), and strategically use information about potential customers to attract and sell them (funnels). It is in this context that the Trafficker appears as an expert to take charge of the online multichannel strategy and that in large companies is combined with offline in a great omnichannel advertising strategy.

Advantages of being a Digital Trafficker

Being a relatively new figure and with a high value for companies, who are trained and gets some experience in this field will have enormous advantages when working:

  • You can create your own online business as a Trafficker Consultant because being a new figure many large and medium-sized companies still prefer to outsource the service. In addition, you can also offer services to small companies and entrepreneurs who know very well the power of a good advertising strategy.
  • If you want to work in an Advertising or Media agency, it is an ideal field of specialization at the moment: They are hiring!
  • Your work is directly linked to economic figures, therefore, it will be easy for you to work with different payment/salary modalities (objectives, savings achieved, etc.)
  • It is a career in high demand right now, so if you are thinking of specializing in something … this is your chance!
  • Much of your work can be automated, so you do not need to have fixed hours or too much workload. In this sense, it is the opposite of the Community Manager function, always pending what users say.

Training and courses to become Digital Trafficker

To be a Digital Trafficker you will need to train thoroughly. Currently, there are not too many tailored programs, and those that do exist have their limitations as they are still under construction and growth. Keep in mind that to have a good profile you will need to develop all these skills:

  • The strategic vision of marketing
  • In-depth knowledge of platforms and tools for online advertising: Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Amazon Advertising, Web Advertising (display…), Mobile Advertising, Retargeting, Programmatic Advertising, Sponsored Post, Advertising marketplaces …
  • Advertising rates and negotiation
  • Ability to quickly learn about managing advertising on new platforms
  • Copy and design for advertisements (texts, images, videos, formats …)
  • Funnels and automation: Capture and conversion of leads, landing pages, and sales page …
  • Analytics, KPIs, objectives, Excel …
  • HTML (tracking codes)
  • Advertising ethics laws and codes

How to be a Digital Trafficker and find a job?

Our advice is that you gradually specialize in different areas, learning, applying, and gaining experience from each of them. If you already control any of these fields, congratulations! You just have to keep moving forward with custom training to finally build a solid career as Digital Trafficker.

If, on the other hand, you still don’t have much knowledge about the world of online marketing and advertising, don’t worry. This is a figure that is gaining strength now, both in agencies and brands, and that we are sure will be long-term employment and business opportunity. So, do not miss this opportunity to specialize and highlight your resume in front of the rest of the people looking for employment in the sector.

Here are some areas of specialization that you can tap to become Digital Trafficker:

Trafficker specialized in Facebook Ads

It is the first step that we recommend you take. Facebook Ads is currently one of the platforms where advertisers invest the most (keep in mind that Instagram also belongs to Facebook) and therefore, the demand for professionals specialized in handling advertising from the Business Manager and optimizing budgets is very high. Everyone wants to earn more at the lowest cost of advertising on Facebook, and you can help them if you form!

Trafficker specialized in Funnels and automation

Automation, email marketing, databases, and above all the funnels that lead users to transform them into potential customers, and ultimately turn them into customers, and even loyalty, is one of the marketing strategies that increasingly more are used. The key is to accompany the user through the phases of the Customer Journey to send them the right message at all times and finally convince them that we are their solution. But all this would not be possible if it were not thanks to the power of automation that allows us to optimize times and carry out all the monitoring with super powerful tools that you should learn to use as soon as possible. It’s the future!

Trafficker specialized in launching info-products

The service sector continues to grow, and the figure of the expert in info-products that are informative materials that become digital products and that allow selling ideas and knowledge makes more and more sense. Physical books, ebooks, online courses … and many more are the elements for which launch experts are sought, do you want to be one of them?

And now … what do you think? We await your comments on this figure that is becoming increasingly relevant in the marketing departments. And if you have doubts about how to focus your training, you can leave your questions. We would love to help you!




About Author: Raunak is a Mechanical Engineer by qualification & Marketer by passion. He is the founder of Maiden Stride, a leading digital marketing company that provides world-class search engine marketing services and website & application development.

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