6 tips on how to change your video marketing using YouTube?

Video Marketing Using YouTube

Did you planned video marketing using YouTube for the services or products your selling online? Maybe you are not convinced yet with the idea? Or maybe, you are not sure of how to do it? Let’s have a look at some facts to make yourself clear as why video marketing using YouTube is a big catch of the time.

YouTube has about 1 billion unique monthly visitors. This means about 1 out of every 2 internet users are watching a video on YouTube. 100 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube. YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18 – 34 than any cable network. On YouTube, 6 billion hours of videos are viewed every month throughout the world. An incredibly this number has been increased up to 50% in on last year. These facts tell even a new marketer the scope of video marketing on YouTube in particular.

If you are scared of creating videos for YouTube then you must know that it doesn’t required to be a professional or software engineer. Behavioral analysis is important going in moving for video marketing on YouTube in particular. Though the behavioral analysis is important in content creation in any form. Behavioral analytics is a feature which you or your team can learn from some experience. Once learned this skill you can create content easily to increase the audience reach effectively.

Today, we shall unveil the simple yet effective rules to understand how to stand out in video marketing using YouTube. This is all about on how to increase the reach of your YouTube channel and the video content. What does audience looking from a YouTube channel or a video which make them frequent visitors of your channel?

Title and Description important in video marketing using YouTube

If you know content marketing, then you will be aware of the importance of keywords. Likewise, doing video marketing using YouTube require a brief knowledge of using keywords in the title and description. If I tell you that these are important even that of your video itself then it will not be false. As most of us are relying to let our audience to find our videos in their search results through search engine, keyword selection and then placement is important. Search for many keyword ideas to see how your competitors are using the keywords? On contrary, you can also see what keywords search engines give importance more. Be smart on deciding on keywords for the title and description of your video.

It is advised to do a brief keyword search before going to decide on the final pool of keywords. You can also get help from Google keyword planner to look at the volume of search and level of competition on the keywords. Contrary to text content, you can use popular and effective keywords in the title of your videos to come to the competition directly.

Thumbnail optimization of your Video

Once your video is shown in the search result of the search engine, the first thing which will be appeared to the viewer will be the thumbnail or the picture on your video. Even if you are searching for a particular video within YouTube, this thumbnail will be appeared there too. Instagram also allows you to give a thumbnail to Instagram video. This thumbnail is important as it will be first encounter between your video and the prospect. If you have spend time and efforts to create this thumbnail image for your video, chances are high that the prospects will hit the link to view your video.

While selecting the thumbnail image for the video you should select an image which can catch the attention at the first sight. If you are planning to place some text instead or within the image, be moderate to help the prospect to learn from the thumbnail to decide. You can learn about thumbnail optimization from YouTube itself. This time spent will worth in later days for sure.

You can also give some banners in the thumbnail image of YouTube video. Don’t forget to optimize the banner for the desktop as well as mobile devices. A well designed banner with size optimization will help your audience see the thumbnail content to decide where they are going after clicking the link to your video.

Content is the king even in Video marketing using YouTube

The well-known phrase, content is the king, is even true in video marketing using YouTube. I mean who would like to see a video with boring content or a material with no output to the audience? Today it is hard to let your audience digest a content which deliver no value to them.

Like blogs, there will be many competitors who have created a video on the same topic that you are coming with so the question rises, why would they look at your video content? What is so different in your content? What aspects you covered taking a service or a product for the audience? Are you creating the content just for the sake of visits to the video or your YouTube channel?

To run a YouTube channel, you need to be creative and well thought-out in creating the content for your video. The same will also be reflecting in the videos of yours and increase the chance to get you more viewers as well as more subscribers of your YouTube channel.

Help from Social media

Since the launch of social media channels, the time spent is very high even shocking. The behavior of people on social media is to learn more from the friends, family and other people. The same is true if the friends, family or others are seeking help, they are well treated. Use the power of social media marketing in getting the videos more popular on the internet in your market. For the purpose you need to be very active on the social media channels to benefit your video content.

Role of guest YouTubers or Influencers

Most of us are new to video marketing using YouTube so we will not have enough subscriptions or views to our videos even though you have great piece of content. Why don’t you team up with an influencer to help you increase the viewership of your channel?

Yes this works equally good like blogger outreach in content marketing. You can ask a fellow YouTuber or someone who is already famous in the field of YouTube content creation. You can allow them to publish their videos from your channel. Giving the privilege the benefit is two-fold. First of all, you will be helped to get the audience of already popular YouTuber on your Channel. This will let them see what other content is available on your channel. And the benefit to the influencer YouTuber will be that he will be able to increase his reach on YouTube.

Spread video using Email marketing

To some people maybe email marketing is waste of time and money, but to some it is still affected. To make email marketing more effective, you need to earn genuine audience around your YouTube channel or your blogs. The more loyal audience you have earned will help you make your YouTube channel more popular.

Everything discussed above is all about the video marketing using YouTube to make you successful. There may be some setback, but don’t sit back. Get up will more energy and then grow like a professional video marketer around you. How many videos you have launched on YouTube till today?

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