IGTV Videos | How to schedule IGTV video with a PRO checklist.

schedule IGTV video

You would have seen IGTV videos a lot of times since visiting Instagram. Since I was on Instagram and found IGTV utility, I was always wondering how to schedule IGTV video for my brand?

Indeed, it requires a lot of effort, time and money to create video content for social media. Everyone want to schedule IGTV video content in advance to let it appear to their prospects at the right time and place. Do you know YouTube already allowed to schedule the videos to let it appear at the desired time?

Good news is, IGTV has allowed to schedule the IGTV videos through Facebook Creator Studio. Today we shall learn in 9 simple steps how you can schedule IGTV videos using Facebook Creator Studio.

Connect your Instagram account to Facebook Creator Studio

First thing first, you need to connect your Instagram account to Facebook Creator Studio. Before going to create the connection, you need to assure that the Instagram account you have is either business profile or a creator profile.

Let’s start to hands-on the process;

  • Login to Facebook Creator Studio and go to dashboard.
  • In the top header you will see Instagram icon, click on it. You will see a pop – up window to connect your Instagram account. As you will be asked to login to the Instagram account, follow it.
  • Follow the steps of authorization to let the Facebook Creator Studio make sure the safe and authorized connection.
  • Once you have completed the authorization steps, your Instagram account is connected to Creator Studio dashboard. You will be able to see the dashboard of your Instagram account along with all the posts done before.

Create Post

“Create Post” process to proceed in schedule IGTV video. In the step, click on the Create Post tab to let it drop down. Once drop down, click on IGTV.

Account Selection

Next is the selection of account you want to post the IGTV video. After performing above step, a new window pops up to let you select the Instagram account. Select one from the list.

Select video for IGTV video

The next step is to provide the video to Creator Studio. By default, there will be two options either to from the file or choose one from your page content. The page content will contain all the videos which you have uploaded previously. It is better to choose a video for your IGTV from your desktop computer.

.MP4 Videos for IGTV video

Always choose or aim to schedule IGTV video with .MP4 format. Add details like video Title, Description, keywords, Custom video, cover image, etc.
Title field contains 18 characters while appearing in video thumb nails, be short and be brief.

Always give an accurate, descriptive and engaging description to your IGTV video before scheduling. This will be the key to success in attracting your audience.

Cover image selection

Cover image is important as it will be first interaction with your targeted audience in your IGTV post. If you have chosen to share a one-minute preview of your IGTV video then it will appear in your profile as well as your feed. Choose a cover image which is attractive and make your audience to click and see your IGTV video post.

For the purpose, you have two options for the cover image. Either upload a custom cover image or use a frame of the IGTV by tapping a frame int eh show reel.

Publishing setting

This is about to show a one-minute preview of your video post to your regular Instagram feed. Select “Share Preview to Feed” button if intent to show a one-minute preview in your feed.

Your video must be longer than one-minute to get the utility.
If you want to let your IGTV video to appear on your Facebook page then simply select “Your Page” to let it appear on your Facebook page simultaneously.

Schedule your IGTV video

This is the final step in the process to schedule IGTV video. You have the option either to Publish Now or schedule it for some other time. As you are most likely to schedule IGTV video for some other time, schedule it for the appropriate time.

Once you have scheduled your IGTV video, it will automatically be published at the scheduled time.

Check list to follow before scheduling IGTV Video

Keep your title short

As you have the limit of 18 characters for your IGTV video so follow to make sure it is within the character limit.

Cover image selection

Make sure that you are smart enough to select the cover image. Always have proper image selection for the cover image rather than to decide at eleventh hour.

Post at right time

Always check the analytics from Instagram to choose the best time slot for each week day. This data will help you to schedule IGTV video at the right time for each week day.

Include an external link in your description

As link in bio is no more so this is a great opportunity to leave a link in the description of your IGTV video. As most of us like to drive traffic to a webpage so it is the best opportunity to earn a link from the description section of the IGTV video.

Double check your work

Follow the rule of “Haste makes waste”. It is always best to create all your work before time as it will help you lesson your work load and stay you on the right path. As we are intended to perform all our jobs before time, it is better to double check all your IGTV video post before publishing.

To eliminate the error it is advised to schedule IGTV video posts in a separate time slot as you will be doing all your job with fresh mind.

We tried to help you create and schedule IGTV video posts for your brand. Stay positive and keep schedule IGTV video with full potential. Happy schedule IGTV posts.

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