User-friendly presentation apps for the beginning entrepreneur

presentation apps for the beginning

Presentation apps for the beginning

Entrepreneurs play an important role in the society. They help drive economies. They create jobs. They think of amazingly successful business enterprises that no one has thought of before. They are geniuses and highly creative in their own field of endeavors.

Unfortunately, not all entrepreneurs are capable of making effective presentation materials. They have all the ideas but they could not translate these ideas into a presentation. Many of these entrepreneurs are new in the business and could not yet afford to hire people who will make presentation materials for them. This is why they need the top presentation apps that are easily accessible online.

Challenges faced by the not-so-creative startup entrepreneurs

As they start putting together a presentation material, not-so-artistically inclined entrepreneurs face these challenges:

  • Could not organize their ideas
  • Could not break them down into bite-size pieces and summarize them into a professionally-made presentation material that will send the right  message across
  • Difficulty in prioritizing their thoughts so that only the most important ideas are reflected in the slides
  • Difficulty in editing templates to come up with catchy slides, and as a result, their presentations tend to be boring and do not hold the attention of target audience
  • Absence of technical knowledge in creating and editing graphics

Based on these challenges, startup entrepreneurs will need the help of presentation makers that contain the following features:

  • Easy to use
  • Templates that were created by professional designers
  • Templates that guide users on how much text should ideally be placed in a slide
  • Offer a wide range of attractive templates
  • Wide library of icons, graphics and infographics

There are a number of online presentation apps to choose from, that will meet the requirement of a non-techie entrepreneur.  Here’s a rundown of these apps:

  1. Powerpoint Online (Microsoft Powerpoint Online)

Powerpoint Online App: presentation apps for the beginning

Before most presentation apps became available for everyone, there was Powerpoint.  Many of us learned to do presentations using Powerpoint.  Because it has been there for ages, we kind of expect that it has evolved into something more exciting by now, without losing its user-friendly approach. However, to date, Powerpoint templates are still limited and designs are quite conventional.

  1. Visme (

Visme App

If there is one presentation maker that combines the features of all the other apps, it has to be Visme. Many presentation apps are good in only one or two areas – like they are ideal for animations, graphics or the usual combination of photo and text presentations. However, Visme lets users combine all of these with ease and the result is an engaging professional-looking presentation material.  It also has a huge library of templates, vectors, icons and images.

Visme is capable of file sharing and collaboration, great with infographics and capable of tracking email addresses of persons who viewed the presentation material online.

  1. Haiku Deck (

Haiku Deck App: presentation apps for the beginning

Haiku Deck is capable of creating elegant-looking presentation materials.  It is easy to use like Powerpoint, only with greater stock of templates (around 35) and 35 million stock photos. However, the templates cannot be easily changed (thus not flexible) and the app cannot be used offline.

  1. Powtoon (

Powtoon App

Presentations do not have to be formal.  Sometimes, they need to have an informal theme to capture the attention of target clients. Powtoon may be used if the material calls for animation. Due to its nature, Powtoon is not recommended for meetings with spontaneous discussions where the audience can ask questions or raise concerns anytime during the presentation.

  1. Keynote (

Keynote App: presentation apps for the beginning

Keynote is the Powerpoint version of Apple. Easy to use, has around 30 themes that presenters can choose from. It also has its own library of photos. The downside is that this app can only be used for MAC (iOS systems).


  1. SnagIt (com)

SnagIt App

Some presentations demand screenshots. If this is the case, SnagIt is one of the apps for the job. It offers upgraded features that allow users to organize, edit and modify screenshots. But SnagIt works for Windows only.

  1. Projeqt (

Projeqt App

This app provides users the ease of integrating multimedia materials from different sources (RSS feeds, You Tube, Flickr, computer) into a material with a “professional finish”, without too much effort on the part of the user.  Not too many lay-out options are available in Projeqt, though.

Presentation materials are great ways to spice up the marketing pitch of newbie entrepreneurs. A simple reminder though. These are just tools to help startup entrepreneurs.  In the end, the entrepreneurs’ ability to market their products and services still counts the most. But this would not be possible without the help of the best presentation apps, of course.

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