Top 6 Link Building Trends in 2022

Top 6 Link Building Trends in 2022

When it comes to your website or online business, it’s highly important that you’ve considered some of the top link building trends for 2022 – and, with this in mind, we’ve outlined some of the key things you should know about link building trend, and how these might influence your business decisions overall.

The Top Link Building Trends in 2022 You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered about the top link building trends in 2022 that you need to know about? As explained by DigitalizeTrends, 65% of digital marketers consider link building the most difficult part of their job – and it’s perhaps not surprising, as there’s undeniably a lot to think about with effective link building campaigns.

Of course, there are numerous significant trends taking hold in this day and age, and with this in mind, it’s well worth considering some of the most common link building trends. So, let’s take a look to some of our top picks to help you decide on the most effective link building trends in 2022 and the different strategies you can use for your website or online business overall.

#1 Relevancy is the Key to Build Backlinks

When it comes to link building trends for 2022, one of the most valuable and effective trends we will likely see is that relevancy becomes a more significant factor. Indeed, the importance of relevant backlinks has become more prominent than ever, and as a result of this, it’s critical to consider how you could build relevant and valuable backlinks for your website. These should always be linked to keywords (ideally) that will boost your website’s own SEO performance. If you feel overwhelmed or unqualified, luckily, there are specialist link building teams out there that can help with this goal.

#2 Traffic is Crucial

Before creating backlinks for your website, it’s crucial that you’ve got high volumes of traffic in place for the chosen site. Indeed, publishing content on low-authority sites with minimal traffic will inevitably result in far poorer results from your link building efforts. Businesses looking to promote their online standing will undeniably need an effective strategy in place.

#3 Top-Quality Content is Crucial

In the past, it was common for websites looking to develop backlinks to publish poor-quality content just to get the backlink active. However, in this day and age, it’s become more crucial than ever for businesses to invest heavily in creating not just large volumes of back link building content, but content of a high quality. This is a pivotal component of getting the content to rank on the search engines – which, in turn, can drive greater conversions and value to your own site as part of the link building campaign.

#4 Guest Blogging is on the Rise

This is a link building trend that we’re likely to see in 2022 that’s likely to go both ways: guest blogging is going to increase, as is the number of blog sites and websites that accept guests publishing posts and content.

However, the most crucial thing to consider here is the importance of avoiding backlink farming networks and the like; indeed, blogs that have been created exclusively with the goal of offering backlinks to websites are likely to have a very poor reputation with the search engines – and partnering with such sites can actually harm your website’s SEO efforts, rather than boosting it.

We highly recommend that all businesses carefully consider where their content is being linked from; this can play a pivotal role in the overall success of your link building campaign in the long run.

Fortunately, there are many great blogs and high-authority websites which can offer a valuable opportunity in this regard; as such, if you have been looking for a destination to publish effective, high-quality content, make sure you do a little research to choose a great destination from the get-go. This can help ensure your link building campaign goes smoothly as much as possible, offering a potentially valuable opportunity overall.

#5 Long-Form Listicles Offer New Potential

This trend is something that’s being seen across the board with online content, not just for link building campaigns. Nevertheless, it’s irrefutable that listicles are becoming rapidly more popular among online content marketing – and, as such, they offer excellent opportunities for websites to engage in link building campaigns overall. They’re incredibly easy to read and offer a huge amount of potential, in many cases; as such, they might be just the solution that’s needed. What’s more, their easy-to-read nature makes them the ideal candidates for long-form articles, which, as explained by Learn Inbound, is one of the most effective strategies for creating effective SEO content overall.

#6 SEO Tools will Help

When it comes to effective SEO and link building trends and strategies, one factor that we’re confident will play a significant role is SEO tools. Indeed, more and more people have been turning to SEO tools to help ensure their link building campaigns are successful and effective, and it’s irrefutable that these could offer a great deal of potential overall.

SEO tools such as Moz could be the ideal solution for many people’s campaigns, offering valuable metrics, data, and suggestions to help ensure a suitable solution overall. As such, if you’ve been looking for ways to optimize your existing link building efforts, we highly recommend giving some of the different SEO and keyword research tools on the market a try; it might just make a huge difference overall.


If you’ve been looking for the best link building trends to consider for 2022, then it’s crucial that you consider the different strategies and solutions available to you. Indeed, link building is a vital component of effective SEO campaigns, and with this in mind, it’s critical that you’ve considered the most valuable SEO solutions to implement.

Now that you know all the collest trends in link building this new year, why not get started with link building today? Reach out to our team at Outreach Bee to discuss a suitable backlink building plan for you!

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