The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing

Guide to Digital Marketing

The technological age has created an impact on various aspects and product marketing is not an exception. A glance at five years in the past would show paper brochures, physical banners and billboards being used to promote products. These modes have been replaced by digital marketing techniques. People rate a product after going through its website and checking what other people have to say. When you talk about viewing the website, a lot depends on the SEO rank it occupies. No one would go through a link that is present on the 10th page of results. This is because such domains are not among the best in their respective category.  A fact is that people rarely go beyond the first page of results. They view the top rated websites while making online purchases. So, to better rank your site, there is a Guide to Digital Marketing you should follow.

Free SEO tools that help with better marketing outputs

There is a simple relationship between marketing and the revenue that a brand generates. If people know about your product and it is impressive, the sales volumes would rise to incredible heights. The opposite effect is that if the marketing is not up to the mark, a lot of people will not buy the product due to lack of awareness.

In this guide to Digital Marketing, we will list some helpful tools that help in improving the rating of a website. With strong SEO positions, it becomes a lot easier to attract people and improve sales results.

1.     Prepostseo Backlink Maker

The eventual goal for any product website is generating sales. The purpose of running an online presence fails if people do not access it. Considering the increase in digital trends, people show more interest in buying things online. It is much simpler to pick things online and make payments through an added credit card. However, all websites or social media pages do not have a storm of customers coming their way. A lot depends on the ratings and online positions.

  • The purpose of this tool is connecting new websites with the ones that occupy strong positions. A lot of techniques are used to accomplish this goal including submission of guest posts. However, proper guidelines have to be followed so that the post does not get rejected. For instance, if the content is not related to the niche, it would not be published.
  • A backlink maker provides you with a list of credible websites that can improve your SEO position. By connecting with already established links, people would trust your website in a quick manner. It is quite hard to get regular customers if you are new in the market. A considerable time span is required to construct a good trust level. Even after that, a long span is required to get a good SEO positon. This tool makes the journey a lot easier for new domains.
  • It is hard for owners to opt for paid tools when they launch a new website. However, backlink makers are free so cost is not a factor they have to worry about. Other than that, it is a simple to use tool so users can get the finest backlinks without getting any guidance. This tool actually helps in the best digital marketing results without a lot of exhaustion or time consumption.

2.     Paraphrasing Tool

One of the most important factors for any reader is original content. People prefer websites that work on the information made available for readers. Some of them simply copy information from competitor links so that they do not have to work hard on creating it from scratch. This is a big blunder that brings the SEO rank of a website down instead of causing improvement.

  • Writers working on developing content for websites or brand Facebook pages have to work out of their skin. Considering the level of competition that exists between brands these days, a lot of work has to be done on collecting facts and carrying out research work. This leaves less time to rewrite the content. Without original information, getting a high SEO positon is impossible. Using a paraphrasing tool converts this difficult goal into a piece of cake.
  • With this tool, you can reword the compiled content in a small duration. A quality paraphraser does not take more than a minute to complete the rewriting process. This is a much better alternative than spending several hours on reading the content and then rewriting it. Working as a social media writer or blogger does not provide you with so much time.
  • These tools are accessed online so going through complex setup steps is not needed. You only have to click the link of the tool and the interface would load. In terms of usage, these applications are very easy to use. If the content is saved in supported format (PDF, DOC or TXT), browse for the file and execute the uploading process. In other cases, you have to select and paste it in the provided text box.

3.     Image to Text Converter

This tool is our last one of our guide to Digital Marketing. At times, when writers are gathering sources to create content, they find top quality information in the image format (JPEG, GIF and PNG). Text cannot be selected directly from these files but an image to text converter can be used for the top.

  • These tools use the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to convert image files to readable text. In comparison to writing all this text from the start, using one of these tools is much easier. The time required for conversion is quite short. In addition to that, the overall process of using the tool is not complex.
  • To perform this conversion, you have to browse the image file and select it. Once the “convert” button is clicked, the written text will be extracted. After that, it can easily be selected and copied.
  • These tools definitely offer few quality benefits. One is that writers are able to save immense time as no part of the content needs to be copied. Even if there is time availability, errors can be made in case of manual copying. With this tool, you can extract text from any image file without errors being made.

We hope this guide to Digital Marketing will help you improving your site SEO. If you have tools you would like to share with us, please use the comments box below.


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