How Healthcare marketers can make good use of Social media?

healthcare marketers and social media

In the past, social media was considered to be a waste of time. Marketers never thought about using it more of their jobs. However, with time passing, many marketers used it for the publicity of their products as well as engaging with their customers. However, healthcare marketers were reluctant in making appearances online. They think that in the online world, they can’t keep the privacy of their patients. Thus, HIPAA will charge them on privacy breach as well as their patients will lose trust in them.

However, there are many ways in which healthcare marketers can use social media to get the most benefitsBefore discussing those ways in detail, let us explore the pros and cons of going online:


  • Increase your network
  • Attract more patients
  • Increase awareness in a better way
  • Connecting with patients made easy
  • Information spreading is quick
  • Saves cost


  • More care required to maintain the patient’s privacy
  • Difficult to balance between being professional and engagement
  • Avoid the negative response

When we see these pros and cons, we find that the pros are much prominent that the cons. If healthcare marketers control the cons, then they will make the best use of social media.

Now let us discuss how marketers can make the best of social media for the healthcare sector.

You need to comply with HIPAA

Just because you are online doesn’t mean that you are free to do whatever you want. You need to still keep the patient’s privacy. While it is easy to identify individuals on social media platforms, you need to do efforts in keeping patient’s identification private.

Give a voice to your organization

There is a big problem for healthcare companies. Social media is all about fun and being informal. However, your job requires a certain level of seriousness. You need to maintain the standard of professionalism. Take a specific tone and follow it in all of your online presence. A little humor is not bad, but you should not sound funny all the time. Humanize the interaction with your patients. Showing the people behind the organization is a great way to show them that you care.

Educate your audience

This is one of the most important points. When you educate your audience, it develops trust between you and them. They think that you care better about them. Educating the audience is one of the best techniques companies use in social media. When the person is educated, he will better spot the fraudsters and will come to you every time.

Counter the misinformation

There is a lot of information online that is fake. Fake info spreads more than the real one. The reason is that it is spicy and interesting. However, when a healthcare company is present online, it can counteract the fake info in a better way. Your audience trusts you and you have a better verdict on health issues. When you counteract any wrong info, you will receive a lot of shares that will market you for free. Don’t miss these opportunities as they will help you grow.

Share the latest health information

People love to remain aware of the latest trends in the health industry. They are keen to know about the recent invention in the medical field. Very few people read medical digests. A lot of people think that social media is a nice way of getting all this information. When a healthcare company shares the latest info, it will grab the user’s attention in a better way.

Advertise when needed

It is a fact that sponsored posts receive more engagement and reach than the organic ones. The social media platforms are made in such a way to provide max revenue to their owners. When there is some religious event or some pandemic, or you are offering discounts, it is a great time to advertise. When you advertise, your message will reach more people.

However, you should be careful when sponsoring your posts. When you sponsor critical info, people lose trust in your company. Therefore, try to spread awareness and offers to get more reach online.

Engage in all possible ways

Many pages on social media just bombard posts. You will see them making posts every hour but when you inbox them, you don’t get a reply for days. Don’t be like them. Posting is a good way to remain in contact with your audience. However, you need to use all possible channels. Replying to comments, inbox messages is good. Posting comments on people who reviewed your business is also good. Try to be present in all channels and engage with your audience.

Share the unique information

It is a fact that people come to you as long as they get something unique from you. Share data, information, facts, unique news and your audience won’t get it from anywhere else. This will keep your audience retained and help your business remain stable.

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