5 social media marketing mistakes to avoid in 2018 for your business

social media marketing mistakes

There is no single marketer who is not aware of the power of social media marketing. Looking at the statistics of common social media platform’s audience; Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn, one can say these are 5 continents of the internet world. Social media marketing mistakes can lead your whole marketing campaign to the diverse side. On contrary, the benefits businesses earned from social media marketing are not even exemplary but an open source for the newcomer in social media marketing.

From the 7.16 Billion world’s population; Facebook has 2.19 Billion monthly active users, Instagram has 800 million monthly active users, Google + has 395 million monthly active users, Twitter has 330 million monthly active users, Pinterest has 200 million monthly active users and LinkedIn has 3 million monthly active users. The sum of all the audience of these 5 social channel continents is 3.198 billion which is 44% of the world’s population. Don’t you like to present your product or service to almost half of the world’s population? If you think that your business is suitable to every active user of the 5 social media continent, can you afford social media marketing mistakes for your business?

Think for a second, you developed an app which can do a common task that every human being is looking to get solved at a minimum cost to the user? If you are successful to reach to the 3.198 billion users of the world using only these 5 social media channels at a profit of 0.5$, what can be your profit? Yes, this is possible but only if you avoid the social media marketing mistakes to get your business found by your expected prospects. Let’s have a look at how you can avoid 5 social media mistakes for these 5 social media channels to win a better reach toward an unbelievable reach.

5 Facebook social media marketing mistakes

Don’t use a profile to market your business

It’s very common to note that if you are planning to promote your business always use a business page to properly focus only promoting your business on Facebook. If you are using a business page on Facebook you can have access on the analytics to better understand what is working and what is not working. With a business page you can ask your friends or promote to get a page like to better promote your business page on Facebook. This is also a violation of Facebook’s Terms of service to use a profile to promote a business and Facebook have rights to delete the profile.

Don’t post with shortened URL

BuddyMedia, a Salesforce company, concluded during a study that companies who are using shortened URL are getting less clicks to the share URL. There are many folks around who are offering shortened URL service like bitly, TweetDeck and HootSuite. It is notable that using shortened URLs have a negative impact on your marketing.

Don’t post on bad times

Timing is very important in social media marketing. There are several hours and days when your audience is active on their favourite social media channel. Always check the timing in analytics and then publish your content during those hours.

Don’t be pushy instead, be attractive

Don’t always sell on Facebook to your audience. Having a business page doesn’t mean that you are always posting about your product or service. Understand the interests of your audience from the analytics and then publish some content which is trending day to day. This will also help you to win the interest of your audience in your brand.

Don’t ignore comments

Whenever you find a comment on your business page, always get back to them with some useful and informative reply. People like to listen from their favorite brands. This will also help you get your viral by your audience. Comments are also a source of light interaction with your audience and to get to know the interests of your audience.

5 Instagram social media marketing mistakes to avoid

Private account to promote your business

Instagram is a unique social media channel, due to the fact that it’s a pure mobile app. Due to the nature of the app, most of the people or businesses are unaware of many utilities of the platform. Yes, you can build a business profile on Instagram to better promote your business to the 800 million monthly active users. Instagram provides analytics to all the business accounts which is unique in its nature. With the help of the available analytics, you can better analyze your marketing efforts and set and tweak new goals.

Random and low-quality photos and videos

When it is about Instagram, don’t go with the random images and videos. You should always appear with some distinctive content which is intelligent and informative to your audience.
Quality of images and videos is another factor that counts a lot on Instagram. People are very choosy at the social channel and if you want to win a high number of engagement you should go with the quality photos and videos.

Hashtags | using incorrectly or not using at all

While posting your personal posts on Instagram without hashtags can be acceptable. But is a big social media marketing mistake if it is not followed for your business account. Hashtags help you reach to your desired audience in the Instagram search. Always use Hashtags aggressively in your business promotion on Instagram.

Inconsistent and/or bad timings

Likewise, on Facebook, timing is another great factor not to avoid to take care while publishing on the Instagram. For business account holders on Instagram, always learn from the available analytics on Instagram about the best timings when your audience is active on the social media channel. Always come up with better content to win engagement on the Instagram. Once you are following your audience at the time when they are active, be consistent to lead to better engagement. Because, your audience is waiting for the next publishing.

Not following followers

It is kind of a rude act if you are not following your followers on the Instagram. This is an act of responsibility that you are following your business followers in response. Doing so you further learn about the interests of your audience which will lead you to the better present your business to them.

5 Google+ social media marketing mistakes to avoid

Incomplete Google+ profile (profile DP, cover image, etc.)

Most of the people think that it is kind of necessity to follow Google Plus due to getting better existence on Google. It is kind of truth but the fact of the matter is, Google Plus is a third among rest of the 5 social media channels with around 395 million monthly active users. It is always better to present yourself with a better and complete Google Plus profile. You must choose more engaging display picture as well as cover image. You should complete your about us section with simple and informative approach.

Avoid Keyword stuffing

If you are getting your existence on the social channel to let Google happy, better not to get registered on Google Plus. It is observed that if the intent is only to get Google happy, marketers stuff keywords every possible place to impress the search engine giant.

Treat Google plus as a normal social media channel and only place keywords naturally and where needed.

Not using Circles

Circles at Google plus are like groups on Facebook and Pinterest. But the working of these circles is different from Facebook groups. If you publish some content on Google Plus and want to let it appear to the members of your favorite circle, simply share it. Otherwise, on Facebook, you have to go to the group and then publish you content with the permission of the group owner.

This functionality of Google Plus give a + to Google over Facebook. This help everyone to get more reach for every publication on Google plus.

Posting only about your product

As Google Plus is a pure social media channel, it is not wise only to post about your product all the time. While you are following many like minded people you should keep and eye of the interests of your followers and followings. Always come up with new and informative ideas according to the audience of Google plus for better engagement and better reach.

Ignoring negative comments

Comments are the opportunity to interact with your audience. Never ignore any comment on your posts and when it is about negative, it must always be attended on priority. Negative comments may be due to any misunderstanding or poor product quality. If you are attending your followers or prospects even with negative views you can rock in near future. Always be with your audience at your business page to have better engagement.

5 twitter social media marketing mistakes to avoid

1 Don’t oversell your brand on Twitter

The Twitter audience is always keen to the knowledge or information you are sharing. It is highly recommended not to oversell your brand on Twitter. Like other social channels, always have better presentation and complete profile to let people quickly know about your business. Help people learn from your content instead of always be pushy taking your business.

2 Don’t ignore feedback especially negative on twitter

Comments are important here at twitter more than any other social media channel. People love to express themselves, respect their approach and reply, where necessary.

3 Don’t ignore hashtags on Twitter

The power of hashtag on twitter is equally effective on the social media channel. Whenever you start your hashtag with ‘#’ sign you will start seeing popular hashtag as soon as you start tying. Choose the best hashtags that suits you or your posts better. Try not to publish any of your posts without hashtags.

4 Don’t offend your followers on twitter

Your personality being an individual and importance being an entrepreneur is the reflection of what you are. The published as well as planned content should never be as your follower gets offended. Always mind your language as well as images before publishing.

5 Don’t automate everything on twitter

The beauty of twitter is only when you don’t automate everything on the social media channel. Why? Because trends at twitter are changing so frequently. Most of the time, it is evident that we even can’t follow every trend. Be in your limits and start a team who can lead you to successful business.

5 Pinterest social media marketing mistakes to avoid

Incomplete Pinterest business profile

A profile is not a thing which can stay incomplete even on 200 million active daily users at Pinterest. Whenever someone reaches your page and check your profile. It is quite a practical approach to always have a complete profile on Pinterest.

2 Pinning only your products

Just like other social media channels, don’t only publish your products. The better approach is to have different boards of diverse interest and publish content accordingly.

3 Not linking to the product page

This is the worst mistake while talking about a product and not linking it to a product page back to your website. Well if you are not doing so you are losing a huge potential traffic to your website and products.

4 Image description | Not using at all or not using like Pro

To get your pins to appear in the search results you must use informative and precise description for your images. The further benefit of the image description, you can use your keywords to appear in the search result to grab the eyeball for lead generation.

5 Image quality matters on Pinterest

Image quality does matter on the Pinterest. If you are not publishing images of high quality you are losing your followers. Further, if you are using protected images you are calling trouble for your own.

5 LinkedIn social media marketing mistakes to avoid

1 Not optimization Profile

The traffic on LinkedIn is very selective. Most of the time you will find professional companies as well as individuals at LinkedIn. Due to the nature of the channel always keep your profile completed and optimized for the required keywords.

2 Ignoring groups and connections

Never ignore groups and connections as they are the quick source of better reach to spread your content to masses.

3 Overlooking SEO activities

SEO activities like optimizing your profile, content or published posts are always required to be SEO optimized. A well-optimized content and profile will get a better reach in the masses at LinkedIn.

4 Earn endorsement

You should request your followers and be following to give an endorsement. This will appear at the bottom of your profile and will be reached to the following of the person who is in the circle.

5 Not promoting the product via content

As content is the king, always promote your brand, business, product or service using informative content with your audience. Use images and videos to grab better reach.

We wish you to avoid social media mistakes at all your favourite channels to get you better reach and better business in return.

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