Effects and Influence of Advancing Technology on Students

Advancing Technology

Advancing Technology

As we all know technology has changed everyone’s lifestyle and helped to lead a quality life without much stress and tension. It has influenced every field economical, industrial, financial, and business as well as the educational field. In every field, we can see the touch of technology. In the educational field, it has brought a massive change. It really helped students to lead a peaceful and stress-free academic life. Of course, it has a positive as well as negative effect on students. But it depends upon students how to use it, how much to use and to what extent we must use it. When students use technology in the proper and limited way, they can surely say that technology is a great invention and gift to the educational field.

Adopted new technology by replacing old traditional methods

In Educational field we can see a massive and deep change, it has a far above the ground influence on acquaintance learning process. It completely helped to take the importance and significance of learning and schooling process. In past, students must depend on some textbook materials and they don’t had any kind of other materials and other source of information they have to depend on books. But as time changed according to the technological developments and technological influence teachers as well educational institutions adopted and accepted new trends in teaching and learning process which are very useful and can sustain for longer periods. When new trends of technological methods and devices are used naturally it helped to improve the prose ability and innovative ability of the students in many field of writing. All acknowledgment goes to the practical devices. Old and traditional ways of writings are cast off and new methods and strategies are adopted. The technological world altered and transformed the writing profession and writing methods. Different kinds of hi-tech writing methods are put into work to make our writing skills more effective and understandable.

Use of new technological technique – Blog

Blogs help and give self-belief to the students to manufacture imaginative writings and to get in contact with the wider listeners. Students have the freedom to put pen to paper down certain essays related to particular topic without any stress and free minded then it will verified and corrected by the educator independently and understand the writing ability of the students. By this student can improve his or her writing skill and teachers will be understood students independently. There are number of other blogs and other sites by using which students can write their innovative and creative writings. It is safe and will not create any kind of problems or put students into any kind of troublesome. Students can create their own blogs personally or they can work collectively and can help others companion. When they get freedom to write their opinion and talk freely naturally it will build their confidence and will boost their self-confidence. In this modern technological era, we can see all type of technological devices in schools and universities. This helps students to go hand in hand with modern thoughts and learning’s. When students frequently use blogs and other writing sites naturally it will enhance their learning proficiency.

Replacement of technological devices instead of textbooks

In the past, students just must focus on books which are given in the school. They had no other source of materials or information about a subject. They just must depend on textbooks. But now, students have other different sources of information and this may decrease their stress and tension. Also, this gives them the ability to learn when they want or when they are free. They don’t need to depend on textbooks anymore. The process of learning has changed completely.

Previously, we have mentioned that technology has positive and negative effects on students. We have covered the positive effects. Now, we’re going to speak about some negative effects.

The most negative effect of the technology is dependency. Some students are reasonable when using the technology, however, some of them become slave of it. They completely depend on it.

Some other negative effects we want to mention are, playing games, chatting, watching online videos. We recommend parents to look up their children when they are using the technology to make sure they respect the limits and don’t become addict to it.

For a bright future and successful life, students should get a quality education as well as the confidence to face the challenges of life.

Are you a student? How are you taking advantage of the advancing technology? Please feel free to add your comment in the comment box below.


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