Artificial Intelligence and SEO: The Connection in the Future

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and SEO

Artificial Intelligence and SEO, a winner combination. In the new age of Millennium, technological improvements were tremendous in just a span of 20 or so years. Simple manual work is made easier. With just a touch of the button, work produced is quicker and more efficient.

Today, algorithms play an important role in whatever that is web-based. But since technology performs a significant role in our society, the trend in search engines are also converting at the side of it. Going back to Artificial Intelligence, or AI, its taking part an important role in the industry of search engine optimization. However what’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how will this technology help boost SEO?

The Connection in Future, we looked to define what an AI is and how it will be used in SEO in the future. But now, let’s look at how it can be used now, and how this will better prepare you for the future of Search Engine Optimization.

So, how is AI being used today in Search Engine Optimization?

First, Artificial Intelligence is being used everywhere online. One of the most overlooked but obvious places to look and our first example? Google. Google uses AI programming to help to predict the text you are searching. How did Google know you were looking up “Cute puppies” after only typing in “Cute”? Artificial Intelligence.

This Artificial Intelligence falls into the category of Artificial Narrow Intelligence, which–as stated in the previous article– means this AI is designed to do one specific task and only that task. This AI isn’t meant to learn your sleeping habits or what you like to wear (although it may take that into account depending on how much online shopping you do).

Its sole focus is predicting what you search and what you will be searching. This is why google commonly features searches related to yours in easy positions for you to click on (Teksun, 2018).

But what is the key to the use of AI in search engines like google? How can you benefit from advancing technology and be better prepared as technology improves? Well, that’s simple.

First, pay close attention to the keywords you use. Using online keyword data tools can significantly improve your search engine results as it generates more keywords surrounding your main keyword.

Next, pay attention to analytics tools such as Google SERP to help you identify these key phrases and keywords best for your link. It is also important to look into the predictive analysis to see how predictive text will be generated and what it leads to in searches. This can help you to get the edge of competitors who don’t match predictive text with keywords.

Next, use customer reviews to your own benefit. Display the best ones at the top and have them readily available for shoppers to see. These reviews can help better the odds of your link being prioritized as people search for reviews of products you sell (Sheerit, 2017). Another way to benefit from the AI used in today’s Search engines is to expand your mobile brand.

Google and similar search engines put emphasis on companies with better mobile optimization. Having not just a mobile-friendly but also a mobile-optimized website and company is going to significantly impact how AI see your brand (Teksun, 2018). Finally, consider voice searches. As voice-based technology and AI become better, with AI like Siri and Alexa being used every day by millions, it is becoming increasingly important to look into these searches for your company (Teksun, 2018).

Voice searches tend to be terse and blunt. No one wants to say “Siri, look up ‘how long is it to run a marathon in miles?’” In today’s society, searching using voice commands tends to be short, swift and to the point. This is such as this to replace the previously noted search: “Siri, look up a marathon length”.

This command is shorter and engrosses all the user want to find out. It is due to this that you should consider how your brand might be searched, and find the ideal way to optimize your brand so it might show up on searches by voice commands.

Now, what are some more complex ways to use AI yourself that will better your company as a whole? Well, create and use algorithms and AI to analyze customer data to best predict what your customers want the most. It is often that customer data isn’t used or optimized towards a better experience for customers and this is a waste of data and lost opportunities for companies and consumers.

In addition, use AI bots to your advantage. Chat Boxes can be programmed to engage and chat with potential buyers using AI driven programming (Sheerit, 2017). These chat boxes can help urge customers towards more purchases or help them in their current purchase.

Either way, they are used, they are a great asset to anyone looking to step up their sales using AI technology. Using these AI will benefit your company in the long run as you continue to progress into the future, leaving non-conforming competitors in the past.

Now you know how AI can and should be utilized in today’s society. Regardless of the ways your company is using (or not using) AI now, you would be wise to implement these ways into your Search Engine Optimization and better your company’s chances against competitors.

Artificial Intelligence will continue to evolve and change how we market and how consumers search. As AI continues to develop, so should your company. It may be frightening to change with every new technology that comes out. While this is understandable, it is important to keep moving forward.

As you may have read in the previous article, Artificial Intelligence and SEO are only going to become more and more connected as technology improves. So continue to be smart about the artificial intelligence that you use and continue to take advantage of all of the amazing technology in front of you.

We indeed live in the digital age, and marketing is only going to continue to move towards AI. Continuing to use it in your company and using it with SEO will only benefit you in the long run.

Welcome to the future: starting with you, today


About Author: Usman Raza is a freelance writer, marketing specialist at Crawford and O’Brien and co-founder of Usman Digital Media. When not working, he’s probably spending time with his family. Follow him on Facebook @usmanraza40 and Twitter @usmanintrotech.


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