SEO Basics | When your website is ready for link building?

SEO basic - website ready for link building

I am a big advocate of SEO basics that is why my core focus is always to debate on the subject. As SEO is all about search engine optimization but there is always a misconception behind the subject. Maybe this is because professionals want to sell their product and that’s why they are always found talking about how to do link building. But did you ever think of search engine optimization basics? Is it always the link building that helps your website to be considered by search engines to rank?

SEO basics are something that is mostly ignored by when the professionals are talking about search engine optimization. But when we talk about SEO basics do we know the links we are building for a page on your website worth being visited? Are these always bunch of links which help you rank your website on search engines? There are many types of links which are being built to market your website, but did you fulfil all the on-site SEO parameters? Today we shall dive deep into the SEO basics to see if our website is ready for link building.

A Website

According to Wikipedia, “A website is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server.” When we talk about the website it means it should be a collection of related web pages which are added logically to define the product and/or services of your company. A website should be properly structured to derive the traffic to the relevant sections. The selection of content management system is one of the keys to maintaining your website in future. The choice of web server is equally important to provide proper response time to your audience while visiting your website.

The selection of the domain name and the selection of proper web hosting is the main aspect before considering your website ready for link building. There are many companies which provide an average hosting service and claim to provide ample response time. But going forward, you are facing website downtime which is a big flaw. According to SEO basics, consider the selection of user-friendly domain name, friendly content management system and the best hosting service before going into link building.

SEO basics – Keyword selection

Keywords are the entrance points of your traffic to your webpage or the whole website. Before designing your website it worth to select the keywords for the whole website from homepage to landing pages. As there will be a homepage, products or services pages, contact us page, about us page, etc. on your website. Properly research keywords for each section of your website and then design the content around it. The role of the keyword will be to define the quantity and type of content to create for your web pages.

SEO basics – Landing pages

After the selection of the domain name, CMS (content management system) and website hosting service the management of landing pages is the most important step. The landing page is one where you are landing the traffic from many sources. These traffic sources can be within from your website internal pages, search engines and/or social media channels.

While designing a landing page you must stick to one rule and that is, one page one keyword.

Onsite content of your landing page can include text, images, videos, infographics, etc. to be included on the landing page. While creating the landing page it worth considering the competitors in your niche. This will help you learn what your competitors have included and what you should consider. On the other side if you only consider the SEO basics you can better add more useful content than what your competitors have already added. A well-defined landing page will always be a complete set of information required for a particular subject.


As a picture is better than 1000 words same is the rule to consider media in SEO basics. Add as many media in your website from homepage to landing pages to your blog. People do consider searching for related images for a particular product or service to consider a website before buying. If you add media files like images, videos, voice files, infographics with proper Tags as said by SEO basics, search engines will show your images to the queries.

On-site media files can also be an asset to consider to further share on other places like social media channels and other websites which promote images to their audience. Properly Tag images on the website is a signal that your website is ready for link building even in 2019.

SEO basics – Internal Linking

Internal linking is all about logically linking the web pages of your website to each other. It means you have added useful information for your audience from where they can move to the other page(s) of your website. It is very uncommon to internal link your web pages since the hype of external link building.

If your website is not properly interlinked to create a proper structure it means you are losing a ton of potential traffic which can be converted. For internal linking, the silo structure can be followed to let visitors easily navigate your website. On later stages, you can redefine the internal structure for further betterment.

It has been observed by professionals that the on-site optimization of your website according to the SEO basic weigh about 70%  in the whole search engine optimization process. But since we are listening more to the SEO Gurus we are getting deaf and blind in focusing on-site optimization process. Once you have maintained your website according to the SEO basics then you can consider your website for link building even in 2019.

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