Tips to recover Facebook traffic for your business

recover Facebook traffic

Social media channels like Facebook are important for every single business. The fact behind putting more effort on the social media channel giant is 1.32 billion daily active users around the globe. Recently, Facebook has updated its algorithm and here comes the question how to recover Facebook traffic for your business website?

Algorithms updates are introduced to improve the customer experience. The reason behind is to help businesses to come up with more diversity to get more business. On contrary, most of us feel that it may hurt the running business which is not true at all. It is the false doing from some of the non-professional marketers to adopt the shortcuts to success. Let’s learn how to improve our Facebook marketing strategy to improve as well as recover Facebook traffic after the recent update.

Share link in the first comment, instead

It is a common practice to update your Facebook status or share new article or content with your audience. The tip is always to invite your audience to your first comment. Like; “Hey, check out the first comment down as I have something new for you”. First, write a thorough status update and let people know that if they are going to get check the first comment, they will reach the new content which can help them improve. Now, here Facebook cannot penalize your Facebook account as you are not sharing a link in your status. Doing so, your audience will get to your first comment and will click if they are really in need to learn the new ways of doing something. So this tip will help you increase or recover Facebook traffic to your business website after the Facebook update.

Social Media audience engagement

Maybe you are worrying that if you don’t have an article on your blog you are unable to engage your prospective audience. This is not true at all. It is highly recommended to plan and execute to engage your prospective audience on social media even without blog posts.

Follow the influencers from the social media channels like Facebook, where they keep sharing something which worth reading and help to improve. There might be a share of 1 or 2 or 3 articles per week with the people who liked your page. Why ignore the rest of the weekdays. Collect informative and motivative content and keep it on sharing other than the days you don’t have an article to share. If the content selected carefully your business will get the number of likes, share and comment which will help to look at the success. The number of likes, share and comment will help your blog posts get more interest and attraction. This tip will really help you increase or recover Facebook traffic for your business.

Spend on Boost to recover Facebook traffic

Boosting a post on Facebook not only help you reach more prospective customers but also require more cash. As you are spending on the boost feature on Facebook, you should be aware of the maximum budget you have allocated.
The smart way to earn traffic from the boost feature of Facebook, attract people who are so desperate to find the solution. By boosting your post to everyone, will not only cost you more than the expected ROI. As you have boosted your post on the Facebook page, you will see an impressive increase or recover Facebook traffic.

As long as you are sharing more and free information you will keep increase traffic. But if you start boosting your article to everyone around, most of your money may not return to you with zero ROI.

Facebook messenger to recover Facebook traffic

No matter if anyone sees you or you see them on Facebook, the Facebook messenger is an ultimate and quick way to reach to the prospective customers. But how do you reach the Facebook messenger of your client? MobileMonkey has the answer to your question. This software will help you find your audience / Fans from the Facebook, so you can leave a text message, new offers and many more attractions. I myself do check all the messages from Facebook messenger to check the latest updates.

We have share 3 basic and easy to adopt tips to recover Facebook traffic for your business. We will love to learn how have you been recovering Facebook traffic in past?

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