Re-purpose your great content to generate more content ideas

Content Ideas

Content creation is always a big deal no matter you are a B2B or B2C company. When we talk about generating content it doesn’t mean to create a blog. The content itself is a broad term when talked in digital marketing. It is not always necessary to work to generate more content ideas, but you can repurpose your great content into useful content ideas. Today we shall see how we can repurpose our great content to generate more content ideas for maximum marketing success.

Content ideas – utilize list posts to create a list of posts

Check all your blog posts and list down all the posts which are list posts. You would have covered several options to perform some task in your digital marketing. If you look at all list posts you can easily turn all the options discussed into stand-alone content ideas.

Just list all the options included in the list posts and then schedule them to write detail blogs on each option. If I am wrong you can easily create a series of blog post for the next 6 months, depending on your blog frequency.

An ultimate guide to create content ideas

Again check all your blog posts and you will find a few posts which are kind of series of content on some particular topic. Adopting this methodology of content creation you tried to cover all the aspect of a particular subject. Once you have listed all such blog posts, schedule to create an ultimate guide.

When you will be writing a guide from the bunch of relative posts never forget to link each topic within the guide. This way you will help increase the visibility of your website in search engine.

Create white papers. eBooks or a freebie

Instead of writing guides from the bunch of content already present, it is advised that you can create white papers, eBooks or freebie from the content. Again, go back to the list of all the blogs which are covering one topic. Then choose the blog posts which you like to convert to eBooks. White Papers and freebies. Doing so you easily generate a great content idea.

Read your blog post aloud to turn it into a Podcast

You would be trying to start creating Podcast content in your blog. the time has come to start creating a Podcast in your blog. You don’t need to write fresh content for your Podcast but you just pick some of the best blogs and then start reading them to record your first Podcast. You can follow the practice for all the blog posts which went very well from Google Analytics.

Content ideas – infographics out of your posts

You would have been trying to create your first Infographic for your company website. Did you ever consider to put some of the best blog posts and then turn them into more versatile and useful Infographic?

Initially, it may look odd but once you use Canva to use available recordset into a useful infographic, you will start enjoying creating Infographic to boost your marketing score.

Create a Webinar

Attracting the audience for a webinar content is such a challenge since the first day you started creating blog content. It is not that difficult to start a Webinar by selecting a few of your blog posts topics and then create your first Webinar.

It is not necessary to go professionally doing your webinar, initially. Once you have hands-on doing the process you can go professionally afterwards.

We have discussed a few of the content idea generation from the in-hand blog posts. The main purpose is to create or repurpose your in-hand content to generate more content ideas. Hope if you consider as discussed you can generate more blog traffic which his again not true.

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