5 Reasons you should start focusing on personal branding for YouTube

5 reasons of Personal Branding for YouTube

Whenever it is a question to find an interactive solution through a video, the first thing that comes to mind is YouTube. There are many other video channels like Vimeo, Daily Motions, metacafe, etc but the most popular video channel is YouTube as it Boasts to 2 Billion Monthly Active Users. Not only this but YouTube is 250 Million Hours Watched on TV Screens Every Day. Today we are not going to talk about interesting commercials or available video shows on YouTube. Today we will talk about YouTube as a personal Branding Tool. When we talk about personal branding it includes both, the brand and you yourself in person. YouTube as personal branding can boost your blog, your ecommerce website, your social media campaigns, etc. personal branding for YouTube is something which PROs are strictly focusing to improve their visibility on the World Wide Web.

The Facts

In today’s social media backed internet everyone is required to have some personal branding to remain highlighted. For the purpose, everyone and especially the professionals need to manage their online identity, proactively. This is to;

  • Get found easily
  • And to be a better brand representative.

To get found online every professional need to have their presence on LinkedIn followed by Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The big issue is that we as an individual don’t focus to promote ourselves as a brand on social media site like Facebook and Twitter. But they should focus on promotion of themselves to let people know you as a brand or brand representative.

It is very likely to listen that professionals start blogging about the subject they are good. Blogging is good to let people know about your thoughts over multiple topics. It is also good to let people learn from your expertise on some topic you are good. Today people want to watch instead of reading about your expertise. Personal branding for YouTube can help you boost yourself as a brand for the subjects you have good grip. Today we shall discuss the 5 reasons of personal branding for YouTube and why you should start focusing if you haven’t done yet. Persoanl branding for YouTube will need to have video editing skills to get your work done profesionally.  Let’s have a look why it is important for start focusing on personal branding for YouTube from today.

Video content is more powerful

Everyone has many experience in his/her life which they like to share with the world to let people learn. Creating some video content means you are showing off about what you have experience in a better and interactive way. This is something which you cannot achieve through your writing skills. This does matter if you are shy of facing people can push you back. Don’t think of this what people say, instead, focus on the value you are going to share your video content. Once you are committed to share all the best experience to help people learn from them you shouldn’t be worried at all that people will be looking at your looks. Everyone want to get their problems solve. So video content will be more affective in your personal branding for YouTube than that of blogging.

Get Found like a real PRO

Video content is the future so does YouTube is the next generation search engine. May be you don’t believe but it’s a fact that any professional who is not found on YouTube will not be considered as a professional.

Video content creation is as easy as ABC

Other than that of having a recording device like your smartphone you literally don’t need any thing else. Maybe you are thinking as you need to write some script or background drop or video editing software, etc? If I tell you, you don’t need anything other than that of a video recording device like your smartphone is enough. Speak from your heart, tell the truth with true expressions even at the cliff of a mountain. Once recorded, upload to your YouTube channel and all Done! This is how you should create your first video. I am confident that you will second my thought that creating video content is as easy as ABC. To fill you channel, Favorite another video that aligns with you brand to show it up in your channel.

Unturned benefit of personal branding for YouTube

The unturned benefit of personal branding for YouTube is to open unlimited business opportunity around the globe. Like, being in digital marketing field I am following many influencers like Neil Pateil, Brian, etc. They have edge over their competitors because they have strong followings on YouTube channels. They are being watched around the globe for the learning purpose of digital marketing. The video intent being published by them is their significance. People love to watch themand businesses are so confident that these are the people who can help their business to go to next level. Thinking out of the box you can also get the same response from the market you are working. They only key to get a renounced influencer in your niche is to publish customer centric content with consistency. And then the opportunities are unlimited.

Focus on customer centric video content

Content is the King and always in digital marketing no matter what niche you are in. Going further specific, if you are creating customer centric content while addressing the problems of your audience then you will be in win win situation. The hidden benefit of creating customer centric content is that you will be known as an authority in you niche.  As you are focusing on the problems of your customers in response you will be taken care.

I hope to see you people in many more topics where we will be discussing on the topic in near future. How many of you have started personal branding for YouTube and how many of you are planning? Please do share your thoughts and elaborate your points to help you further.

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