Manual Link Building

Know What Entails an Excellent Manual Link Building Service and Smartly Use it to Build a Kick-Ass Backlink Profile

A compelling backlink profile is part and parcel of any successful business that relies on search engines like Google to promote or monetize its content. Nowadays, most websites acquire lots of quality links from manual link building services to enjoy the privilege of top rankings, which translates to floods of organic search traffic indefinitely.

You probably have an idea of how to build an effective backlink profile and are just waiting for the right time to execute it. However, you need to understand that there are different techniques for acquiring inbound links today, and what you might have in mind could be beneficial or, if unlucky, detrimental to your SEO.

You see, manual link building efforts can be categorized into two; white hat and black hat link building strategies. While white hat tactics are known to boost your website rankings on Google and other search engines, black hat link building techniques can hurt your SEO, including being downgraded or completely delisted by Google.

When it comes to building an effective backlink profile, Outreach Bee sticks to the tried-and-true method of natural, manual link building. Yes, it requires more time on our part, and as a result, you may end up with fewer backlinks than you would if we automated the process.

But when you put Outreach Bee in command of your backlink profile, you are guaranteed two things

Quality backlinks from high-DA sites that will help increase your domain authority and visibility in SERPs to bring you a tremendous amount of organic traffic.

Stay out of trouble with Google and other search engines.

What is Manual Link Building?

Manual link building from Outreach Bee

Manual link building involves getting other bloggers to link their content back to your website. This SEO technique can increase your website’s search engine rankings if done naturally. From Google’s viewpoint, it is a vote of confidence from other sites that your page is a credible source of information. It is also one of the factors Google algorithms use to figure out how relevant your page is to determine your ranking.

In that case, your manual link building campaign must follow Google’s Webmaster guidelines to maximize your visibility in search engine results. This includes; making your links crawlable and naturally acquiring quality links from authority and trustworthy sites in your niche to generate organic traffic to your site.

The Backlink Revolution

Back around ten years ago, Google and other search engines didn’t have a way of differentiating between a link left in an automatically generated forum comment and one that came from a well-respected publication. Marketers had taken advantage of this and built software that could quickly generate hundreds or even thousands of links to a given site, mostly through blog and forum comments.

This allowed fly-by-night and other illegitimate operations to quickly climb the search engine rankings and end up in a trusted spot near the top for certain targeted keywords. As you can imagine, this led to a loss of confidence in Google’s search results, which was beginning to give Google and other search engines a bad name.

In response, Google instituted a number of changes to its algorithm as well as methods by which it could categorize links to ensure that the low-quality links would not even be indexed by search engines. This has led to a sea change in how reputable companies build client backlink profiles.

However, there are still those out there that will make grand promises that sound great on their face. So, if you see a site promising you 500 or 1,000, or even 5,000 backlinks, stay far away.

If you’re “lucky,” you won’t see much change in your site’s ranking. But if you’re unlucky and that company uses black hat techniques to pump up your backlink profile, you may find yourself de-indexed from Google altogether – a thoroughly unpleasant experience from which it can take years to recover, if you can recover at all. In short, if a link building company promises you something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Is Acquiring Organic Traffic Easy?

Unfortunately not. The last thing you want is gambling with your website’s rankings by deviating from Google Search Essentials. You must learn the right manual link building techniques that comply with its guidelines to avoid penalties and, more importantly, stay ahead of your competitors.

This may sound easy to accomplish, but it is much more complex than you may have perceived. Search engines like Google update their algorithms regularly to determine which pages should appear on the first page of search results for a particular keyword. Therefore, techniques that may work today for bloggers in ranking their websites may not work tomorrow. In fact, they may become part of black hat SEO practices.

But one strategy that has remained effective in increasing websites’ rankings for years is manual outreach link building. The process involves proactively reaching out to site owners and influencers without using automated software to ask for backlinks. This can be through cold emails or social media.

When done naturally, it helps build a genuine relationship with link prospects in accordance with Google’s webmaster guidelines.

However, manual outreach link building campaigns are no easy feat. They require expertise, dedication, time, and reliable sources to achieve the desired results.

Besides, even if you have tips on acquiring links naturally, it would be best if you focused on other essential parts of your business that you are good at and let manual link building services do all the dirty work for you and bring the results.

What if You Decide to Automate Your Outreach Link Building Campaign?

Automated link building outreach involves using special bots or software to mass-contact potential link partners. You can automate your outreach link building campaign if you are more interested in saving time rather than good results.

What about in the future?

Although it seems like everything in the digital world will be automated in the future, SEO campaigns are far from being conducted entirely by artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML). It would be difficult for a robot to decide by itself on the parameters you need to succeed in executing an entire SEO campaign. Furthermore, there is a high chance that Google would hate it if everything in search engine optimization was automated. It would make SEO less valuable.

In this day and age, automating an outreach campaign is less effective compared to manually outreaching link prospects. Here’s why.

  1. People tend to resonate with personalized messages- For the most part, manual link building outreach campaigns involve sending message requests to prospective link partners and hoping for positive feedback. The problem with bots is that they often send generic and impersonal messages, which may not sit well with most prospects.

    People are more likely to respond to personalized emails tailored to their interests. It makes them feel important in the sense that you care and are interested in what they have to say.

    Furthermore, a personalized message can be a great way of building a long-lasting relationship between your brand and those of your link prospects.

    Therefore, to increase the chances of receiving positive feedback from reciprocal link building prospects and potentially building a long-lasting relationship with them, Outreach Bee takes time to manually craft and send each contact a personalized request.

  2. To match your prospects’ tone of voice- In business, tone of voice refers to how various brands use messaging and customer interactions to communicate with their respective audiences. It helps brands distinguish themselves from competitors.

    It’s highly unlikely bots can match the tone of voice of every brand you intend to forge a link building partnership with. In that case, we evaluate what a potential website is about and use the information to match their tone of voice in our link prospecting campaigns.

    It plays a huge role in how they receive our request and helps them see that we can communicate and connect with their target audience. This may end up in a strong and authentic link building partnership to benefit both parties.

Fully Managed Manual Link Building Services From Outreach Bee

campaign management staff

Outreach Bee understands the importance of organic traffic in increasing the visibility and exposure of your brand online. As such, we offer end-to-end marketing services to empower your brand to reach its full potential using the latest digital marketing strategies.

One of the most effective approaches to manual link building campaigns is understanding what makes a good backlink. This includes the linking site’s domain authority, relevance, trust flow, Spam score, anchor text, and the number of backlinks leading from a webpage.

In our manual link building efforts, we do our best to convince sites relevant to your niche and with a high “domain authority” – over 50 in most cases – to link back to your site.

Outreach Bee has been around for over 15 years. Throughout this period, we have managed to cultivate strong relationships with a wide range of bloggers and influencers in B2B and B2C spaces.

We can reach a wide range of bloggers and influencers globally in nearly any category with high domain authority and a wide social networking influence. Of course, the links we get must be relevant to your content and align with your goals. We would rather give you a small number of backlinks but make sure they are laser-targeted to your particular niche. Furthermore, a few quality links are better than spamming your site with low-quality links that can hurt your rankings on Google.

If you have a very low DA, we can also try to spread your backlink profile across more domains to improve yours.

In addition, we ensure we provide healthy anchor texts that can help your page rank for your target keywords. And because important pages have higher chances of receiving links from other sites, we also focus on link attributes and the total number of links a page has while filtering out spam websites and PBN sites.

What to Expect from Outreach Bee

A lot of link farms and low-quality sites have been making thousands of dollars selling links. However, Google knows such sources exist, which is why it makes their links ineffective by neutralizing them.

In most cases, you will find that these websites are poorly designed, have low-quality content, lack the “About” or “Contact Information” tab, have suspicious outbound links, and have extremely low organic traffic.

With that in mind, here is what to expect from our natural link building services:

Transparent and Effective Manual Link Building Service

All parties should be involved in executing a manual outreach link building campaign; we believe it is a healthy decision for everyone.

We fully understand that your SEO campaign needs to appear utterly authentic in front of search engines to earn better rankings.

Outreach Bee is a seasoned link building agency with the same principles. We offer white hat link building services to boost your rankings and stay in compliance with Google’s guidelines. And as stated earlier, we refrain from automating our link prospecting campaigns

Approaching link building the old-fashioned way has helped us build long-term relationships with all parties involved in our campaigns over the years. Therefore, we firmly believe an SEO campaign can be executed more efficiently and effectively without unnecessarily automating it..

Quality Over Quantity Approach

Nowadays, the most effective approach to link building revolves around forging mutual link building relationships naturally with high-domain sites in your niche. Even a small number of such backlinks can translate into substantially increased traffic to your site.

Although we might try to spread your backlink profile across more domains if you have a very low DA, as stated earlier, the Outreach Bee ethos is that you’re much better off if we put in the time to get you high-authority backlinks laser-targeted to your particular niche than you would be if we took the easy way and gave you a bunch of backlinks from low-authority domains that may or may not actually be relevant to your brand. The best part is that we will present you with a list of potential sites to choose the ones you want us to engage with.

Of course, this quality-over-quantity approach takes longer to bear fruit and costs more money to get there, but once these backlinks are added to your profile, they continue to bring your site enthusiastic traffic indefinitely. They don’t expire like an ad; they don’t disappear or become much harder to find, as with a social media post. Quality backlinks give you a massive ROI without letup.

Our Clients' Step Guide to Working With US

Working with Outreach Bee towards a successful manual link building campaign is pretty straightforward. Here are the steps:

Tell us What You Expect to Achieve from Our Natural Link Building Services

This is the first and most crucial step in our manual link building campaigns. Once you clarify what you want, including goals, time, and budget, we will immediately develop ambitious yet attainable goals.

We are a transparent business, so we will involve you in every step to ensure you achieve your goals.

Outreach Sites in Your Niche to Build a Reliable List

After evaluating your goals, we will sift through sites in your niche and give you a list of potential link partners from which you will choose who you would like us to engage.

Rest assured that these sites have been thoroughly vetted to make sure they bring you maximum ROI and help our manual link building campaign succeed.

Create Content and Submit it for Approval

This is another crucial part of our link building campaign management. My team understands that submitting poor-quality content for publication to a website can ruin the relationship between you and that site.

For that reason, content writers at Outreach Bee create high-quality and engaging articles that prospects would like to engage with. Of course, we will submit the articles to you for approval before publishing them.

Get Published

After the client’s approval, we submit content for publication. We give it time (the most challenging part) for it to appear on the site.

Once it appears, I will personally examine its metrics to determine how effective it is in bringing the much-needed organic traffic to your site.

Final Analysis

We are a results-oriented team, which is why the final analysis is crucial in our manual link building campaigns. Once the results are out, I put on my analyst hat and take a deep dive into the results in order to create your final campaign report.

My team will give you time to assess the performance of each site, and when done, I will personally sit down with you and strategize on the next step. Whether it is making some tweaks to ensure your next campaign performs better or giving the current campaign time to settle – we always respect our clients’ decisions.

Build Manual Links with Outreach Bee

If you’re tired of ineffectual link building results, and you don’t want to constantly be worrying that your link building company is going to get your site penalized or even delisted by Google, Outreach Bee is your backlinking solution. My team and I have been around for a long time; we know how to approach high-DA sites for backlinks and convince them to cooperate rather than simply ignoring us, as it happens to so many companies trying to build quality backlinks on their own.

So, let’s put our heads together and create a campaign with realistic goals which, when met, will translate not only into enthusiastic traffic directly to your site but also a jolt in your search engine ranking that won’t disappear overnight.

If you need further information or you are ready to launch a manual link building campaign, Contact Outreach Bee for a no-obligation chat today, and you’ll soon discover the power of quality backlinks!

Ready for a true win-win partnership?