Manual Link Building

Build a Backlink Profile The Old-Fashioned and Effective Way

When it comes to building an effective backlink profile, Outreach Bee sticks to the tried-and-true method of natural, manual link building. Yes, it requires more time on our part; yes, you end up with fewer backlinks than you would if we automated the process. But when you put Outreach Bee in command of your backlink profile, you know two things:

1. You’ll receive quality backlinks that will increase your SERP and bring you tremendous amounts of traffic; and
2. Perhaps even more important, you’ll stay out of trouble with Google and other search engines.

The Backlink Revolution

Back around ten years ago, Google and other search engines didn’t have a way of differentiating between a link left in an automatically generated forum comment and one that came from a well-respected publication. Marketers had taken advantage of this and built software that could quickly generate hundreds or even thousands of links to a given site, mostly through blog and forum comments.

This allowed fly-by-night and other illegitimate operations to quickly climb the search engine rankings and end up in a trusted spot near the top for certain targeted key words. As you can imagine, this led to a loss of confidence in Google’s search results, which was beginning to give Google and other search engines a bad name.

In response, Google instituted a number of changes to its algorithm as well as methods by which it could categorize links to ensure that the low-quality links would not even be indexed by search engines. This has led to a sea change in how reputable companies build client backlink profiles. However, there are still those out there that will make grand promises that sound great on their face. So, if you see a site promising you 500 or 1,000 or even 5,000 backlinks, stay far away. If you’re lucky, you won’t see much change in your site’s ranking; if you’re unlucky and that company uses other black hat techniques to pump up your backlink profile, you may find yourself de-indexed from Google altogether – a thoroughly unpleasant experience from which it can take years to recover if you can recover at all. In short, if a link building company promises you something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Quality Over Quantity

Nowadays, the most effective approach to link building revolves around convincing sites with a high “domain authority” – over 50 in most cases – to give your site a backlink. Even a small number of such backlinks will translate into substantially increased traffic to your site. If you’re brand new on the web and you have a very low DA, we might try to spread your backlink profile across more domains, but in general, the Outreach Bee ethos is that you’re much better off if we put in the time to get you high-authority backlinks laser-targeted to your particular niche than you would be if we took the easy way and gave you a bunch of backlinks from low-authority domains that may or may not actually be relevant to your brand.

Of course, this quality over quantity approach takes longer to bear fruit and costs more money to get there, but once these backlinks are added to your profile, they continue to bring your site enthusiastic traffic indefinitely. They don’t expire like an ad; they don’t disappear or become much harder to find as with a social media post. Quality backlinks give you a massive ROI without letup.

Build Links with Outreach Bee

If you’re tired of ineffectual link building results, and you don’t want to constantly be worrying that your link building company is going to get your site penalized or even delisted by Google, Outreach Bee is your backlinking solution. My team and I have been around a long time; we know how to approach high-DA sites for backlinks and convince them to cooperate rather than simply ignoring us as happens to so many companies trying to build quality backlinks on their own.

So, let’s put our heads together and create a campaign with realistic goals which, when met, will translate not only into enthusiastic traffic directly to your site but also a jolt in your search engine ranking that won’t disappear overnight.

If you need further information or you are ready to launch a manual link building campaign Contact Outreach Bee for a no-obligation chat today, and you’ll soon discover the power of quality backlinks!