How to choose link-building agency for the link building operation?

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It is important to get help from the best link-building agency to run a link-building campaign if your company cannot run one by itself. Everyone can choose a link-building agency but choosing the right one is a very difficult task. Link building operation is a hard job, and it becomes even harder if you cannot find reliable links. Moreover, you might face some problems such as deception, bad spam quality, ghosting, and zero follow-throughs if you hire the wrong agency.

In the field of link building, there is a lot of shady things happening. You may end up getting scammed and spending a lot of money on people how will deliver a ton of bad-quality links. You might even get penalized by Google if you use those spam links a lot, and it may take years to reverse this. So going for an agency that builds bad links can cost you a lot. So to minimize the risk while selecting a good agency for link building, you should be careful and sign a contract beforehand. It is the only thing that can make sure that the agency does not harm your domain.

Characteristics of a Great Link Building Agency

Great companies are generally defined by the attributes they have. In the same way, great link-building companies have attributes too. However, what is the main features that a person must look out for to find a good agency? The important characteristics that help in making the perfect link building agency are below:

1.    Content Services

The practice of keeping both the link building and your content aligned is preferred. It will not work in Google if you buy a lot of links for the landing page. Good original content is needed to get good authentic links. The majority of the sites have lacked good content. Even though they have been producing good content in the past, they may be encountering a shortage of linkable content. Content on resources, studies, stats, and research can be good. You can always hire an agency if you lack this type of content; that agency will analyze the gap and produce the content you require.

2.    Link Building Restrictions

The right link-building agency will know all the dodgy stuff people do and know about the black hat SEO. They will never bring up those areas as it is very risky to do so. These agencies know very well that from where they should start and from where to draw lines. Google values long-term links, and these agencies believe in building such links. They will inform their client, and their team which links they are not building and which strategies they will not use, and the list will be very long.

3.    Link Reviews on Monthly Basis

A list of those links that link-building agencies built will be given to you, and only those legitimate agencies do this task. Now it is your turn, review all those links and make sure that they are valid and real. If you see any problem with those links, stop working with them and hiring a new agency. When you hire the new agency, make sure you have checked all links in their first batch. All links should be good and give those links to an SEO expert, so their quality will be checked. Everything about that link should be perfect; if you do not like anything in those links, Google will also not like it. The quality of links should be good enough that everyone likes it. Some important points to look after are that links should make sense, blog posts should be good, and the site should be of good quality.

4.    Great Expectations

Always keep in mind that there are no guaranteed results when it comes to link building. You can’t get ranked by Google simply for participating. There is only one way to get the spot on the top, outperforming everyone else. In this competition, there are no defined requirements to win. You have to outperform your rivals. If your rivals are tough, then you are going to face difficulties outperforming them. Good link-building agencies are aware of the difficulties they might encounter in getting a ranking. That is the reason they never overpromise.

How to Work with a Link Building Agency 

The following points will give you an idea about what is not included in link building:

  1. Visit the agency’s website.
  2. Select an order according to your requirements, same as you do on Amazon.
  3. Now check out by paying for your link.
  4. Wait sometime before your link arrives.

Many companies are offering these types of services. And the majority of the time, this fails. You will only be getting bad-quality links if you select such companies. These types of companies focus on volume, not on quality. They also don’t pay enough attention to every single customer. To get high-quality authentic links, try to find some real agencies.

Processes that feels more like a real agency:

1.    Get your team aligned

To get successful results, you will have to work together with the agency. An agency can never give you the results you want if you don’t work with them. The agency works alongside your team to deliver you the results you desire, and it may even use your recourses when it’s essential. Therefore, it is suggested that you set up a team before you reach out to an agency. By doing this, you won’t waste any time getting started.

  • Is your team capable of working on content that is link-focused?
  • Are they capable of making any changes to the site if required?
  • Have you removed all the weak sections from your site by doing an SEO audit recently?
  • Have you given enough authority to the agency on your team that they can get live changes if required?

Once you think the answer is “yes” for all of the above questions, you are ready to hire an agency

2.    Discovery session

The amazing link-building agency will leverage its expertise to research your company, target audience, competitors, and industry. They won’t blindly offer to start building links. After all, winning Google is about outplaying your competitors. If you don’t know the competition, you’ll have a really hard time beating them. So great agencies figure out that competition. They get a sense of how much work it takes to get good rankings in your space. You should see a bunch of deep research on your site and competitors at this point. That’s how they come up with a set of strategic recommendations for you.

3.    Research & strategic recommendations

Good link-building agencies will carry out detailed research on your company, industry, the field of work, audience, and rivals. These types of agencies won’t just blindly give you links. Getting a ranking by Google is all about outperforming your rivals. If you are not aware of whom you are competing with, you will have a tough time.   Hence good agency judges your competition first. Then, they figure out the amount of work needed to get you a high ranking in your market. At this point, you will be watching the agency running deep researches on your competitors and even on your site. It is the whole procedure followed by great companies to give you a set of strategies customed especially for you.

4.    A contract with project deliverables

If their recommendations look good, you can move to the next stage, the proposal stage. Long-term proposals should be expected. If you are building links in a legit way, then it will take forever work. You have to build content first or get the campaign then launch it. In the next step, you have to wait for the organic links and then wait for their impact. All these steps take time nothing happens quickly.

How to Find the Right Link Building Agency for You

The right link-building agency will know what is right for you and understand your needs. They also know how to get backlinks that will positively impact your business and know the SEO strategy. You should know all these things. You should avoid those agencies that promise you that getting backlinks is just a push of a button. It will never work, and you will get spammy links only, and your rankings will shrink also. So always choose trusted, reputable, and experienced link-building agencies. The sites need Links to get a ranking from google, particularly in a competitive market. You can save yourself from all the hard work by hiring a link-building agency. Or you can invent a marketing strategy that will help you build an authority in your domain, help you build links naturally with time, and get you a good number of leads. It is suggested that you go for a marketing agency that can handle all of this instead of just looking for a link building agency

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