How Social Media Backlinks Can Help Your Company Grow

social media backlinks

Today’s modern business ecosystem is quickly gaining traction online, with more and more businesses realizing the value that the digital space has to offer. Not only because of social media but because of the greater internet capabilities, it’s now easier than ever to grow your business. 

By getting your brand in front of more eyes, reaching new customers, retaining existing customers, and promoting your message, you inherently earn credibility, build your brand reputation, and ultimately grow your bottom line. 

The value of having an online presence is undeniable, even obvious. Those who don’t will inevitably suffer the consequences. 

Growing your online business is, in large part, thanks to having an effective social media strategy. One important subset of a social media strategy? You guessed it… Backlinks; an integral component of SEO! 

With that said, in what follows, we’ll be exploring why you as a company need to be spending more time on social media. We’ll also discuss how to set up a simple but effective social media backlink strategy and why it’s integral to the growth or lack thereof of your company.

Why Social Media? 

While link-building is a well-known and widely used SEO strategy, it’s often associated with websites and blogs, NOT social media… Contrary to popular belief, however, social media is among the most efficient ways to build backlinks, among other strategies. 

Here’s why… 

Not only are there several social media platforms that you as a company can and should deploy simultaneously as a means of business growth and promotion, but the tactics involved with social media backlinks are quick and easy. 

Additionally, the majority of eyes on the internet today reside on social media, whether it be consumers, competitors, or other relevant business owners. So, why not capture them where they’re most present?! 

Finally, social media is quickly becoming the hub of modern consumption. In other words, the most willing and eager to consume, purchase, and/or interact are constantly spending their time on various social media platforms; failing to implement a few simple links throughout your company’s social media platform can mean missing out on tens, if not hundreds, if not thousands of potential qualified leads. 

In short, if you’re not on social media, set up a profile or two immediately. Further, if you haven’t yet implemented a basic social media backlink strategy, consider this article your sign to do so! 

How to Implement Backlinks on Social Media 

Traditional link-building strategies are both time-intensive and require a certain level of expertise in the fields of SEO and digital marketing. Link-building strategies through social media, however, are both painless and effective, only requiring minutes of your time to see actualized results. 

An idyllic tool to grow any business, social media is a must in today’s competitive digital ecosystem. Below are some of the simplest yet effective tips for implementing backlinks on social media so as to garner audience attention, build brand awareness, and ultimately increase company conversions… 

Add Links to Social Media Profiles 

By simply adding a website link to your social media profile(s), you immediately become more attractive to a search engine’s ranking system. This includes your Instagram bio, Facebook About Us page, and LinkedIn bio, among other avenues. 

Share High-Quality Website Content on Social Media 

By taking it a step further and sharing relevant, high-quality website content on your social media pages, you can drastically increase the likelihood of link clicks, thus website traffic and ultimately conversions. 

Engage, Engage, Engage! 

Finally, while it’s not necessarily a backlink strategy, engaging with your audience and the influencers that promote your company are both great strategies for furthering brand awareness, thus increasing the likelihood of link clicks. 

While these are just basic illustrations of how social media backlinks can function in practice as a means of brand awareness, traffic generation, and conversions, it remains true that social media backlinks, when implemented intelligently and effectively, can help your company grow. 

In Summary

If you know how to use social media to your advantage, it can be a life-changing tool for both you and your company. Contrary to popular opinion, social media is also a great destination for backlinks to reside IF you know where to place them effectively. 

Ultimately, by focusing on building brand awareness and garnering the attention of those who matter the most (i.e. your audience), you’ll be well on your way to experiencing rapid growth, both through backlink clicks and otherwise!

It’s time to get started on adding those links. What are you waiting for?!

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