5 steps to get 1000 visitors for your website without spending money


After developing a website of your business, the first goal of an online marketer is to getting traffic for your website. Even if you have developed a website long ago you always set new goals for every landing page of your website. We have designed this post to let you set a goal to get 1000 visitors for your website without spending money. If you succeed get 1000 visitors for your website, you can repeat the process for future marketing campaigns. As of our experience, we all are agreed that to get 1000 visitors at the beginning of online marketing is harder than to get first 10,000 visitors in later stage. Let’s dive into the process step by step to dig the facts.

Determine the keywords to get first 1000 visitors

This is a very basic mistake most of us are found guilty in the process of online marketing. Most of us or maybe everyone of us, even including influencers, starts focusing on marketing the whole website. For the purpose we spend maximum efforts in shape of time, resources and money to achieve the goal. Most of us start getting failure in all our efforts against the goals set at the beginning of the process. In result of this failure, we start seeking unnecessary help or adopt black-hat tactics to promote the website.

On contrary, we need to stay calm and focus on a fewer set of keywords from our website. For the ease and to make the process more affordable, we shall determine on one landing page taking a few keywords for test purpose. Once you have determined the landing page to get 1000 visitors select the keywords to cover for the landing page. For the purpose you simply go to Google keyword planner and enter the keywords to get the traffic, competition and cpc details. You can also go to Ubersuggest or moz keyword explorer. Get the results and select the keywords with medium competition.

Step 2 Identify your audience to get 1000 visitors

While creating content the mistake most of us do is to create a content without knowing the targeted audience. If you have determined to market dog training or fitness routine for working women, you first need to know who is your audience? What are their biggest fears? Where do they hang to know about their problems? What are their goals and motivations? What’s their typical age group? What kind of content do they read?

But how can you identify an audience from all the human beings on the globe? Determine the people from the region, the country, and the county whom you want to address in your content. More or less all the people have alike problems. They may have difference in color, language, atmosphere, etc. Yes, a person from downtown may have different problems than those from the suburb areas but most of the issues are common. Write down all the possibilities and share your thought with your peers, friends, family to get the better approach.

Step 3 identify the wants of your ideal visitors

Quora is a well-known Q n A platform on the world wide web. People come to the platform to ask their problems. Take the keyword and start looking at the problems being asked or discussed on the Quora. Here at Quora you will find a handful of information about the wants of your ideal visitor taking your product or service.

Go to find books being written on a product or service you are marketing on your website. Then dig down to find the comments or reviews of the people. You can go on Amazon.com and ebay.com to find the books or products related to your niche to find out 2- and 3-star comments. Pick the information as these are the problems people are facing.

All these questions and comments are the wide opportunity for you to address in the content you need to plan and publish for your product and or service.

Step 4 create a thorough piece of content

As you have gathered some handful of information for a determined landing page for a set of keywords. Now is the time to create a real thorough piece of content taking all the set of keywords. You need to address every problem you gathered information about from Quora, Amazon, or ebay. As these are the genuine problems, you need to write the genuine answers. As you have researched every piece of content written in past you have better idea what has the one and the other have missed in their content. Fill the gap by adding every single but useful piece of information in your thorough piece of content.

Help people to find out the real time solutions so that they can create an ease in their day to day life.

Step 5 your content your promotion opportunity

As you fill your piece of content with every single information available on the web which made your piece of content an epic content. This is the content which is not available in the market from any competitor of your business.

Your content is your promotion opportunity, sell it on the cost of share and/or email. Promote your piece of thorough content on social media with enticing titles and/or promote through Google Ads, Facebook and on Twitter to the selected people. Once they wish to get to the piece of content ask them to share it. On the other hand, if you want them to download the content ask for the email to send the copy directly to their inbox.

You will have felt that following all the above steps you will come up with a unique piece of content which is everyone’s need in your niche. A content created after such a research and knowing your audience and then ask to share first to get it will help you get 1000 visitors for your website in a quick go. Repeat the steps for every landing page you have on your website to create a piece of content every time. How have you been executing to get 1000 visitors for your website?


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