Buyer persona – Road map for the marketing team and business success

buyer-persona-road map for marketing team and business success

The buyer persona is an important and detailed document which can play a vital role in the marketing team and in business success. This document is designed to understand the problems of your buyer. Further to the needs of your buyer it also addresses the other interests and activities of your buyer on the internet.

What is buyer persona?


The buyer persona is a document with contains the information from your “real buyers” which is more than a profile of your prospective customers. An actionable buyer persona gives insights into your buyer’s actions and decisions – their attitude, concerns and criteria that tells you how and why prospective customers choose you, your competitor or the status quo.

Creating a profile of an assumed customer and then called it buyer persona can never be that useful. To design an effective and implementable marketing plan to tackle the attitude, concerns and criteria of actions and decision of your prospective customers, focus to go with real buyers.

What information to gather in buyer persona?

A marketing plan that is focused on what you want to achieve, can never address and let you know what your buyers want. To be very open with you, such a plan will be kind of cheating with yourself as an organization as well as with your buyers. If you don’t know what your buyers want at every stage of their buyer’s journey, you can never address their problems accordingly.

Put your best efforts to gather the real information from the real buyers to create the buyer persona. What helped your buyers in their actions and decisions for the problems that your company or brand resolves? Gather every information from your real buyers as what questions they asked throughout their journey of awareness, consideration and decision. You will have the clear picture of your buyer’s needs. A marketing plan which is based on the true stories from your real buyers can help other buyers, with the same problem, in their buying journey.

What makes your buyer to make the decision?

what buyers need to know before they choose

As a product has multiple uses so does it address different needs of different buyers? As every buyer has its own usage of your product so does they have unique questions in their mind to get the answer. We like to share an example of questions that different buyers asked during their buying decision. The questions are not for any product so avoid using them for your product.

What a buyer do before a buying decision?

what buyers do to evaluate their options

In general, most of the buyers found having same behaviour making a buying decision. The frequency can be different according to the nature of their problem or product. To take an overview we like to share an example of what buyers do to make a buying decision. This example explains the buyer’s actions and can help you define your marketing plan. This is not every buyer do in their buying journey but you can well see what actions are taken at every stage of inbound marketing funnel of buyer’s buying journey.

Buyer persona a valuable investment

The importance of creating a buyer persona can’t be ignored. A marketing plan to promote your business and have happy customers can be the big difference between you and your competitors. Knowing your buyers and their needs and then defining the content to help your prospective buyers through their journey of awareness, consideration and decision can pay you back having competitive results over your competitors.

Did you invest in creating buyer persona? Please share your experience and views to help us improve us further.

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