what are the hidden benefits of content marketing?

Benefits of Content Marketing

Content is the king so does the content marketing is always at first place for internet marketers. This is the reason why 88% of B2B marketers engage in content marketing. But this doesn’t mean that B2C businesses don’t need to focus on content marketing. In fact, content marketing is equally important for B2C marketers as well.

Everyone is talking about content marketing but how many of us are clear about the benefits of content marketing at large? Most of us are only doing content marketing for search engine ranking, true? But the fact of the matter is, the benefits of content marketing are far beyond this sole objective. Just to give a glimpse, good content plays a vital role in social media marketing as social media marketing is not to rely on promotions.

If we are well aware of the hidden benefits of better and progressive content marketing strategy, we can better shift to focus on it. And the benefits are not one time but play a long term role in any business. Let’s have a look at the hidden benefits of content marketing today.

More content on your website

The first benefit of better content marketing strategy is to provide more content on your website. There will be many products and/or services that you are providing to your customers. If you are focused to provide maximum information in shape of problem-solving and/or customer-centric content your website will be content rich. A website with better and a handful of content in your niche will be a better place for online consumers. Such a website will be helping consumers to solve problems in the shape of content.

More content means more to share on social media

Most of the social media marketers stuck in the thought, what to share on social media? Having a handful of content on your website means you have more to share on social media. Share your website content on your social media channels under the subheading from the content. You can better imagine that as each subheading of your content from your website was created covering some specific problem will provide more information to your followers on social media.

More content sharing means an active account

The second fold of sharing more content on the social media channels means you are more active on your social media channels. And logically, problem-solving content will not only keep your business active on social media channels but also keep you alive to your followers. Better content will let you win more social signals than your competitors.

Content marketing makes you an authority

If you are creating better content under progressive content marketing strategy, you will become an authority in your niche. Just keep an eye on your competitors and target to meet and exceed them by providing better content to your audience.

The benefits of content marketing | Search engine visibility

A well thoughtful content with an objective to meet all the required queries of the audience will be better visible to the search engine as well. A search engine does count the backlinks and authority websites with better content have more chances to get more backlinks on the internet. Even if you don’t have tons of backlinks but have customer-centric content will win better visibility by search engines.

Content marketing cause better traffic

As you are more visible to search engines due to authority content on your website and on the social media channels, the chances to have better traffic on your website. This can only because of a handful of information in shape of a content on your website as well as on the social media channels.

As the content provided is well researched and up to date the traffic landed on your website from search engine and social media channels will be more than that of your competitors.

Engaged audience

It is said that a buying audience is an engaged audience. It is common in practice that business who fail to engage the audience will be forgotten. A great content under progressive content marketing strategy can win you a buying audience.

Higher time on site

People will only stay in any place if they are treated well. This is true in every aspect of life. Same is the case of a website with better and engaging content. A content created with better research and centric to the customer will engage the audience. An engaged audience will spend more time on your website which will again be a better signal to the search engine. As search engines value the web pages under a topic which gain more time on site which you are achieving with progressive content marketing strategy.

Brand building

Most of us are worried about how to achieve brand recognition between the competitors? This is very simple which is ignored most of the time. Brand building is a by-product of better and progressive content marketing. A website which is always helping their customers to solve their day to day problems will be more popular than a site which doesn’t. Progressive content marketing will help in brand building as well.

Better customer relationships

Content marketing with better content gives you an opportunity to keep alive with your customers – may be sometimes they are not happy with some service or product being over-promoting. Aim to provide value to your customers through content which will always be appreciated throughout the WWW. It can be said that better and progressive content helps businesses to build and maintain better customer relationship.

Progressive conversion rate

Remember when you are providing valuable content to your customers it helps build trust in your brand and product. It is the trust in your brand that powers progressive conversions from lead to customers. Though the content creation required an investment of time and skill which can’t be directly related to the conversions. But it is the content which helps you achieve progressive conversion rate along with many other benefits.

Lowers marketing cost

It has been evident on the internet that the websites that invest better resource in creating progressive content will not need to spend huge marketing budgets to achieve otherwise. Overall, progressive content marketing actually helps you to spend less on marketing.

Yes, it is true to believe that the return on investment on content marketing may take long but certainly more efficient.

Immunity against increased ad blocking

It has been evident that ad blocking is an increasing problem for the advertisers and publishers. Today, internet users are more aware of Ads and organic results. And by instinct, internet users don’t like to click on the promoted links during surfing or searching.

Customer-centric and valuable content will be the most acceptable choice by the prospects either it is a search engine or social media.

Allows higher prices to ask

Once you have become an authority website and getting more engaged and convertible traffic on your website, you can ask for the higher price of your product or service. This benefit of content marketing is not heard of too many.

Benefits of content marketing in a nutshell

Content marketing should be created to provide more value to your customers. If you are doing content marketing just to get the backlinks, you may achieve better search engine visibility but you will not be able to get the other benefits. You will increase your content marketing cost and may get dis-hearted if the content marketing strategy doesn’t work for long.

You may have been doing content marketing for a long time, how much benefits of content marketing you were aware of?

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