7 Unique TikTok Content Ideas to Boost Your Brand Growth

TikTok Content Ideas

TikTok Content Ideas Introduction

TikTok, the hottest social network in the World. The app originally launched the name Dauyin in china in 2016. TikTok was the first app to allow 15-second video, audio clips, and effective background music. It has become more popular, and it is the fourth most downloaded app in the World.

This platform’s main mission is to “shoot and present the world’s creativity, knowledge, and the precious life moments” directly through your mobile device. TikTok enables everyone to be creators and encourage users to show their expressions and passion through short videos.

Nowadays, TikTok is one of the fastest-growing platforms worldwide. Most business people use this platform to enhance their brand reach and business growth.

Here are seven unique TikTok content ideas that will help to boost your brand growth. 

Table Of Contents for the TikTok content ideas

  1. Draw an effective profile
  2. Create entertaining content
  3. Upload current events
  4. Work with perfect influencer
  5. TikTok makeover videos
  6. Make a branded hashtag challenge
  7. Add a branded filters

1.   Draw An Attractive Profile

The profile is the perfect place to introduce yourself to the World. Your profile is more and more important for you to connect with a wider audience. It helps users to decide whether or not to follow you. If you have a boring or incomplete profile, nobody will be happy to follow you.

You should add a unique username as your business or brand name, upload an eye-catchy profile as your brand logo or face, and add some effective information about yourself or your business in the bio section.

2.  Create Entertaining Content

To get more noticed on TikTok, your content should be more entertaining and engaging. There are so many options available on TikTok to boost your brand successfully. One of the best content strategies on TikTok is to make entertainment. Because on TikTok, one fun content equals hundreds of viral content.

If you decide to make entertaining content, the creativity and the sense of humor is enough to reach a maximum number of users. The type of content majorly depends on your industry, brand, or product is important to get more engagement.

3.   Upload Current Events

TikTok is one of the trendiest platforms in the upcoming years. Many trending contents live and die on TikTok every day. The current events on TikTok are more famous because everything is growing on social networking.

Most people get their news and purchase products online. On average, the user spends 54- minutes per day on TikTok. It is the big advantage of this platform’s reach and popularity. So, make sure to share current events.

If you upload old content or posts, nobody will be happy to see your posts. 

4.   Work With Perfect Influencer

Working with an influencer is one of the best opportunities for all brands to connect with their audience. Influencer plays an important role in all social platforms.

Here are some dynamic ways to partner with your influencers on TikTok;

  • TikTok Account Takeovers: It helps allow a TikTok creator to upload their content directly from your account. Because they will be cross-promoted on your account and the influencer’s account.
  • Recommendation: It helps to get influencers to promote your brand on their own channel. It is more beneficial for your brand because their fans and followers notice your videos on their TikTok page. You will also get the chance to attract them, and they go back to follow you on TikTok.
  • Choose The Perfect Match: It is one of the important strategies to make more impact to ensure to find the right one. They build a foundation of trust and respect. With more engagement on your account, you are able to reach the perfect one quickly. If you get more TikTok likes for your posts, your posts will reach more and more TikTok influencers and users who really like to become your followers.
  • Track Impact: For every social media platform, it is essential to go viral on TikTok. It would help if you tracked your influencer’s metrics such as their audience growth, sales, engagement rate, user campaign participation, and the success of their account.

5.   TikTok Makeover Videos

Makeover videos on TikTok are more popular, and it helps to encourage users to do something new. These videos display a makeover, whether it is a hairstyle, makeup, cooking, or something else.

Lots of beauty filters are there on this platform to make your content more beautiful. So, follow these makeover videos for your brand promotion or the product launching period. Most of the TikTok fashion and cooking influencers made more makeover videos to encourage their audience. 

6.   Make A Branded Hashtag Challenge

SEO is essential for website reach, and the hashtag is important for social media reach. Hashtags are responsible for your brand reach because hashtags are key on TikTok to find and filter content quickly. But, challenges with hashtags are more popular on this platform. Challenges use effective hashtags to encourage users to make videos on a specific theme. Most of the companies use brand hashtag challenges to spread their brand all over the World.

But, make sure to use the trending or popular hashtags that are relevant to your industry. You should also remember less is more; a video with multiple hashtags creates a bad impression on your brand. 1 or 2 hashtags per video challenges are great to get more engagement to your profile.

7.   Add branded Filters

Like Instagram and Snapchat, makers can add useful lenses and filters to their videos to create special effects and impressions. TikTok provides many attractive lenses and filters for creators.

Most of the brands can use this feature to promote their brand and launch new products or services. If you use these filters well, it helps to boost brand awareness and increase engagement quickly. 

Conclusion on the TikTok content ideas

Hopefully, the above seven unique TikTok content ideas have given you the success you need to win for the platform. This platform’s beauty is that you can make any videos from any sources that you like and post it.

But, you must know the right people who enjoy and encourage your curiosity and authenticity.

So, get started to make creative and show your brand identity all over the social platforms.


About Author: Alison Williams is a social media content writer who works at Flatfitty, she is an experienced social media analyst, and her passion is to contribute to engaging content for authority blogs and websites.


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