5 innovative solutions for creative writers to remain inspired to write

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Inspiration is not all about being the creative writers. when you get inspired of writing on something it may end with no results. Inspiration comes up at most inappropriate times for creative writers like when you are without a device to record or paper pen to write it down, instantly. In reality, when you need the inspiration for creative ideas you find yourself blank.

Special events or holidays also help to stimulate inspiration in creative writers. If you are a 9 to 5 person, most of times, you will find yourself out of inspiration. The other ambiguity of having inspired when it turns out and you believe that all the above claims are little more than excuses.

Research suggest that relying on willpower and telling yourselves to be the successful creative writers don’t help reach your goals. It is true to believe that relying on will power, solely, may even make us feel miserable. To be the consistent creative writers you need to develop the right habits to get rid of getting out of inspiration and write consistently. Let’s have the innovative solutions to remain inspired and full of ideas being creative writers throughout all the year.

Rediscover the joy of writing

Remembering of why you choose to write when you started as creative writer will help you rediscover the joy of writing. If you are in the state of “I have to write” it means you choose writing as a routine. As if you will not be able to survive if you don’t write.

rediscover being creative writers

On the other side if you started writing with the aim ” I want to write” this will bring joy to your thoughts and will give a great inspiration to you. Find the best reasons of being the creative writers to help remain innovative throughout your writing career. You choose writing as to express your ideas to your audience.

Being a creative writer, you are improving your writing skills day by day. Being the creative writers, you are also growing your small to medium business. You got the chance to connect to others to get yourself motivated. You are feeding your soul by spreading your words to the masses. There may be many other good reasons which were there in your mind when you started as creative writer.

As you recall the passion being creative writer, it will help rediscover the joy of writing in you and remain you inspired throughout the year.

Make idea generation skill a habit instead of job

Idea generation skill is one of the other innovative habit in creative writers. Creative writers are always in the process of nurturing their observation skill and collect questions, mistakes, examples, stories and problems during the process.

idea generation skillFor the purpose they arrange or call the brainstorming sessions on regular basis. This small step help creative writers remain full of ideas full year. Don’t hesitate to raise your hand and ask a question to collect updated information for your next creative thought. The one-way influencers follow to stay with great ideas is that they keep log the ideas and brainstorm on regular basis.

Follow your curiosity

Curiosity lead to develop new thoughts which lead to generate new ideas in the creative writers. If you feel less curiosity into your subject or idea you need to do a workout to find out the reality hidden facts to increase your curiosity about the subject.

Follow your curiosity being creative writers

Make a questionnaire and ask few questions to yourself;

  • What your ideal reader’s aim? Achieve it.
  • Find out the questions of your ideal readers. Answer them.
  • What problems your ideal customers face? Solve them.
  • What are the fears of your ideal readers? overcome them.

Now in the next phase write down all you know about above. Then go to your peers to get maximum information they have about the above. Once you have the maximum details, you will find a new spark within yourself which will excite you and make your heart sing.

Don’t write in one go!

The inspiration is something that leads you do something. Willpower is something which tells you that you can do something. Here the flaw comes in the whole process of writing. When you start writing in one go you find yourself out of inspiration and hence out of ideas to write.

Dont writer in One Go

You should develop the best habit to perform as creative writers to break the writing process in small chunks or steps to avoid procrastination. You may break the process in the following steps;

Day 1: Pick an idea(s) and write an outline about the subject.

Day 2: Research on the idea to collect maximum points to cover in your writing.

Day 3: Write the first draft of your idea that you want to generate as blog.

Day 4: Revise and edit the draft to make it final draft.

Doing so you will remain full of innovative thoughts as well as inspired to get the blog to final shape.

Don’t be perfect in writing

Most of the creative writers thought of themselves as the best. Why do you want to be perfect when there are many aspects of the subject which you still are unaware of? Don’t’ try to be perfect in your writing.

try not to be perfect creative writers

You are unique so do your writing style as well. You don’t need to be worried if you are not like someone. Be your own self. Always come up with your own unique mix of ideas. You should share your experiences in your writing to let people know how you achieve your goals or how you think of something your way. Your experiences will lead to share your own stories. At last but not the least, if you are yourself you will be developing your own voice and your uniqueness.

Inspiration in creative writers is something which can remain high if you are developing good habits. Willpower should be used to perform little tasks neither to change the world. Apple didn’t aim to change the world, but their unique and inspired thought motivate others to follow them. Same is the case being the creative writers. What you are doing to remain an inspired creative writer?

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