3 Ways to Get Out of Your Customer’s Way

Customer's Way

Customer’s Way

Digital marketing is all about customer journey, and customers expect streamlined experiences from their favorite brands. Engaging campaigns move users from one stage to the next at a high rate, converting first-time visitors into loyal customers. So what is your customer’s way?

Friction in the sales cycle can stop customers from moving to the next step and eventually making a purchase. Google Analytics and other platforms give you the tools you need to determine which touchpoints are causing friction.

In this post, we are naming some of the most effective tactics to decrease friction and increase conversions. Let’s see them.

Make Your Website Faster

Customers expect websites to load in the first few seconds, and a significant percentage of readers will not come back if your page isn’t ready immediately. The last thing you want is for technical issues to derail an otherwise successful marketing approach.

It’s important for online businesses to regularly check their loading times and make sure a slow website isn’t cutting into sales. Don’t think of this as a one-time fix—improving your site’s speed should be a consistent priority if you sell products online.

Add Payment Options

Many businesses accept only one or two payment methods for online purchases, but it’s critical to give customers a variety of options. Most customers won’t sign up for a new payment method just to make a purchase on your site, so you’re losing a substantial number of sales if your website isn’t compatible with the most common digital payment methods as Paypal, credit cards, mobile payments, direct deposits and/or bank transfers.

Beyond different payment options, you can also increase sales by offering payment plans on expensive items. More customers will be able to afford your products if they can spread the cost out over a few months.

Optimize Website Searches

It can be difficult to navigate websites that don’t have a powerful search tool, and customers will give up if they can’t find what they’re looking for. The search bar should be one of the first things users see when they access your site.

There are several free and premium website search services that can make searching for products on your website clear and effective. It’s crucial that every user finds the right item quickly to make sure your site search doesn’t become a point of friction. Depending on your products, you could also add filters to give users more control over the search process.

The most successful brands offer convenient and engaging shopping experiences, and a poor user experience can severely impact sales and audience retention. Any of these issues could be decreasing revenue and preventing you from growing your audience. Gather audience feedback to identify their pain points and begin building a better customer experience.Customer’s Way

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