Why You May Need a Blogging Coach

Why you may need a Blogging Coach

Have you ever heard about blogging coaches? Do you know what a blogging coach does?

Yes. You might think “Another new specialty? “But what is happening?” “What’s all this about?” … You just have to visit LinkedIn to see amazing and surrealist work specialties!

Here is the answer: When a need arises, there is always someone that thinks ‘Hey, there is an increasing unsolved need, let’s explore this blue ocean’.

In this case we talk about blogs. As you know, the number of blogs is growing at a rapid pace. This means that competitiveness also grows.

And if that was not enough, (the good) content marketing with their business or brand blogs, are competing with personal blogs and vice versa.

Speaking frankly: Many companies benefit from the increased number of blogs. Many of them have even been created specifically for get profit from the blog boom: Influencer marketing, product reviews, events, links trading…

In the other hand… well, everyone has the right to create their own blog. Either for passion or for making money, blogging has gone from being a hobby to becoming a job for many people.

So this is why you may need a blogging coach. It sounds logical don’t you think?

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or if you are a renowned blogger. We all get to a point where we need help, cause:

Maybe you don’t know how to be consistent because you run out of ideas.

You get stuck and you feel you are unable to keep writing.

You don’t find your own and unique writing style.

It’s difficult to make a blog grow and you can’t be productive.

Or maybe you feel overwhelmed because your blog is becoming bigger than you thought.

Whatever the reason

What is a blogging coach? 

A blogging coach is a experienced blogger, and an avid blogs reader who can help you overcome your “blogging downs”, encouraging you and even finding hidden talents that you might have not let flow.

He or she can see what you don’t see, suggesting little changes that can make a big difference. And those changes can be some tricks and techniques or a guidance to help you find your way by yourself.

Is someone who will tell you the truth and will help you to achieve your goals, standing by you.

Perhaps you think you are not able to update your blog. Or you think you’ve lost passion about what you write.

How to find a good blogging coach?

This is important since many (too many) people consider themselves experts. And they are eager to find someone to squeeze, despite having no experience nor empathy.

Of course, experience is a very relative term. Someone can tells you that has written 1000 posts. But that’s not enough!

That is not experience!

Experience is a more whole concept. It includes blogging a lot, putting in practice what they preach. They may have been succeed or sometime they failed. But they got up and kept doing what they know they want.

What better experience than triumphs and failures of what they have learned? 

Bust most important: Someone who really helps others won’t sell (and promote) himself/herself and won’t be pretentious.

That’s why finding a really good blogging coach may be difficult!

A good blogging coach: 10 characteristics

– They have proven experience blogging and writing. Some of them are also content marketers who know strategies, read research studies…

– They know well the lights and shadows. Their blogs were successful or they didn’t work as expected. So they put in your shoes because… Well, they have already walked in your shoes before. 

– Good blogging coaches are able to create a valuable feedback, joining your potential and their experience, exchanging suggestions, ideas… Don’t picture them just like teachers!

– They want to help you and work with you in a positive and constructive way.

– Trustworthy blogging coaches will tell you the truth. So don’t expect them to say what you want to hear. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be coaches, but simply flattering people, right?

– They are not simple problem-solvers. They prefer to guide you and teach you ‘how to fish’ instead ‘fishing for you’. 

– For them, helping other bloggers is something vocational and they don’t want the medals. They don’t coach just for money or fame.

You won’t see them bragging about having “created” great bloggers…  like a sort of Doctor Frankenstein!

They have nothing to hide. This means that they have no problem in telling you how they did or do it well. Even if you become a competitor, they share what they know.

Many of them are also ‘angels’. Their work doesn’t finish when they have helped you. They will promote you… and many of them are renowned bloggers. 


Obviously, like all coaches blogging coaches work differently. Here you can read how having a blogging coach changed a blogger’s life.

Now I (WE) want to know your opinion.

What do you think? Would you be a great Blogging Coach or do you think you may need him/her?


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