Why is Tracking Social Media Analytics Important?

Social Media Analytics

Social media is not about brands. Its initial creation was for people sharing their lives with someone they know based on similar interests. It also aimed to connect family and friends with ease and convenience. Even so, social media has evolved to become a perfect way for customers and marketers to communicate. However, as a brand, you have to note one thing. Social media will give your brand a first and last impression towards your target audience, so it needs positive ones. To make it possible, this is where social media analytics come into play.

By investing in analytical software and resources, monitoring leads, and converting consumers through the brand, can be more comfortable with analytics.

Importance of Social Media Analytics

  1. Know The Best Social Media Network You Can Use

Social media analytics will help you find the right social media platform that is suitable for your needs. You can use the collected social media data to concentrate more on the right social networks that work for you. The data can be used to assess the correct amount of time you have to spend on maintaining a particular social media network.

That leads you to invest more time or offer a preference for working on high-performance social media networks that produce more results than those that give you zero engagement. Social media analytics helps you to compare different social media networks. It put data in a single dashboard for a quicker and better comparison of results.

  1. Identify Brand Health

Your brand is the cumulative whole of all your communication effort to bring positive experiences to your customers. Initially, the customer owns the keys to brand recognition, with marketers continually trying to affect favorable consumer opinion. Brand awareness impacts many essential things, one of which is your bottom line.

Smart marketers and business owners continue to make social media analytics-based moves that drive customers and improve brand well-being in the process. As with the outbreak of the pandemic, many businesses were significantly impacted. Studying your social media analytics can help you with your strategic approach to bring in recovery efforts and help your business survive. Reaching out to your clients on social media and letting them know you care about them will help keep your brand awareness healthy.

  1. Find The Best Time To Share

Timing is a vital element of the promotion of social media. You don’t merely share at any moment that suits you or as many as you want, like a social media wall flooder. Moreover, it is better to post while your target audience is online, as this will generate more interest, web traffic, leads, and sales.

With social media analytics, you can grasp your target audience’s behavior better. The analysis of your past posts and the related social data would help you decide the right time to share. Some social networks, including Facebook, enable you to do this easily through built-in analytics on the ‘Post’ portion of your insights. It shows times and days when more of your fan page followers or target audiences are active online.

  1. In-depth Analysis

Analytics will allow you to measure your social date at the highest level so that you and your team can make smarter social media marketing campaigns. With analytics, you will be able to do an in-depth dive analysis and appreciate key marketing metrics’ influence in your social media approach.

By understanding your data and figures, you can develop appropriate and achievable actions based on your post interaction results. It provides insight if you use the right content materials to target your desired audience, based on a branding viewpoint. Social media insights will also show the type of content that stirs your market and lead to brand interaction and social media sharing.

By doing deep-diving with your social media analytics, you can compare your current marketing plan with your competitors and guarantee that you’re one step ahead. 

  1. Lower Down Cost

Knowing the best social media platform that works for your brand allows you to lower down the cost. Aside from price, it will also save you time, effort, and energy as you do not have to exert additional effort to a platform that does not produce a result. With the help of analytics, you will know which channel resonates with your niche audience. It will save you the cost of spending your marketing budget on campaigns that will produce zero results.

  1. Improves Campaign Performance

Social media analytics make it available for brands to know the most significant element that their audience cares about and influences their purchasing decisions. These insights allow marketing departments to craft a more personalized and relevant marketing campaign to provide positive experiences. The opportunities it gives brands are enormous, along with the additional benefit of real-time feedback that allows for adjustment mid-campaign.

How brands put their social media analytics intel to work is only limited by creativity. By designing thoughtful, interactive marketing campaigns, brands can create emotional relationships with customers that improve campaign’s success.

  1. Come Up With The Best Content

Content marketing and social media marketing interconnects with each other that share influences. Using social media insights, you’ll understand the subjects or content that drive the best results. You’ll also better understand how connections, infographics (text-based visual images), audio, photographs, or images affect your metrics.

Social networking analytics helps you evaluate how your blog operates, what content is typically liked and posted, the amount of time your users spend visiting the web, and the number of visitors converted to paying customers.

  1. Understand Your Competitors Better

Like you, your competitors seek to remain on top by producing engaging and informative content and successful social media campaigns. Without a data study, these social media activities are likely to be lost.

Knowing the social networks that work well with your competitors, such as influencer marketing, will help you understand how to successfully run your social media marketing campaign. Social media analytics enables you to create a widget and monitor your rivals’ accounts by simply inserting their username and choosing the metric you want to review.

Final Thoughts

Social networking analytics shows the appropriate data to help you assess the right content your target audience receives. It also monitors the success of the social media campaign. If things don’t go according to your schedule, you can just alter or correct your social media campaigns.

With social media analytics, you can track essential indicators that directly affect your revenue and marketing objectives. Using this platform will help you make smarter choices about social media campaigns and stop spending your time on tactics that don’t succeed.


About Author: Maricar Morga worked as a marketing professional for almost a decade and handled concerts, events and community service-related activities. Leaving her corporate job for good to pursue her dreams, she has now ventured in the path of content writing and currently writes for Softvire Australia and Softvire New Zealand. A Harry Potter fan, she loves to watch animated series and movies during her spare time.


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