Mobile Website Design Suggestions For Ecommerce Site

Mobile Website Design

While laptops and desktops aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, it is safe to say that the majority of us spend our time on our mobile phones. From socializing to shopping, all of it needs the scroll of the mobile screen. In this regard, Ecommerce mobile website design is crucial so that visitors become happy customers in no time.

In this article, we’ll go over a few mobile website design suggestions for your Ecommerce business.

Mobile Website Design Suggestions

Here are a few suggestions for your Ecommerce website design.

Keep The Design Responsive

A responsive device is the one that looks the same on all devices. A responsive web page detects the user’s screen orientation and size and changes layout accordingly.

There are various benefits of having a responsive website design. For instance, developers won’t need to create separate websites for desktops and mobiles. Moreover, you eliminate your chances of getting penalized by Google because of duplicate content on different sites.

Omnichannel Shopping Experience

An omnichannel shopping experience means a unified shopping experience. For instance, you’re your customer did shopping from you from their desktop in the morning, and in the evening they avail of a discount code on their smartphone, they may be able to complete the checkout.

Even though a complete omnichannel shopping experience would take a lot of time to fully develop, you can dive into this trend and achieve as much as you can.

Think Like A Visitor

If you want a mobile website design for your Ecommerce site to be useful for and popular among your target audience, you need to think like your target audience.

There are various things that your customers may want from an Ecommerce site—well-designed, easy to navigate, makes for an easy shopping experience, hassle-free, straightforward, etc.

If you want your Ecommerce site to be successful, you need to consider having these things in your website design.

When designing your site, put yourself in your audience’s shoes. What layout would be easier for them? What colors would they prefer? How should you organize the products? How would you like the checkout process to be?

When you think like a visitor or customer, you’ll be better able to design a site that serves your customers well and is popular among them.

Use Color Psychology

While designing your mobile website, use color to your advantage.

This is more than using colors that you like or that your customers would like—this is about using color psychology to maximize purchases.

For instance, if you want your customer to make the purchase on a sale, make the button red. Red has shown to increase the chances of conversion by 34%!

Moreover, if you want to build trust among your audience, use blue throughout your website. The color blue is a universal favorite and evokes the feelings of reliability and trust. This color calms the senses and is seen in a lot of business logos.

Strategic Placement Of CTAs

To turn your visitors into customers you need prominent placement of your call-to-actions, such as an ‘Add To Cart’ button. Mostly, CTAs are placed above the fold. However, an article in Kissmetrics says that your CTA needs to be below the right amount of copy.

The article says that pre-sold prospects, who already want to buy your products don’t need a copy, they just want to make the purchase, so your CTA button should be readily available to them to keep the momentum strong! Moreover, there are uncertain prospects who get convinced with a small but strong copy, so your CTA needs to be above the fold for them. Furthermore, another group of uncertain prospects need strong convincing; therefore, they need more amount of strong copy to make the purchase. For them, the CTA should not be one the first third of the copy.

Short Content

Unlike laptops or desktops, mobile devices don’t have much space. Therefore, it is better for you if you keep your content short and sweet. Keep product descriptions short and refrain from too many images on the screen.

Keep only the crucial content on your screen that would give an overall clean and uncluttered look.

High-Quality Images

Having high-quality images is another factor that can potentially make your Ecommerce business successful. After all, when people buy things online, all they have is the image of the item they are there to purchase. Therefore, keeping only the highest-quality images on your Ecommerce website may potentially promote sales and make your website super attractive. Moreover, in a case study, it was shown that keeping high-quality images in the website design, increased conversion rates to over 40%. So take this chance and keep attractive photos on your site!

Keep Your Website Design Professional

This is without a doubt the most important factor to consider! Keeping your website professional-looking is essential if you want conversions. Your customers are likely to put in sensitive information, such as their contact details, their address, their credit card number, etc. They are not going to type in those details on a website that isn’t professional.

You can make your website professional by avoiding any typos or misspellings, keeping a consistent color palette, keeping functional product links and buttons, and your headers and footers should be consistent throughout the site too.

Wrapping Up

Creating an Ecommerce website design may be quite daunting when you don’t know where to start. In this article, we gave a few suggestions for a successful Ecommerce mobile website design.

Your website needs to be responsive, should provide an omnichannel shopping experience, should be created keeping your customers in mind, should use color psychology, should have strategic placement of CTAs, should have short content, must have high-quality images, and must be professional-looking.

We hope you found this article useful and would use the information given here to create an amazing Ecommerce website that brings in a lot of conversions for you!


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